Looking for your destined bong? Even if the production technology of the cannabis industry is gradually perfected, sometimes it's still hard to find the perfect one. Now people are increasingly pursuing a specially shaped bong to show your attitude, whether it is glass or silicone, pattern or unique shape. Now it can meet your individual needs. For stoners who love animation, a series of iconic characters appeared in movies and anime clocks. They are regarded as spiritual leaders by stoners because of their unique personalities, and we have always dreamed of finding unique ones. With the theme of your favorite characters, you can find your favorite anime bongs in our introduction today!

1. Pokemon Bong ($46.98)


Pokemon is undoubtedly one of the most influential animated series, and Pokemon has become the highest-grossing media franchise in animation. If you are a fan of these cute little monsters, of course, you’ll not miss out on this Pokemon-themed bong.

This beaker bong design features your favorite pocket monsters such as Pikachu, Squirtle, and you can also see the classic Pokemon ball base design. And It is not only cute. The bottleneck of this Pokemon Bong is also equipped with a three-pinch ice catcher. After the water filtration and ice cubes cooled, the vapor became more icy and silky. Every hit brings double enjoyment to your dabbing experience! What are you waiting for? Take these cute Pokémon home!


  • Height : 12"
  • Clear Glass
  • 3 Pinched Ice Catcher
  • Thick bowl for 14mm female joint
  • 5" down stem for 18mm female joint
  • Tube: 1.75"
  • Base: 4.5"
  • Thickness: 3.2mm

2. Family Guy Bong ($118)

Family Guy Bong

Who is your favorite character in Family Guy? We must talk about this kid Stewart Gilligan. This devilish genius kid is known as a breakthrough character in the field of animation.

There is always a bigger and more elaborate bong out there, but this great and unique villain is definitely the stoner's favorite. This Stewart Gilligan print bong is 14 inches high, with a simple and classic Baker base design, 7mm high-quality thick glass The design makes it more durable. In addition, it is equipped with a three-pinch ice catcher. Simply fill with ice cubes and you can enjoy every cold hit!


  • 14 Inches tall
  • Clearwater bubbler with cartoon graphic details
  • Quality 7MM thick glass
  • Includes downstem and bowl piece
  • Design May Vary 

3. Hemper Snail XL Bong ($125)

Snail Bong

Meow~ Do you remember the sarcastic pet who lives in the pineapple house under the sea? It’s Gary the Snail!This cute bong is inspired by the snail under the sea that you and I are all familiar with, SpongeBob’s best friend and pet Gary the Snail! 

The design of this Snail XL Bong is innovative and very thoughtful. This snail water bong has a green body, and two big red eyeballs, they are designed as the neck and mouthpiece of this bong. Also, the big pattern printed shell is the inside bong chamber. Do you want a sea snail too? Then take it home quickly!


  • Height: 6" Tall 
  • Base: 6" Wide 
  • Large Showerhead Percolator
  • Recessed Joint 
  • Include a 14mm Male Flower Bowl

4. Rick and Morty Bong ($46.98)

Rick and Morty Bong

Rick And Morty is the icon that represents the best of stoner. As a fan of Rick and Morty, you must not miss this theme bong, don't hesitate to bring their iconic moments into your dabbing.

This Rick and Morty bong made of high-quality thick glass is 9 inches high, pair up with a showerhead percolator and a fixed downstem, so it can produce smooth rips, the filtering effect is very outstanding, and the steam produced is softer to your lungs and throat. Can’t wait to put my herb in the bowl and enjoy it! Whether you are a huge fan of Rick n Morty, or just need a practical glass bong, this anime bong is your best choice.


  • 9" Height
  • 3" Base
  • 14mm Male Joint Flower Bowl
  • Colors may vary
  • Design May Vary

5. Dragon Ball Bong ($252)

Dragon Ball Bong

This mini wax rig is inspired by the rising dragon in the great manga Dragon Ball. If you grew up with an anime like Dragon Ball, then when you see this Rising Dragon Dab rig, you will definitely be captivated by it. Impressed by the momentum. From the picture alone, you can’t appreciate the complexity and exquisite details of its production. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the Holy Dragon in Dragon Ball, let alone that it is hovering on your dab rig at this time!

