Dab Straws

    Silicone Honey Straw Kit With Travel Case


    This Silicone Honey Straw Kit is one of the best way to enjoy your favorite concentrates! The Silicone Honey Straw Kit are made of heat resistant food grade silicone with...

    Glass Horn Dab Straw Kit


    Dab like a pro with this exquisitely-made Glass Horn Dab Straw Kit. This nectar collector is crafted from good-quality borosilicate glass, with colored accents on beads and horns protruding from...

    Seed Of Life Perc Glass Nectar Straw


    Elevate your concentrate experience with the Seed Of Life Perc Nectar Straw, a perfect fusion of form and function. This impressive water nectar collector is designed with a Seed Of...

    Glass Nectar Collector Kit


    PILOT DIARY Turtle Type Glass Nectar Collector made of high quality glass. Due to its portability and availability. It works great in the outdoors or in more social settings. This...

    Glass Bulb Tree Perc Nectar Collector


    Immerse yourself in the art of dabbing with our Glass Bulb Tree Perc Nectar Collector. Crafted in a unique lightbulb shape, it boasts an 8-arm tree perc for an unparalleled...

    Silicone Honeycomb Honey Straw 7"

    $19.99 – $20.88

    This silicone nectar collector absolutely unbreakable silicone design and features a center silicone chamber for filtration.  With an embedded silicone jar, much more convenient for on the go! If you...

    Silicone Nectar Collector Dab


    If you're interested in a silicone nectar collector but wish it had an indestructible during travel, you're lucky! This mini silicone nectar collector made of premium food-grade platinum cured silicone...

    STINGER Electric Nectar Collector Set


    This STINGER Electric Nectar Collector Set design acts just like a rig, with stinger technology in a discreet pocket size. The easy-to-use design is also very friendly to beginners. Just...

    Silicone Dab Straw With Water Filtering


    This silicone nectar collector with water filtering feature durable easy to clean silicone and thick glass. If you are looking for the most suitable nectar collector for your collection to...

    Electric Nectar Collector - TOKER eStraw


    Discover the ultimate portable dabbing experience with the Electric Nectar Collector - TOKER eStraw. This compact and pocket-friendly Dab Pen is designed to cater to your dabbing needs wherever you...

    Ripple Glass Nectar Straw


    The Ripple Glass Nectar Straw is made entirely of premium glass and features a unique ripple design that adds an aesthetic touch to your dab sessions. The color accents make...

    Glycerin Nectar Collector


    Discover the Glycerin Nectar Collector, a game-changer in the world of concentrate consumption. This innovative device seamlessly combines form and function to create the ultimate accessory for every concentrate enthusiast....

    Lookah Seahorse PRO Plus Wax Dab Pen Kit


    Unleash the Lookah Seahorse PRO Plus Wax Dab Pen Kit: your ultimate versatile dabbing companion. With a robust 650mAh battery, electric dab straw kit, and myriad usage options, it's your...

    Glycerin Wig Wag Dab Straw


    Experience a new level of concentrate enjoyment with the Glycerin Wig Wag Dab Straw, featuring a glycerin-filled chamber and a striking Wig Wag glass airpath. This innovative dab straw is...

    Honey Straw Kit Glow In the Dark


    If you want to use your silicone honey straw kit smoothly even in the dark, we can fix that. The luminous silicone material is capable of continuous light in the...

    Glass Nectar Collector with Tree Perc


    The Glass Nectar Collector with Tree Perc is the perfect tool for all your concentrate dabbing needs. Crafted from premium quality glass, this Nectar Collector with Perc features a unique...

    Glass Dab Nectar Collector


    This Glass Dab Nectar Collector is crafted with high-quality glass and offers unparalleled safety and durability, surpassing FDA-approved standards. Its portable design allows for on-the-go dab sessions, while its transparent...

    Freezable Glycerin 2-in-1 dab straw & spoon pipe


    Specification: 2-in-1 dab straw & spoon pipe Freezable glycerin filled 10.5" inch Glow in the dark accent marble Includes 14mm male quartz tip & glass pipe attachments Includes joint clip...

    Lookah Seahorse Max Electric Dab Pen


    With a length of approximately 8 inches (20.32cm), this Lookah Seahorse Max Electric Dab Pen transcends boundaries by seamlessly accommodating both wax concentrates and 510 threaded cartridges.At the heart of...

