One Hitter Dugout

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14 products

What is a Dugout One Hitter?

Maybe you will ask what is a One Hitter Dugout? Before answering your question. Let’s talk about One Hitter and Dugout.

One hitter is a smoking tool, it's typically a slender glass or metal pipe that looks like a cigarette. Unlike the ordinary pipes, the one hitter design with a screened narrow bowl is for "one hit" of herb. It also calls chillum.

Dugout is a one hitter box which is the classic small box for one hitter pipes. Originating in the 1970s, when smoking herb was illegal in most places, the dugout simply looks like a small box which to be unobtrusive in public. It was usually made of wood that had been gouged out to create a container-hence the name dugout. So can you get it? The one hitter dugout is a container to store your herb and a small pipe that looks like a cigarette.

Why Use a One Hitter Dugout?

One Hitter Dugout is a great smoking tool for on the go, and it's also an awesome smoking tool at home. Due to their mini design, you can easy to put it on your pockets or bag. Imagine you are on the way to work and there is enough air in your car, you won't find a bong or a dab tool the best way to smoke.

A one-hitter can give you enough relaxing time. Also, for some people who don’t like to smoke in public, but use a one-hitter, you can quickly hit and moving on your schedule. Whatever you do, the one-hitter is always the best option on the go.

Types of One Hitter Dugouts

After a brief understanding of one hitter and dugout, are you troubled by what kind of one hitter dugout to choose?

Usually, the type of the One Hitter Dugout has a silicone dugout, wooden dugout, and metal dugout.

Silicone Dugout

The silicone dugout one hitter features high elasticity, high compressibility, and excellent resistance to cold temperatures, including water repellency and good releasability. If you wonder throw the dugout on your car trunk or sofa, then a silicone dugout will be a good choice for you! You can place it arbitrarily without worrying about it being damaged.

Wooden Dugout

Wooden dugout one hitter is usually made by hand so they are always unique. Due to the natural texture of wood grain, every wooden dugout one hitter you get is unique. If you want to have a unique dugout, then wooden dugout one hitter will be the best choice!

Metal Dugout

The biggest advantage of the metal dugout one hitter is that it has good malleability and a shiny appearance. Not only the metal dugout give you an excellent appearance, but it also has great features. The metal material not easy to deform, corrosion, and fade, good sealing, keeps your herb fresh odor in the dugout. If you are a person who pursues quality, then you will like metal dugout one hitter!

Anyway, you can choose according to your preferences!

How to Use a Dugout One Hitter?

If you are a beginner and don't know how to use a dugout one hitter. Here are some steps that can help you:

  • Step 1: Before using a dugout and one hitter, we highly recommended you grinder your herb. Probably someone like larger herb, but if the herb is more finely ground, you can fit more into the dugout. Also, the finely ground could make you smoke easily.

  • Step 2: Full the compartment, push the herbs down as much as possible to get a tighter package, but you do not need to too hard. Just full the dugout.

  • Step 3: Now, you are ready! It's time to use your one hitter pipe. Insert it, top down, into the filled herb dugout. In order to fill the cavity, you can press and twist simultaneously. Be sure to apply some pressure when twisting so that the herb can completely fill the top of the one hitter.

  • Step 4: Just light it up! Enjoy it! It's time to get high!