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7 products

Dab Rig Reclaim Catcher

With the constant rise of the number of people dabbing, it might be tricky to differentiate the catcher that will get the job done from the one you need to throw in the trash. Here we will explain why a reclaim catcher is an invaluable tool in your dab station and help you see why you shouldn’t go about your hobby without it. 

While it may just look like a mere glass tubing to attach to your rig to look extravagant, it is a handy addition to your dab station, particularly for the flavor seekers. 

Why a Reclaim Catcher?

This appliance works in the same way as an ash catcher. It helps your rig look tidy and magnificent. Nonetheless, it does not enhance percolation compared to a customary ash catcher. While this might seem like a loss, the objective of this device is to keep your reclaim dry enough to be utilized later and stop it from reaching the rig. 

The removable glass dish will prevent you from watching the horror of viewing a constant reclaim steam flow till it eventually blocks the rig. With a reliable reclaim catcher, the glass dish is effortlessly detachable to get and utilize your reclaim any time, thus saving you funds eventually. 

  • Safety First 

Most users have small rigs to keep the steam concentrated, which reduces places for it to condense while inside. However, the downside of this is that the nail is heated using the blow torch is very close to the face. 

This proximity means very high chances for you to burn your face or hair if you make even the smallest mistake. 

The other advantage of having the nail a bit further is that you'll probably have an improved view of the concentrate effervescing, which is magnificent to see. What's more, having this mechanism to keep your reclaim will get rid of the urge to take your hot nail to save the drip that's usually oozing immediately after the dab. 

  • Keep it Clean 

It does not matter if you're a user who loves having clean tools, or even if you simply clean it once you've “milked” it dry; a reclaim catcher is handy in keeping the parts clean and working for a long time between cleaning shifts. 

By holding the reclaim that spills from the banger, it stops the tacky drops from accessing your rig, where they can be almost impossible to clean and can even result in clogging.

Further, this appliance will require you to clean the device less frequently. It is not easy to keep it clean if the huge smokes access the rig. Also, it means that these perky globs won't block your percolator dab rig. This could be the difference between a long devastating cleaning session and an effortless one. 

So, for those of us who love preparing a final quality product and, in the process, make the cleaning procedure easy, you should look for a reliable reclaim catcher.