    Lookah Giraffe Electric Dab Straw


    Meet the charming Lookah Giraffe Dab Straw, a true gem in the vaping realm that promises to redefine your vaping sessions! With its delightful design, this desktop dab pen not...

    Stinger Neon Electric Honey Straw


    The limited edition HUMAN SUCKS Stinger Neon Electric Honey Straw offers a revolutionary new way to experience the ultimate summer feast against dogma. Inspired by the last breath of summer,...

    Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Electric Nectar Collector Dab Pen


    The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Electric Nectar Collector Dab Pen is designed to cater to both wax concentrates and 510 threaded cartridges, offering a seamless experience for both novices and seasoned...

    Fumed Glass Footed Honey Straw


    HIGHLIGHTS 5.75 inch glass dab straw Fumed borosilicate glass 10mm female joint 10mm male nail included Built-in roll-stop Quartz & titanium tip options Joint clip included Disclaimer Legal herbal use...

    Silicone Honey Straw Nectar Collector


    Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of concentrates? Look no further than our remarkable Silicone Honey Straw Nectar Collector! This extraordinary creation by PILOT...

    Pulsar Mushroom Nectar Collector with Titanium Tip


    Step into a world of unparalleled dabbing with our exquisite Pulsar Mushroom Nectar Collector. Measuring a convenient 8.75 inches in length, this collector is the epitome of functionality and style,...

    Pulsar 710 Honeycomb Glass Dab Straw


    The 710 Honeycomb Glass Dab Straw measures 5.5 inches (13.97cm) long and is made from quality borosilicate glass. This dab straw has a honeycomb worked glass design. Available as a...

    Reclaimer Dab Straw


    HIGHLIGHTS   7" dab straws  Boro glass   Connected silicone container  Removable Quartz or Ti dab tip  10mm female joint connection  Reclaim catching design  The Silicone container color may vary

    Pulsar Voodoo Skull Vapor Straw 8.75"


    In the enchanting world of mystical smoking accessories, the Pulsar Voodoo Skull Vapor Vessel makes a formidable impression. With its otherworldly design of a moss-covered skull adorned with psychedelic mushrooms,...

    Mini Dab Straw with Cap 4.5"


    Are you looking for a silicone nectar collector? How about this mini nectar collector? This mini nectar collector made of premium food-grade platinum cured silicone. Come with a 10mm Titanium...

    Aleaf Liquid Purifier Dab Straw with Dish


    Specifications: Length: 6 inches Complete dab travel kit Glycerin-filled dab straw for a smoother experience Zippered, padded leather case for safe storage and transport Borosilicate dab straw crafted with precision...

    Pulsar Frosted Donut Dab Straw


    The Pulsar® Frosted Donut Dab Straw is a 9 inch (22.86 cm) long, sturdy borosilicate glass pipe with a honey tip for dabs and a colorful donut highlight. HIGHLIGHTS 9" (22.86...

    Pulsar Old School Shroom Vaporizers 8.75"


    Featuring a mesmerizing tree percolator, the Pulsar Old School Shroom Vaporizer ensures your hits are smooth, cool, and oh-so-satisfying. The perc's intricate design filters and diffuses your vapor, delivering a...

    Reusable Silicone Honey Straw 6.5"


    Like any silicone dab straw, this silicone nectar collector easy to use and unbreakable. You can take this nectar collector anywhere you want to go without having to worry about...

    Honey Labs HoneyDabber II Kit with Tip 5"


    The HoneyDabber II boasts a cherrywood body and a premium tip, ensuring each dab is an explosion of flavor. With these top-notch materials, there's no need to compromise when it...

    Mini Honey Straw 4.5"


    This mini nectar collector made of premium food-grade platinum cured silicone which is easy to use and clean. The silicone mini nectar collector comes with a removable cap, and you...

    Honey Labs Save the Bees Honeydabber II


    Elevate your dabbing experience with the limited edition HoneyDabber II Save the Bees by Honey Labs. Not only is it one of the most affordable and portable dab straws on...

    Honey Straw with Water Filtering


    Silicone Glass Honey Straw with Water Filtering contains one silicone holder, one dab glass bowl, one titanium nail and one quartz nail. This silicone nectar collector measures 12 inches when...

    Honey Labs HoneyDabber 3 Black Vapor Straw


    Specification: 6.25" Length HoneyDabber Dab Straw Design Removable Bubbler Attachment Wooden Sleeve Guards Against Heat Black Walnut Wood with Brass Inlay Replacement Dab Tips Available Quartz or Titanium Dab Tip...

