In 2013, an unrestrained, absurd and dark humorous adult sci-fi animation was born. The amusing vulgar splots and rich characters that appeared in it had an unanticipated impact on the entire cannabis industry. This adult swim’s Emmy-winner not only has a huge fan base but also successfully captured a large number of cannabis enthusiasts. You know, marijuana can never be separated from psychedelic sci-fi. After many artists expressed their love for Rick and Morty, these arts and craftsmanship spread to the cannabis industry.

And this time the guide is the welfare for Rick and Morty enthusiasts! Welcome to R&M Intergalactic smoke shop! A collection of the most fantastic, interesting and quirky Rick and Morty smoking accessories, ready for an interstellar adventure with these Rick and Morty themed smoking accessories?

Rick Grinder ($16.98)

This spoof Rick Grinder design is inspired by Toxic Rick, let's go back to Rick and Morty S3 EP6, Rick tries to cognitive toxins out of the body in the Intergalactic Day Spa, and thus toxic Rick was born. This aluminum alloy-crafted herb grinder, in addition to spoof rick design elements, is also very versatile, sharp serrations grind your dry herb evenly, while it is paired with a strong magnetic lid, so you will not spill out your leaves when grinding, no weed wasted anymore! The four-in-one design divides the grinder chamber into three compartments, making it simple to separate and store various types of herbs. If you are a Rick and Morty enthusiast, then this Toxic Rick Grinder is a must-have for your collection, as well as the same style Morty Grinder on INHALCO!


  • Size: 2″ D * 1.7″
  • 4 Parts
  • Color: Green

Holographic Plumbus Bong ($49.99)

plumbus bong

Everyone has a Plumbus in their home. First, we took the Dinglebop and smoothed it out with a bunch of …. Well, no kidding, this novelty odd Plumbus Bong is made of a one-to-one hologram of the Plumbus from the animation, It stands 7 inches tall and is very delicately made. The entire body is made of high-quality borax glass and has a transparent iridescent appearance. It is a masterpiece that perfectly restores the Plumbus in your home.

This Plumbus bong is also very good in terms of performance, the elongated and narrowed bong neck prevents splashing but does not increase the resistance of inhalation; the equipped 14mm male flower bowl and deep downstem provide excellent filtering and cooling work; while a great base allows It's very sturdy, and it's the excellent choice whether you're adding to your R&M collection or looking a great water pipe.


  • Height: ~7''
  • Joint: 14mm female
  • Includes 14mm male flower bowl 

Portal gun hand pipe ($300.00)

portal gun hand pipe

If you're looking for a smoking pipe that can accompany you on your adventures, this novel shape Portal Gun Hand Pipe can fulfill your needs. It's not only travel-friendly and opens the entrance to your hits at any time.

This Glass Pipe is inspired by Rick and Morty's Universe C-137 portal gun. By relying on this trusty portal gun, you can travel in time between different dimensions. The portal gun pipe shape design is a very detailed restoration, even the bottom of the pipe is decorated with a Portal Fluid decoration made of fluorescent blown glass, creating a very vivid flow of the form. When you smoke with this hand pipe, you can hold the portal fluid decoration to maintain stability, and the mouthpiece is also upturned processing designed according to the shape of the portal gun, which is super convenient for your smoking. When you light up the included 10mm recessed bowl, each hit and sesh sends you high as if you were traveling through different dimensions.


  • UV Reactive
  • 6.5 inches

Plumbus hand pipe ($79.95)

plumbus hand pipe

If you've seen this Plumbus Hand Pipe, you're already a veteran Rick and Morty scholar, but of course, if you already own a plumbus bong, you might want to consider getting a plumbus hand pipe. 

The 5.5" thick glass hand pipe is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and is very compact and portable, always stand by for your quick hits. It is closer to the plumbus in color and texture, Its entire body is covered with realistic handspun colors, impeccable high simulation details because each hand pipe is handcrafted, the mouthpiece is designed in the shape of plumbus' flood, and the deep bowl is decorated with plumbus' chumble, ready for your dry herb with enough space. 

If you're a fan of Rick and Morty, who could resist keeping a Plumbus themed pipe on hand?


