Perc Bong

    DNA Bong


    The DNA Bong is the perfect addition to any smoker's collection. Standing at a convenient height of 10.5 inches, it is compact yet packs a powerful punch. The fixed downstem...

    11-inch Glass Beaker Bong with Tree Perc


    This remarkable 11-inch Glass Beaker Bong with Tree Perc, a stunning piece meticulously crafted from premium clear glass, providing an unparalleled smoking experience with its exceptional features.At the heart of...

    Tilted Silicone Tree Perc Bong

    $10.00 – $58.99

    The Tilted Silicone Tree Perc Bong is a true beauty that combines style and functionality. This remarkable Silicone Bong features a captivating color mix and a unique tilted design, making...

    12 Inch Tree Perc Bong


    Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of toking perfection with our 12 Inch Tree Perc Bong! Crafted from crystal-clear glass, this dab rig showcases a magnificent tree perc at the...

    HEMPER SpongeBob Jellyfish Jar Bong 7"


    Introducing the HEMPER SpongeBob Jellyfish Jar Bong 7"! Experience the perfect harmony of style, functionality, and convenience with this remarkable glass bong. Designed with a jellyfish-style tree percolator, this bong...

    Hephaestus Swing Arm Dab Rig


    Hephaestus Swing Arm Dab Rig is thoughtfully designed with a swing arm and propeller perc, making it perfect for enjoying your favorite waxes and oils. With its compact size and...

    8" Tire Diffuser Beaker Recycler Bong with Bead Perc


    Immerse yourself in the refined elegance of the 8" Tire Diffuser Beaker Recycler Bong with Bead Perc, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends form and function. Crafted meticulously from high-grade borosilicate...

    11" Infyniti Double Percolator Glass Bubbler


    Unleash the true potential of your herbs with the 11" Infyniti Double Percolator Glass Bubbler! Crafted from 5 mm thick, premium-quality borosilicate glass, this piece is not just an accessory...

    Pulsar Glass Mushroom Forest Water Bong


    The Pulsar Glass Mushroom Forest Water Bong features a hand-molded acrylic resin body, intricately crafted to resemble a mystical forest of mushrooms. The attention to detail in the shroom forest...

    12" Freeze Pipe Glycerin Freeze Bong


    Get ready for super chill hits with the 12" Freeze Pipe Glycerin Freeze Bong, a versatile midsize beaker-style bong designed to elevate your smoking experience to new heights. Crafted with...

    HEMPER Space Monster Perc Bong 7''


    With its impeccable design and remarkable features, this HEMPER Space Monster Perc Bong takes your smoking experience to interstellar heights.Prepare to be mesmerized by the percolation power of the Space...

    18" Double Perc Beaker Bong


    Unleash the Power of Smooth Hits with our 18'' Double Perc Beaker Bong! Embark on a next-level smoking experience with dual percs: a Bullet-shaped percolator and an 8-arm tree perc....

    5.12″ Cone Mini Recycler Dab Rig


    Indulge in premium dabbing with the 5.12″ Cone Mini Recycler Dab Rig. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this compact rig features an innovative barrel-shaped recycler for efficient cyclone filtration. With...

    Preemo 8" Double Finger Hole Recycler


    Ready to be amazed by the exceptional filtration and captivating design of the Preemo 8" Double Finger Hole Recycler. Engineered to perfection, this glass masterpiece showcases a single stem with...

    Water Pipe Maria Rings


    Height: 6 inches 14mm Female Joint Maria Rings Sidecar Neck Inline Perc High Quality Borosilicate Glass Works Well For Both Herbs and Concentrates Glass Bong Bowl Included

    10 inch Skull Pineapple Bong


    Step into a realm where paradise meets intrigue with our 10 Inch Skull Pineapple Bong. Standing tall at 9.5 inches, it's a sculpted marvel crafted from hand-molded acrylic resin, boasting...

    Miss Swiss Mini Dab Rig Kit


    Introducing our newest addition to the Goody Glass family - the Miss Swiss Mini Dab Rig! Crafted for both style and function, this rig is a showstopper. Miss Swiss isn't...

    10 inch Thin Waist Bubbler


    This stemless Thin Waist Bubbler is designed with a beaker bong-style base but offering a unique twist in functionality and aesthetics. This bubbler features a stylish mid-section with ice notches...