    Grenade Silicone Nectar Collector Kit

    $45.99 – $49.99

    Introducing the Grenade Silicone Nectar Collector Kit, purpose-built for the seamless vaporization of hash and concentrates. Crafted with durability and portability in mind, this kit ensures a hassle-free dabbing experience...

    Lookah Seahorse X Electric All-in-One Dab Rig Kit


    Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of vaporization innovation with the Lookah Seahorse X Electric All-in-One Dab Rig Kit. This remarkable device places the transformative power of water filtration right at...

    Dab straws are revolutionizing the way people consume concentrates, and if you haven't heard of them or tried one yet, you're in for a treat! In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about dab straws, from what they are and how they work, to how to use and clean them. Let's dive in!

    What is a Dab Straw?

    A dab straw, also known as a nectar collector or honey straw, is a simple, portable, and efficient way to consume concentrates like wax, shatter, or oil. Typically made of glass, quartz, titanium, or silicone, dab straws offer a hassle-free and user-friendly alternative to traditional dab rigs.

    Some key features of a dab straw include:

    • Simplicity: No need for a complicated setup or multiple components.
    • Portability: Lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for on-the-go use.
    • Affordability: Generally less expensive than traditional dab rigs.

    How Does the Dab Straw Work?

    A dab straw functions by using direct heat applied to the tip, which is then touched to the concentrate, vaporizing it instantly. The vapor travels through the straw and is inhaled by the user. The simplicity of the design makes it a popular choice for those new to dabbing and experienced users alike.

    Here's a quick breakdown of the process:

    1. Heating the tip: The tip of the dab straw is heated using a butane torch until it's glowing red.
    2. Touching the concentrate: The heated tip is carefully touched to a small amount of concentrate on a heat-resistant surface.
    3. Inhaling the vapor: As the concentrate vaporizes, the user inhales through the opposite end of the straw, drawing the vapor into their lungs.

    How to Use a Dab Straw?

    Using a dab straw is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Gather your materials: You'll need a dab straw, a heat-resistant surface for your concentrate (e.g., a silicone mat or glass dish), a butane torch, and your concentrate of choice.
    2. Prepare your concentrate: Place a small amount of concentrate on the heat-resistant surface.
    3. Heat the tip: Using the butane torch, heat the tip of your dab straw until it glows red. Allow it to cool for a few seconds before proceeding.
    4. Inhale while touching the concentrate: Place your lips on the opposite end of the dab straw and begin to inhale. Carefully touch the heated tip to the concentrate, moving it in a circular motion to vaporize the concentrate evenly.
    5. Exhale and enjoy: Once you've inhaled your desired amount of vapor, remove the dab straw from the concentrate, exhale, and enjoy the experience!

    How to Clean a Dab Straw?

    Keeping your dab straw clean is crucial for maintaining the best flavor and performance. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean your dab straw:

    What you'll need:

    • Isopropyl alcohol (at least 90% strength)
    • Coarse salt (optional)
    • Resealable plastic bag or container
    • Pipe cleaners or cotton swabs
    • Warm water

    Cleaning steps:

    1. Disassemble the dab straw: If your dab straw has multiple parts, gently take it apart before cleaning.
    2. Soak in isopropyl alcohol: Place the dab straw and any removable parts in a resealable plastic bag or container. Fill the bag or container with enough isopropyl alcohol to fully submerge the dab straw. You can add some coarse salt to help break down any stubborn residue. Allow the dab straw to soak for at least 30 minutes, or up to a few hours for heavily used straws.
    3. Shake and agitate: After soaking, seal the bag or container and gently shake or agitate it to help remove any remaining residue.
    4. Scrub with pipe cleaners or cotton swabs: For any hard-to-reach areas, use pipe cleaners or cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol to scrub away any remaining residue.
    5. Rinse with warm water: Once the dab straw is clean, remove it from the isopropyl alcohol solution and rinse it thoroughly with warm water. Be sure to remove all traces of alcohol and salt.
    6. Dry and reassemble: Allow the dab straw to air dry completely before reassembling it and using it again.

    Now that you know everything about dab straws, it's time to elevate your concentrate experience. Enjoy the simplicity, portability, and efficiency that dab straws have to offer, and remember to keep it clean for the best possible experience. Happy dabbing!

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