  • Premium Borosilicate Glass
  • Hand Spun Colors
  • 5.5" inch Length
  • Highly Detailed
  • Thick Glass
  • Collectors Item
  • Individually Handcrafted*

6 Eyes Carb Cap Metal Dab Tool ($25.98)

rick dab tool

Believe that this 6 eyes mad scientist carb cap dab tool is the coolest dabber you've ever seen. This 6" long dabber tool is each decorated with resin character decoration, but this time, the mad scientist mutated out with 6 eyes. They are also outfitted with a titanium carb cap; when compared to the dabber without a carb cap, this large carb cap dabber is more ergonomic, allowing you to not only hold firm and feel very good, but also you don’t need to worry about grip and drop to the floor frequently. The digging part of this dab tool is also carefully processed, making it very convenient to handle your concentrates and wax. It is perfectly adapted to all rigs and nails, so if you are a concentrates fan, don't miss out on this dab tool.


  • Character Metal Carb Cap
  • Dimensions: 6"
  • Made of Grade 2 Titanium & Resin Material
  • Compatible with All Domeless Nails

Rick and Morty Rolling Tray Trippy Eyes ($24.95)

Rick and Morty rolling tray

That goes without saying you knew the pattern of this Trippy Eyes Rolling Tray is inspired by R&M's iconic moment, Rick spread up Morty's eyes and matched with a dazzling psychedelic special effect background, absolutely interpreting your 710 vibes.

This rolling tray is very practical, it is made of unbreakable polymer, its bottom is very flat and the rolling area is large enough (Size: 5" x 8"), and its edges are raised to prevent your weed from spilling Out, plus it has a thoughtful little detail, handles are added on both sides of the tray, which is easy for you to carry or move it. Do you want an ideal rolling tray that is both functional and stylish? That's it!


  • Rick and Morty Trippy Eyes Design
  • Unbreakable Polymer Tray
  • Size: 5" x 8"

Mr. Meeseeks Carp Cap ($29.99)

Mr. Meeseeks carb cap

Let your good fella Mr. Meeseeks improve your sesh icing on the cake. This cute bubble carb cap is inspired by the character Mr. Meeseeks from Rick and Morty, it features a double-sided design, just like Meeseeks, with a friendly smiley face on one side and an angry face on the other. 

Carb caps are a type of smoking accessory that can immediately enhance your dabbing experience; this cute Meeseeks bubble carb cap is very efficient, after putting the concentrates into your nail, gently cover your dab nail with the Meeseeks carb cap on the top which can prevent the vapor from escaping. Furthermore, a hole in the top of Mr. Meeseeks carb cap is linked to the inside of the banger, which allows you to better control the direction of airflow efficiently, allowing you to better vaporize and consume your concentrate without any waste.


  • 25mm Width
  • 2” inches Tall
  • Double-Sided design

 Rick and Morty Terp Pearls ($20.00 - $35.00)

rick and morty terp pearls

Looking for truly unique smoking accessories? This collection of ingenious Rick and Morty terp pearls will take your breath away! These Rick and Morty-themed terp balls each features a Rick or Morty character graphic, as well as a UV reactive Illuminati background, these flexible terp balls can evenly distribute the wax piled in the corner of your banger, allowing your wax to evaporate evenly. Just imagine that these fluorescent balls are spinning rapidly in your banger, not only providing an excellent impact on your vision but also greatly improving the amount of flavor and amount of clouds.


  • Diameter: about 6 mm
  • UV reactive Illuminati
  • R&M themed

Rick and Morty Banger ($18.98)

rick and morty banger

When Rick and Morty combined with high art, this exquisite theme banger was born. This Rick and Morty Banger comes with a 14mm male joint, with multiple Rick or Morty faces engraved on it, and of course matching with their amusing expressions. 

When you put the concentrate into this banger, you know it's a good quality quartz banger, the thick quartz provides good heat resistance, but keeps a good Heat Retention. At the same time won't let it emit harmful chemicals and odors because of the ultra-high heat, thereby affecting the flavor, while the classic and simple structure design is very easy to clean.


  • Rick & Morty Graphics
  • Flat Top Quartz Banger
  • 90 Degree
  • 14mm Male Joint


The Bottom Line

Have you found the artwork you want after reading this guide to Rick and Morty smoking accessories? To browse more Rick and Morty themed bongs, dab rigs or smoking accessories, click here to find more! Enjoy your sesh while watching Rick and Morty!