Dab Rigs

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Hephaestus Swing Arm Dab Rig Pink/Blue/Purple - PILOT DIARY

Hephaestus Swing Arm Dab Rig

Hephaestus Swing Arm Dab Rig is thoughtfully designed with a swing arm and propeller perc, making it perfect for enjoying your favorite waxes and oils. With its compact size and...
Dab Rig Pink Moon - PILOT DIARY

Pink Moon Dab Rig

The Pink Moon Dab Rig with its unique moon shape design and fixed downstem, its sleek and eye-catching design makes it a great conversation starter and a centerpiece for any...
Dab Rig 12 Inches

12 Inch Tree Perc Bong

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of toking perfection with our 12 Inch Tree Perc Bong! Crafted from crystal-clear glass, this dab rig showcases a magnificent tree perc at the...
Krave Nebula Freezable E-Rig - pilotdiary

Krave Nebula Freezable E-Rig

The Krave Nebula Freezable E-Rig is revolutionizing the smoking experience with its removable, freezable glass attachment. Glycerin-filled and double-walled, this unique design keeps your rips icy cool for longer, delivering...
Water Pipe Maria Rings - PILOT DIARY

Water Pipe Maria Rings

Height: 6 inches 14mm Female Joint Maria Rings Sidecar Neck Inline Perc High Quality Borosilicate Glass Works Well For Both Herbs and Concentrates Glass Bong Bowl Included
Frosted Yoshi Egg Glass Bubbler

Yoshi Egg Glass Bubbler with Frosted Finish

The Yoshi Egg Glass Bubbler with Frosted Finish is a compact and stylish smoking accessory. It is small enough to be portable, with a height of 3 inches and a...

Mini Rig 4″

Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality with this captivating Mini Rig. With a waist design and a mesmerizing circle of oriental blue around the mouthpiece, every hit becomes...
Dino Fab Egg Glass Rig

Dino Fab Egg Dab Rig

Experience the wonder of prehistoric smoke sessions with the Dino Dab Rig. This unique, 8-inch tall masterpiece is the perfect fusion of art and function, bringing you an unparalleled smoking...
Wolf Heady Glass Dab Rig

Heady Glass Wolf Bong

Embrace the wild side with our Heady Glass Wolf Bong, a truly remarkable piece of functional art that is sure to impress both avid collectors and casual enthusiasts alike. Measuring...
4″ Mini Rig Green - PILOT DIARY

4″ Mini Rig

If you have been searching for a new dab rig to add to your collection, and you’re tired of those large and bulky designs, then the smaller and sleeker Mini...
Silicone Bubbler Seahorse 6" - PILOT DIARY

Silicone Seahorse Pipe

Dive into a smoking adventure with our Silicone Seahorse Pipe! Crafted in the mesmerizing shape of a hippocampus, this pipe will transport you to the depths of fun and creativity....
Silicone Bubbler Robot - PILOT DIARY

Silicone Bubbler Robot

Looking for an unbreakable and unique bubbler? This cool robot design silicone bubbler can meet all your needs. It includes both the characteristics of bongs and pipes. You can use...
5.12″ Cone Mini Recycler Dab Rig

5.12″ Cone Mini Recycler Dab Rig

Indulge in premium dabbing with the 5.12″ Cone Mini Recycler Dab Rig. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this compact rig features an innovative barrel-shaped recycler for efficient cyclone filtration. With...
MJ Arsenal Gemini Mini Dab Rig 6.5"

MJ Arsenal Gemini Mini Dab Rig 6.5"

$92.99 – $115.00
The MJ Arsenal Gemini Mini Dab Rig 6.5" is a stunning fusion of space-age inspiration and cutting-edge design, paying homage to NASA's groundbreaking space program that brought humanity to the...
MJ Arsenal Claude Mini Recycler Dab Rig 5.5"

MJ Arsenal Claude Mini Recycler Dab Rig 5.5"

$69.90 – $92.99
Elevate your dabbing sessions with the MJ Arsenal Claude Mini Dab Rig 5.5", a stunning tribute to the renowned Merlin Dab Rig. This masterpiece of design takes water direction and...
MJ Arsenal Mini Jig Mini Rig Dab

MJ Arsenal Mini Jig Mini Rig Dab

$89.99 – $110.00
Elevate your dabbing experience with the MJ Arsenal Mini Jig Mini Rig Dab 5.5", a compact marvel designed to deliver unparalleled flavor and convenience. This feature-packed mini rig is a...
MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig For Dabs

MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig For Dabs

$59.90 – $74.20
Discover the pinnacle of dabbing innovation with the Ursa Mini Rig for Dabs by MJ Arsenal. This remarkable palm-sized rig effortlessly marries timeless design with cutting-edge features. Hand-crafted from premium...
ARIES Mini Recycler Dab Rig - INHALCO

ARIES Mini Recycler Dab Rig 6.5"

Discover the ARIES Mini Recycler Dab Rig – a game-changer for both newcomers and seasoned concentrate enthusiasts. Standing at just 6.5 inches, this compact rig boasts multiple filtration tubes for...
Empire Mushroom Rig

Empire Mushroom Rig

Dive into a realm of wonder with the Empire Mushroom Rig. This extraordinary recycling-style water pipe isn't just a rig – it's an artful masterpiece. Adorned with exquisite mushroom figurines,...
Lookah Dragon Egg eRig

Lookah Dragon Egg eRig

Unleash the power of the mythical with the Lookah Dragon Egg eRig Bubbler. This masterpiece is a convergence of avant-garde design and unmatched portability, ensuring that every inhale is a...

