Carb Caps

    UFO Directional Carb Cap


    This UFO directional carb cap is one of our favotites carb cap. Many people like it because it feature with great directional airflow which directs the air into everywhere in...

    Quartz Channel Cap 40mm


    The Quartz Channel Cap 40mm features a spiraling channel design that allows for maximum control of airflow and an optimal spinning effect for your terp pearls and concentrates.Crafted from high-quality...

    Yellow Duck Carb Cap


    This cute yellow duck carb cap is made of quality colored Boro Glass which is very beautiful. If you boring with simple carb cap and want a compelling carb cap,...

    Clear Glass Vortex Carb Cap


    Our Vortex Carb Cap is designed to fit almost all 25mm and 30mm flat-top quartz nails.Its special design spins the airflow inside the bucket, which helps to maximize dabbing efficiency....

    UFO Carb Cap


    This UFO Carb Cap made from 100% pure quartz crystal and designed to help maximize vaporization from low-temperature dabbing and ensures no vapor is wasted. Each carb cap is beautifully...

    The Peak Carb Cap 2PCS


    This peak carb cap made of borosilicate glass, and the carb cap design with a hollow rod, which helps to increase the airflow rate, thereby forming carbohydrates, thereby maximizing the...

    UFO Carb Cap Green


    This green ufo carb cap is perfectly with our quartz banger for all your concentrate needs. If you looking for a carb cap for banger, it will be your great...

    Silicone Carb Cap With Glass Bowl Screen


    Unique carb caps with glass bowl screen! As a beginner, it will be very easy to use, it is a lid that is placed over a dab nail or quartz...

    Mushroom Carb Cap


    Experience the perfect dabbing session with our uniquely crafted Mushroom Carb Cap. This hand-sculpted novelty piece isn't just about aesthetics – it's a vital tool that enhances your dabbing experience...

    Pulsar RoK Concentrates Bullet Carb Cap | Full Spectrum


    This bullet style carb cap for the RöK Full Spectrum is made with iridescent borosilicate glass and measures 21mm in diameter and 42mm tall. Made for use with the XL...

    Pulsar RoK Flower Dry Herb Carb Cap | Full Spectrum


    This certified replacement herb style carb cap for the RöK Full Spectrum is made with iridescent borosilicate glass and measures 32mm in diameter. Made for use with dry herb and features...

    Octopus Directional Carb Cap


    This fun and colorful carb cap is functional and cute with a mini octopus design. Provides directional airflow. Made with borosilicate glass. Fits standard banger bucket openings of 23mm or...

    Multi Airflow Vortex Carb Cap


    The vortex carb cap pairs perfectly with a flat top banger and rotates the airflow as it goes in. This special design spins the airflow inside the bucket and can...



    Wholesale XVape Vista Mini 2 - Glass Carb Cap The revolutionary glass discovery carb cap brings new visuals to your vaporizing sessions. Made from the same borosilicate glass for durability...



    Material - Quartz Universally Compatible - Yes Outer Diameter - 30mm Spout Diameter - 8mm Spout Diameter when flipped - 18mm Auto Spin - Yes Recommended Pairing?-?Original Sidecar Amazing craftsmanship...

    Pulsar Crushed Opal Dichro Helix Carb Cap


    This Pulsar Crushed Opal Dichro Helix Carb Cap spins airflow to create a vortex inside your banger as you dab. Works great for spinning terp pearls inside the bucket. Made...

    Full Diamond Flat Spin Channel Carb Cap


    HIGHLIGHTS 40mm diameter Diamond shaped glass carb caps Grooved spinner channels Borosilicate glass Works great with terp pearls and terp pills Fits standard 25mm flat top bangers Colors vary Note:...

    Honeybee Herb - HONEY HIVE CARB CAP


    Get the best of dabbing with the premium Honey Hive bubble carb cap. Regardless of how hot you like your dabs, this cap will help you improve efficiency and flavor....

    Honeybee Herb - HONEY TOPPER CARB CAP


    Looking for a carb cap for your honey pot? Then you need the Honey Topper Carb Cap. These carb caps will meet all of your carbing needs without hesitation. Regardless...



    Get the best of dabbing with the premium Honey Hive bubble carb cap. Regardless of how hot you like your dabs, this cap will help you improve efficiency and flavor....

    Carb Cap display of 24


    One of the most important components for dome and dome-less dabbing rigs is a crap cap banger. These bangers are used to regulate the airflow and to make sure you...

    preemo-Switchback Bubble Carb Cap


    This Preemo bubble cap features a multicolor design and is a great addition to your dab nail setup. Works perfectly with bevelled-edge bangers. A carb cap modifies airflow to your...

    Yo-yo Carb Cap


    Featuring a signature form by the internationally known glass blower and designer Micah Evans, the GRAV? Yoyo Carb Cap is perfect for pairing with a heady rig or daily driver....

    14mm Quartz Banger Kit


    The 14mm Quartz Banger Kit includes a 14mm Male Opaque Bottom Quartz Banger, a Purple Spinner Carb Cap, and two Clear Terp Pearls - everything you need for a premium...

    14mm Male Quartz Banger With Carb Cap


    Our 14mm male quartz banger with carb cap is the ultimate dabbing nail set up for the true dabbing enthusiast. This quartz banger includes a spinner carb cap, flat top...

    Splash Guard Banger Set


    What's truly great about this splash guard quartz banger is that this design will avoid the wax going into your rig when you dab. That said, it can keep a...

    Opaque Bottom Quartz Banger Set


    Includes: 1x Opaque Bottom Quartz Banger 1x Directional Carb Cap 2x Clear Terp Pearls 1x Iron Case Category: Quartz Banger, Accessories

    14mm Quartz Banger With Cap Kit


    This 14mm Quartz Banger With Cap Kit includes all the basics to elevate your dabbing game. A flat top quartz banger, spinner carb cap, and two clear terp pearls. The...