    7.8" Swiss Splash Guard Glass Dab Rig


    The 7.8 Swiss Splash Guard Dab Rig is the perfect size piece for your arsenal. The dab rig features a shower head percolator and an additional Swiss splashguard to reduce...

    Glycerin Inline Perc Bong


    The Glycerin Inline Perc Bong commands attention with its sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship. Crafted with precision, our Inline Perc Bong features a color-coordinated glycerin coil that not only enhances...

    10" Glass Bubbler with 10-Arm Perc


    Embark on a journey of smoothness with our 10" Glass Bubbler, featuring a built-in 10-arm perc for exceptional filtration. The bent neck adds style while ensuring comfortable use, and with...

    Mini Galaxy Kraken Beaker Bong


    6.5 inches tall Bell shaped pipe body Disc percolator Decorative tentacle Colorful wig wag design Includes 14mm male herb slide w/ handle Colors vary

    10" SPARK Barrel Diffuser Perc Water Bong


    Elevate your smoking experience with the 10" SPARK Barrel Diffuser Perc Water Bong. Crafted with American colors, featuring a stemless design and a unique barrel diffuser. Choose from four vibrant...

    12 inch Swiss Perc Bong


    The Swiss Perc Bong is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its sophisticated filtration system, combining the Swiss pillar perc and drum perc, ensures each hit...

    14" Green Frog Beaker Bong


    The 14" Green Frog Beaker Bong features the delightful design of a Green Frog. Each bong is adorned with a variety of frog pattern, adding character and charm to every...

    13'' Triple Tree Perc Bong


    Standing tall at 13 inches, our Triple Tree Perc Bong promises a mesmerizing underwater experience like no other. Picture three elegant 8-arm tree percs arranged vertically, resembling graceful jellyfish in...

    13.5" Solid Cone Perc Bong


    A masterclass in design and functionality, this 13.5" Solid Cone Perc Bong stands out not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for its unmatched smoking prowess. The prominent cone...

    14" Pink Beaker Bong - Crane


    Our exquisite 14" Pink Beaker Bong features a stunning Crane design, meticulously crafted to elevate your smoking experience. Standing tall at 14 inches, this bong boasts a captivating aesthetic with...

    14" 8-arm Tree Perc Bong


    The 14" 8-Arm Tree Perc Bong is meticulously crafted from premium borosilicate glass for unparalleled durability and elegance. Engineered with a robust 12mm thick base, this bong is built to...

    11" Dual Tree Arm Perc Dark Chamber Rig


    Immerse yourself in the refined artistry of the 11" Dual Tree Arm Perc Dark Chamber Rig. Meticulously hand-blown using superior borosilicate glass, this masterpiece not only stands as an embodiment...

    14.5" Genie Tree Arms Two Tone Bong


    Explore the pinnacle of smoking sophistication with the 14.5" Genie Tree Arms Two Tone Bong. Crafted from premium borosilicate glass, this piece not only boasts stunning visual appeal but also...

    17" H2O Double Ring Glass Bong


    Take a look at the masterpiece of craftsmanship, the 17" H2O Double Ring Glass Bong stands tall and proud, radiating elegance and sophistication. Made from premium quality Borosilicate glass, this...

    17" shower head percolator water bongs


    This 17" shower head percolator water bongs is like no other! With a showerhead percolator that ensures maximum smoke-to-water interaction, and an ice catcher for extra smoothness, every hit is...

    18" U-Shape Percolator Beaker Water Bong


    Elevate your smoking sessions with the captivating 18" U-Shape Percolator Beaker Water Bong. This mesmerizing piece effortlessly merges form and function, providing an exceptional smoking experience like no other. Designed...

    19" Dome Over Double Disc Perc Bong


    Meet the epitome of class and performance: the 19" Dome Over Double Disc Perc Bong. Boasting an immaculate design, this tall beaker shines with the transparency of premium borosilicate glass....

    19-Inch Skull Head 6-Arm Tree Perc Bongs


    Bold and mesmerizing, the 19" Skull Head 6-Arm Tree Perc Bong seamlessly marries art with superior functionality. At its heart, the intricately designed skull head chamber isn't just for show—it...

    4.5" Oil Burner Pipe


    This 4.5" Oil Burner Pipe is specifically designed for smoking concentrates and essential oils and features a straight percolator that provides a diffuser function, optimizing smoke passage for smooth, flavorful...