Its circular chamber is designed as a one-star dragon ball in the animation, with a red star decorated on it. The green body of the dragon character is wrapped around the bottleneck of the beautiful dab rig, rising with your steam! Get ready to be surprised!

The 14mm female joint of this Rising Dragon Dab Rig is matched with a 14mm male glass bowl. Whether it is a dabbing party with your buddy, or enriching your collection, this glass dab rig will add luster to you, click the title to buy it!


  • Color: Amber / Clear / Green
  • Dimensions: Approx. 6'' in Height
  • Joint: 14mm Female with Banger Hanger
  • Included: 14 Male Glass Bowl
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm 
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass and Colored Glass
  • Percolator: 3 Hole Fixed Stem

6. Simpson Donuts Beaker Bong ($94)

Simpson Donuts Beaker Bong

D'oh! Who needs a smoking buddy? Homer needs a smoking buddy! The beautifully made water bong you see before your eyes come from your favorite animated character Homer Simpsons. He is always eating his favorite pink donuts. Have you seen the pink donuts decorated on bongs? They are prepared for Homer's fat rips! So when Homer enjoys his donuts, you can also enjoy your flavor.

The 4.5" Downstem adopted a detachable design, and how about the glass? They were thicker than Homer, so you don’t have to worry about the troublemakers in the party anymore!


  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Bowl
  • Removable 4.5’’ Downstem
  • The Simpsons inspired Bong
  • Center Homer Simpson
  • Thick Glass
  • Yellow Tip Tube

    7. Mario Mushroom Kingdom Bong ($350)

    Mario Mushroom Kingdom Bong

    Great-tasting, filtered smoke is also created by mini Recyclers, just like this 7.5 inches Mushroom Water Pipe, it is inspired by the "Mushroom Kingdom" from Mario, even though stands at only 7.5 inches yet between the design of the bong and the diffused downstem, but you can always expect silky consistently smooth smoke.  You will find this water glass pipe is processed from themed glass all over the body, from the mushroom mouthpiece design to the elaborate Piranha decorating the top of the chamber. Do you still remember the green pipe in the Mario game? Never miss out on this Mario theme bong.


    • Includes 14mm Male Bowl
    • Width: 3″
    • Dry Herb Recycler
    • American Glass
    • 14mm Joint
    • Female Joint
    • 90° Joint
    • Themed Glass
    • Flared Mouthpiece
    • Fixed Downstem

    8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bong ($399.85)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bong

    Do you remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you admire the most in your childhood? This classic animation can definitely bring you back to your childhood in one second, and the green samurai in this series can evoke your innocence.

    You can see that the bongs of this series are all made of premium borosilicate glass and your childhood idol Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sculpture in the chamber!And Leo’s katana is decorated outside the chamber.  What is Ninja turtles’ favorite food?Pizza!So you can see the pizza slices are waiting on the sturdy base of the bong.  This bong adopted the honeycomb disk perc percolator design at the same time, these dense and smooth honeycomb-like holes allow maximum filtration with no resistance. They are not only your practical water bong but your friends will be amazed by the novel decorations of your room.


    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Themed
    • Animal Style Glass Bong
    • Height: 10.5"
    • Base Diameter: 5.0"
    • Weight: 36.75 ounces
    • Joint Size: 14mm Male
    • Percolator: Honeycomb
    • Dome: 14mm Female
    • Made in the USA

    The Bottom Line

    For an animation lover, It’s never easy to find your destined anime bong from a dazzling array of bongs,there are so many options and anime themes you love, it’s impossible to narrow it down, they are either retro classics or so creative sci-fi, fun and humorous. They bring us too much fun!Let us pay tribute to these anime that accompanied us at a certain stage of our life. Believe that you will never go wrong with choosing any of the above anime bongs to enrich your collection.