    Quartz Banger With Cap


    This quartz banger with cap includes a 14mm flat top quartz banger nail with a perfectly fitting vortex carb cap, and two terp pearls.

    Quartz Banger Kit 14mm Male


    This quartz banger kit is a good tool for your dabbing! It made with premium quartz glass and the joint is frosted. If you want upgrade your favorite rig, it...

    Lollipop Carb Cap


    This beautiful lollipop carb cap made of top quality colored Boro Glass with sophisticated handicrafts. Shaped like a lollipop, these bubble carb caps also incorporate a glass dabber into the...

    Dab Carb Cap Purple


    This most popular carb cap also call vortex carb cap, made borosilicate glass and fit a wide variety of thermal style banger nails. The special design can bring rotating airflow...

    Spinner Carb Cap Green


    The spinner carb cap pairs perfectly with bangers and rotates the airflow as it goes in. There's a spacious carb hole on the top that puts you in complete charge...

    Spinning Carb Cap


    This spinning carb cap is made with premium borosilicate glass, a unique  shape. It features air intake slits that rotate oil and air. this heady carb cap will beautify every...

    Bubble Carb Cap Multi-Color Spiral


    This 25mm bubble carb cap is perfect to your favorite quartz banger. The smooth and perfectly-sized handle makes rotating the cap to manipulate airflow super easy. Using directional airflow, you'll...

    Bubble Carb Cap Pulsar RoK UV Red Swirl


    This bubble-style carb cap made with borosilicate glass and 25mm at the widest point feature a red swirl pattern. The carb cap uses directional air flow to facilitate in vaporizing...

    Carb Cap Flat Top


    This Carb Cap Flat Top used for dabbing!  It's a design that works well with bangers, and it is very small and very suitable for carrying around.Features:Pyrex GlassFits All Standard...

    Vortex Spinning Carb Cap Include 10 Pcs Ruby Pearls


    This Vortex Spinning Carb Cap can meet all your requirements as a carb cap. No matter how hot you like your dabs, this carb cap will help you improve efficiency and...

    Spotted Mushroom Carb Cap


    Immerse yourself in a world of flavorful hits and efficient vaporization with this meticulously designed Spotted Mushroom Carb Cap, featuring an enchanting Spotted Mushroom design complete with a stem for...

    Animal Carb Cap display of 24


    One of the most important components for dome and dome-less dabbing rigs is a crap cap banger. These bangers are used to regulate the airflow and to make sure you...

    Why You Need a Good Carb Cap 

    Carb Cap features

    • Portable 
    • Comes in different shapes
    • Enhances your dabbing experience 

    Carb caps are appropriate and valuable fixtures for your electric dab rig that enables you to attain a great dab. Ideally, carb caps are used to standardize and prevent airflow when dabbing to acquire the most out of your concentrate. The carb cap increases pressure in airflow inside the nail. Because the concentrate is enclosed in a uniformly heated environment, it guarantees that the dab will be vaporized. We have an extensive guide on Take The Perfect Dab for  Carb Cap.

    Dab nails and bangers get extremely hot. For this reason, a carb cab will allow you to use dabs at lower temperatures. This lowers the odds of you losing out on some valuable terpenes from overheating and reserve your concentrate, thus containing the flavor profile that will offer you a quality hit. Carb carbs are a perfect companion for portable rigs. You can place it inside your bag pack, and off you go!


    Carb caps are so easy to use, and they come in handy when you want to get the most out of your dab. The only thing you have to do is take your electric rig and place your dab into the nail., cover it with the carb cap, and it will see to it that the rest of the work is done- steadily heating your dab and allowing you to vaporize successfully. Carb caps improve your dabbing experience. 

    Allows for a Lesser Temp Dab 

    Rather than an old-fashioned direct-inject (dome and nail) nail that is required to be high temperature, a domeless nail can be used with a lower temperature which offers a smoother and scrumptious dab. 

    It Can Be Used as a Dabber.  

    The carb caps that we have on the market today have stretched knobs wand that double up as dabber tools. This is an advantage because you will be able to pick your dab using the same hand.

    You Can Hit the Pause Button.

    If you want to pull off a 0.5 gram, you can get your nail nice and super-hot, and that’s it! You can use a few seconds to get it together and then finish the dab. A carb cap encourages an even burn across the nail surface.

    Once the carb cap is sealed on top of the nail, the carb hole on the cap generates a vortex effect within the nail that spreads the wax all over the nail surface to vaporize the dab evenly, giving you a more reliable feeling and a good taste.

    Types of Carb Caps

    Carb caps come in a variety of materials. Most popular are:

    • Quartz
    • Ceramic
    • Titanium

    There are several types of carb caps in the market. Such as:

    • Bubble Carb Cap
    • Directional Carb Cap
    • UFO Carb Cap
    • Spinner Carb Cap
    • Titanium Carb Cap
    • Heady Carb Cap

    The bubble carb caps and spinner carb caps are two popular styles in the market.

    Save Your Wax 

    Since the carb cap helps in supporting even burn throughout the nail surface, it results in a more capable dab that converts to more wax being vaporized and not misused by getting sucked into the neck of the nail. 

    Easy Cleaning 

    Cleaning a carb cap is so easy. You can soak it in a solution of isopropyl and water that has added salt. Cover the container and shake it gently for a few minutes. Let it soak for a few minutes and then remove it and wipe it using a clean cloth. Rinse with cold water and dry it one last time. It is essential to keep your carb cap clean.

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