Dab rigs are specialized water pipes designed for vaporizing and inhaling cannabis concentrates. They have become increasingly popular due to their ability to deliver potent and flavorful hits. Whether you're new to dabbing or looking to upgrade your setup, understanding what a dab rig is and how to use it is essential.

What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig, also known as an oil rig, is a type of water pipe specifically designed for consuming cannabis concentrates such as wax, shatter, and oil. Unlike traditional bongs, dab rigs are equipped with a nail or banger instead of a bowl. The nail is heated using a torch or an electronic heating element, and the concentrate is placed on the hot surface to produce vapor, which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Key Components of a Dab Rig

  • Rig: The main body of the dab rig, typically made of glass, silicone, or other heat-resistant materials.
  • Nail or Banger: The component that is heated to vaporize the concentrate. Nails can be made from quartz, titanium, ceramic, or glass.
  • Torch: A butane torch is commonly used to heat the nail to the appropriate temperature.
  • Carb Cap: A tool used to cover the nail or banger, helping to control airflow and maximize vaporization.
  • Dab Tool: A small tool used to handle and apply the concentrate onto the heated nail.

Benefits of Using a Dab Rig

  • Efficiency: Dab rigs are designed to vaporize concentrates efficiently, ensuring minimal waste.
  • Flavor: The design and materials used in dab rigs preserve the flavor profiles of the concentrates.
  • Potency: Concentrates are typically more potent than traditional flower, providing a stronger effect with less material.

How to Use a Dab Rig

Using a dab rig might seem complex at first, but with a little practice, it becomes a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Dab Rig

  1. Prepare Your Dab Rig:

    • Fill the rig with water just enough to create a percolation effect without causing splash-back.
    • Attach the nail or banger to the rig.
  2. Heat the Nail:

    • Use a butane torch to heat the nail. Aim the flame directly at the nail until it reaches the desired temperature (usually glowing red hot).
    • Allow the nail to cool for about 30-45 seconds, depending on the material of the nail, to reach the optimal dabbing temperature.
  3. Apply the Concentrate:

    • Use a dab tool to pick up a small amount of concentrate.
    • Place the concentrate on the heated nail while inhaling through the mouthpiece.
    • If using a carb cap, place it over the nail to regulate airflow and enhance vapor production.
  4. Inhale and Enjoy:

    • Inhale slowly and steadily to draw the vapor through the rig and into your lungs.
    • Exhale and savor the flavor and effects of the concentrate.

Tips for an Optimal Dabbing Experience

  • Temperature Control: Finding the right temperature is key to a pleasant dabbing experience. Too hot, and you risk burning the concentrate, which can produce a harsh hit. Too cool, and the concentrate may not vaporize fully.
  • Clean Your Rig Regularly: Residue buildup can affect the flavor and performance of your dab rig. Regular cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and warm water will keep your rig in top condition.
  • Experiment with Different Nails: Each type of nail material (quartz, titanium, ceramic) offers a unique dabbing experience. Try different types to find what suits you best.


Dab rigs offer a unique and efficient way to enjoy cannabis concentrates, providing powerful and flavorful hits. Understanding what a dab rig is and how to use it will enhance your dabbing experience. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or a newcomer, the right dab rig can make all the difference. Explore our collection of dab rigs to find the perfect one for your needs and elevate your dabbing sessions to new heights.


How often should I clean my dab rig? Regular cleaning is recommended to maintain the flavor and functionality of your dab rig. Cleaning after every few sessions is ideal.

What is the best material for a dab nail? Quartz is popular for its fast heating and flavor preservation, while titanium is known for its durability. Ceramic nails offer excellent heat retention.

Can I use a bong as a dab rig? Yes, but you'll need a compatible nail or banger attachment. However, dedicated dab rigs are designed to provide a better dabbing experience.

What temperature should I dab at? Optimal dabbing temperatures range from 350°F to 450°F. Lower temperatures preserve flavor, while higher temperatures produce more vapor.

Is dabbing more potent than smoking flower? Yes, concentrates are typically more potent than flower, providing a stronger effect with less material.

What is a carb cap? A carb cap is a tool used to cover the nail or banger, helping to control airflow and enhance vapor production during dabbing.

Accessories for dab rigs

Titanium Nails

Titanium nails are fitted at the bottom of the rig. They are the bits that are heated and frequently used for dabbing oils. Titanium nails take along to heat, but they stay with heat for long.

Quartz Bangers

Quartz bangers work like titanium. However, they heat faster and stay with heat for long. They are ideally designed for low-temperature dabs. Further, they offer consistent and super clean dab vapor. 

Reclaim Catchers

These are dab rig accessories that allow the conservation of the dab. They encroach further, helping you to keep your dab in good condition. Additionally, reclaim catchers are easy to fix to the dab rig allowing you to customize your rig. Also, you can add other attachments like percolators.

Dab Tools

Since you can't place your hand on heat to mix your dab, you will need the dab tool. They are of multiple shapes. Their make material is usually quartz or titanium to withstand extreme heat.

Dab Containers

While dabbing, you need to keep the concentrates in a safe place that inhibits the diffusion of smell. Dab containers are the right tool for the job. They are affordable and come in varieties.