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    One Hitter Dugout With Mini Grinder Lid

    $23.99 – $450.00

     Specifications: * Made of high-quality material, fine thread anti-skid design.,* TOP Space for mini lighter and BOTTOM Space for "goodies".* Airtight lid lock in all scents and smells.* Grinder lid...

    Metal Dugout One Hitter

    $21.89 – $450.00

    This beautiful Metal Dugout One Hitter made of high-quality metal for people like to use at home or travel. It's designed with a magnetic rotating lid and has good airtightness...

    One Hitter Dugout With Grinder

    $23.89 – $460.00

    If you're looking for the best dugout one hitter on the market, this metal one hitter dugout would be a good choice!  They are great for easy portable all in...

    Wooden Magnetic Dugout

    $24.98 – $570.00

    PILOT DIARY Wooden Dugout with cleaning stick is a classic smoking product allowing you to store ground up herb in one chamber, and a one hitter in the other. Made...

    14mm Male Reclaim Catcher Silicone Jar


    This reclaim catcher is an awesome attachment that reclaims the wasted wax and concentrates allowing you to reuse it. This reclaim catcher design with a 5ml silicone jar as its...

    14mm Reclaim Catcher


    This Reclaim catcher is made of clear glass and design with a silicone jar as its base. The clear glass can help you watch the bubbles and the silicone jar...

    Silicone Honeycomb Honey Straw 7"

    $20.88 – $420.00

    This silicone nectar collector absolutely unbreakable silicone design and features a center silicone chamber for filtration.  With an embedded silicone jar, much more convenient for on the go! If you...

    Metal Dugout Magnetic Rotating Lid

    $21.89 – $450.00

    The attractive design of the Metal Dugout With Magnetic Rotating Lid and the premium materials make this one-hitter the perfect smoking accessory for any serious connoisseur. You’ll be able to carry...

    Juice Box Bubbler Bong


    This Juice Box Bubbler is a new shaped bubbler, very different than most because of its design. This silicone bubbler pipe like a juice box! It's made from durable borosilicate...

    Silicone Glass Nectar Collector Kit

    $30.98 – $800.00

    The Silicone Glass Honey Straw Kit is made of premium food-grade platinum cured silicone with light UV sealed; Non-stick, BPA free, and high temperature resistance (482F). It is highly efficient, user-friendly...

    Gemini Silicone Bubbler


    This Gemini-shaped silicone bubbler is perfect for herbs and concentrates. It makes your daily time so much fun. The bubbler made with thick quartz and silicone protection cover and all...

    Ghost Silicone Bubbler


    As we know, glasses are fragile material that quickly gets shattered at the slightest mistake. Don't worry, this all silicone bubbler can solve this problem! Made of premium quality silicone...

    Mandala Grinder Silver

    $15.98 – $275.00

    PREMIUM MATERIAL - Made with premium zinc alloy designed with 4 pcs and 3 chambers, Long life span & light weight & scratch resistant NON-STICK NYLON O-RING - Smooth, effortless,...

    8.6″ Horn Glow In The Dark


    Want a glass water bong but worry about broken? This silicone protective cover with beautiful colors to solve this problem for you. Use this silicone glass water bong, you don’t have...

    Silicone Bubbler Robot


    Looking for an unbreakable and unique bubbler? This cool robot design silicone bubbler can meet all your needs. It includes both the characteristics of bongs and pipes. You can use...

    14mm Ash Catcher 45˚


    This Percolator Ash Catcher is the perfect accessory for your beaker bong or water pipe! If you’re tired of ash and resin ruining your bong, then the percolator ash catcher is a...

    Grinder Titanium Blue

    $16.98 – $270.00

    Crafted with heavy duty zinc alloy designed with 4 pieces and 3 chambers. This Grinder is not only designed to grind quick and easy it is also a beautifully designed...

    Silicone Glass Water Pipe


    This Silicone Glass Water Pipe made of food-grade silicone and heat resistant borosilicate glass. The fantastic color mix can definitely stand out in your device. If you like the big...

    Gemini Dual-use Silicone Bubbler


    Dual Use: 2-in-1 usage of herbs and concentrates makes your daily time so much fun. Premium Material: Exclusive silicone protection and thick quartz, no worry for quality. Cute and Unique Design:...

    9" Mushroom Bong


    It's hard to add bold themes to bongs while maintaining functional design and construction quality, but this Mushroom Perc Bong stands at 9" does both. The mushroom at the center...

    STINGER Electric Nectar Collector Set


    This STINGER Electric Nectar Collector Set design acts just like a rig, with stinger technology in a discreet pocket size. The easy-to-use design is also very friendly to beginners. Just...

    Adjustable Silicone Water Pipe


    If you’re tired of the same old style and design bongs, then the Adjustable Silicone Bong could be just the bong that you have been looking for! Specifications High Quality...

    Mini Dab Straw with Cap 4.5"

    $14.98 – $300.00

    Are you looking for a silicone nectar collector? How about this mini nectar collector? This mini nectar collector made of premium food-grade platinum cured silicone. Come with a 10mm Titanium...

    Silicone Bubbler Mario 11″


    This Mario Water Bong on an interesting adventure in the world of herbs! It is so cute. It is made of premium food-grade platinum cured silicone with light UV sealed.  • Single Chamber, Fixed Stem...

    Silicone Glass Mini Horn


    The removable silicone casing on the outside is designed to protect the borosilicate glass. It is simple yet durable, pulls nice. Clean hits, especially with ice water. Specifications Height: 5.7...

    Silicone Nectar Collector For Wax

    $14.98 – $300.00

    This mini nectar collector allows you to dab directly and easily! The mini size is a good ideal for travel. The body is made from food-grade platinum cured silicone, and...

    Silicone Honey Straw Water Filter Full Kit

    $36.99 – $800.00

    This is an awesome nectar collector kit that comes with a water filter and titanium nail! It makes easier and more fun when you want to smoke from a nectar...

    Fountain Silicone and Glass Bong

    $42.98 – $42.99

    The Fountain Bong is made from premium silicone and features a central glass tube. It measures 7.9” high, and the central fountain features provide a smooth and exciting smoking experience....

    Silicone and Glass Horn Bong


    Height: 8.6 Inches Joint Size: 14mm Female Color: Red/Yellow/Green Include: Glass Bong, Silicone Downstem,  Glass Bowl Piece, Silicone cover

    Electric Dab Rig


    This Electric Dab Rig is a new product that allows you to dab discreetly wherever you go, whether you're at a party or on the go.If you are interested in...

    Reusable Water Bubbler


    This silicone dinosaur bubbler is  just as cute as it's useful. All the bubbler body made from food-grade silicone and having a removable glass bowl so that you can easy...

    Mini Horn Glow In The Dark


    This glow in the dark mini horn bong is one of the best silicone bong setups that you can get. It is perfect for around the campfires! Specifications Height: 5.7 Inches Joint...

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