18mm Reclaim Catcher - PILOT DIARY
18mm Reclaim Catcher - PILOT DIARY
18mm Reclaim Catcher - PILOT DIARY
18mm Reclaim Catcher - PILOT DIARY

18mm Reclaim Catcher


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Discover the pinnacle of functionality and quality with our high-quality 18mm Reclaim Catcher. Crafted from premium glass, this reclaim catcher is designed to elevate your smoking experience to new heights.

The 18mm Reclaim Catcher is an essential accessory for DAB rigs and smoke bongs. Its main function is to recover any remaining concentrate that may not have completely evaporated during your sessions. By capturing and collecting this precious residue, you can maximize your smoking material and reduce waste.

Featuring a removable silicone cup, our 18mm Reclaim Catcher makes the cleaning process a breeze. The silicone cup can be easily detached, allowing you to effortlessly collect and reclaim any leftover concentrate. This convenient feature ensures that your DAB rig or smoke bong remains clean and free from residue buildup, maintaining optimal performance and flavor.

One of the most sought-after styles in the industry, this reclaim catcher includes a recycler design. The recycler not only aids in reclaiming but also enhances the filtration process, resulting in smoother and more enjoyable hits. This popular style has gained recognition for its ability to provide exceptional functionality while adding a visually captivating element to your smoking setup.


  • Height: 4 Inches
  • Size: 18 mm Female And 18 mm Male
  • Angle: 90 Degree
  • Includes: Reclaimer with Removable Silicone Cup

Category: Reclaim Catchers ; Accessories