    6" Swiss Perc Recycler Rig


    This little rig is made from heavy duty borosilicate glass, features a flared mouthpiece, a maria ring on the bent neck, and a 14mm female joint. Whether it's only for...

    6" HEMPER Milk and Cookies Perc Bong


    Indulge yourself in the sweet delight of the 6" HEMPER Milk and Cookies Perc Bong. This enchanting glass pipe is designed to resemble a tall glass of refreshing milk and...

    6'' HEMPER-Popcorn Bong with perc


    6" Popcorn Bong by HEMPER is perfect for enjoying your favorite herb and snack combo while immersing yourself in your favorite movie.With a height of 6" and a diameter of...

    Welcome to the world of Perc Bong—where innovation meets tradition to elevate your smoking sessions. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newbie, understanding perc bongs can revolutionize your experience. Let's dive into the essentials of perc bongs and uncover why they’re a must-have for your collection.

    What is a Perc Bong?

    A perc bong (short for percolator bong) is a type of water pipe that includes an additional filtration mechanism called a percolator. The purpose of the percolator is to create bubbles, which increases the surface area of the smoke that comes in contact with the water. This process cools down the smoke, filters out impurities, and provides a smoother hit.

    Why Choose a Perc Bong?

    • Enhanced Filtration: The percolator acts as a secondary water chamber, ensuring an extra layer of filtration.
    • Smoother Hits: Cooling the smoke results in less irritation to your throat and lungs.
    • Improved Flavor: By filtering out impurities, you can taste the full spectrum of your favorite herbs.

    Are Percolators Good in Bongs?

    Absolutely! Percolators are not just a trendy addition; they play a crucial role in improving the overall smoking experience. Here’s why:

    • Cooler Smoke: The process of passing through the percolator cools down the smoke significantly.
    • Better Filtration: Helps in trapping ash and other particles, ensuring a cleaner hit.
    • Visual Appeal: Watching the bubbles form and rise through the percolator adds visual enjoyment to your session.

    How to Use a Bong with a Perc

    Using a perc bong might seem complex at first, but it’s quite straightforward. Follow these steps for an optimal experience:

    1. Fill the Bong with Water:

      • Ensure that the water level is just above the percolator.
      • Check that the downstem is also submerged in water.
    2. Pack the Bowl:

      • Grind your herb evenly and pack it into the bowl piece.
      • Don’t pack it too tightly; airflow is key.
    3. Ignite and Inhale:

      • Light the herb in the bowl while inhaling through the mouthpiece.
      • Watch as the smoke travels through the water, into the percolator, creating bubbles.
    4. Clear the Chamber:

      • Once the chamber is filled with smoke, remove the bowl piece and inhale the remaining smoke for a satisfying hit.

    What is the Best Type of Perc for a Bong?

    The best percolator for your bong largely depends on personal preference. Here are some popular types to consider:

    1. Tree Percolator

    • Resembling a tree with multiple arms, each arm has a series of slits for smoke diffusion.
    • Provides excellent filtration and smooth hits.

    2. Honeycomb Percolator

    • Features a disc with multiple holes resembling a honeycomb.
    • Known for creating lots of bubbles, ensuring thorough smoke cooling and filtration.

    3. Showerhead Percolator

    • Named for its resemblance to a showerhead, it has a series of slits or holes.
    • Provides a balance of diffusion and airflow, offering a smooth and consistent hit.

    4. Turbine Percolator

    • Uses a disc with angled slits to create a whirlpool effect.
    • Not only cools the smoke but also provides a mesmerizing visual effect.

    Discover the Reclaim Catcher Advantage

    To enhance your smoking experience further, consider adding a Reclaim Catcher to your perc bong setup. A reclaim catcher:

    • Prevents Waste: Collects unused concentrates, allowing you to reuse them.
    • Keeps Your Bong Clean: Reduces the buildup of residue in the bong, making maintenance easier.
    • Improves Flavor: Ensures a cleaner taste by keeping the main chamber free from reclaim.

    Perc bongs are an exceptional choice for those seeking a smoother, cleaner, and more flavorful smoking experience. With the right percolator and the addition of a Reclaim Catcher, you can elevate your sessions to new heights. Explore different types of percolators to find the perfect match for your preferences, and enjoy the ultimate smoking experience!

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