Carb Caps

    The Peak Carb Cap 2PCS


    This peak carb cap made of borosilicate glass, and the carb cap design with a hollow rod, which helps to increase the airflow rate, thereby forming carbohydrates, thereby maximizing the...

    UFO Carb Cap


    This UFO Carb Cap made from 100% pure quartz crystal and designed to help maximize vaporization from low-temperature dabbing and ensures no vapor is wasted. Each carb cap is beautifully...

    Mushroom Helix Carb Cap


    Designed for optimum airflow, this Mushroom Helix Carb Cap facilitate efficient circulation within the banger, ensuring your concentrates are thoroughly vaporized. The unique mushroom shape not only adds a touch...

    UFO Carb Cap Green


    This green ufo carb cap is perfectly with our quartz banger for all your concentrate needs. If you looking for a carb cap for banger, it will be your great...

    Silicone Carb Cap With Glass Bowl Screen


    Unique carb caps with glass bowl screen! As a beginner, it will be very easy to use, it is a lid that is placed over a dab nail or quartz...

    Stache Color Bubble Carb Cap


    The Stache Color Bubble Carb Cap is crafted for seamless compatibility with any Stache Banger, and offers exceptional airflow control for smoother, more flavorful hits. What sets this bubble cap...

    Octopus Directional Carb Cap


    This fun and colorful carb cap is functional and cute with a mini octopus design. Provides directional airflow. Made with borosilicate glass. Fits standard banger bucket openings of 23mm or...

    Multi Airflow Vortex Carb Cap


    The Multi Airflow Vortex Carb Cap is the perfect accessory for enhancing your dabbing experience. Designed to pair seamlessly with a flat top banger, this carb cap expertly rotates the...

    Air Spin Channel Carb Cap

    $19.99 – $21.99

    This channel style carb cap features an innovative air spinning design with a cute decoration. Crafted with spiraling channels, this carb cap utilizes the small openings made between the grooves...

    Avocadope Vortex Carb Cap


    Featuring a unique vortex spinner style, our Avocadope Vortex Carb Cap ensures efficient vaporization by facilitating multi-directional airflow, allowing you to enjoy smoother and more flavorful hits. The ripe avocado...

    Blackberry Directional Carb Cap


    The Blackberry Directional Carb Cap is a sophisticated addition to your dabbing arsenal. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this 27mm carb cap boasts durability and style. Experience precise vaporization with...

    Donut Spinner Carb Cap


    The Donut Spinner Carb Cap – the ultimate accessory for your dabbing setup. Elevate your experience with its unique design featuring a delightful donut with sprinkles motif. Crafted with precision,...

    Pineapple Terp Pearls with Spinning Carb Cap


    Enter the sunny world of dabbing perfection with our Pineapple Terp Pearls paired with a mesmerizing Spinning Carb Cap. Crafted to mimic the vivacious hues of a ripe pineapple, this...

    Hootie's Forest Carb Cap Spinner


    The Beehive Spinner Carb Cap is meticulously designed for dabbing enthusiasts who demand the best. Featuring a 32mm diameter, this carb cap is tailored to fit a variety of dab...

    Beehive Spinner Carb Cap


    Take your dabbing experience to the next level with our Beehive Spinner Carb Cap! Engineered for excellence and designed for maximum performance, this carb cap features a 30mm diameter, ensuring...

    Mushroom Spinner Carb Cap


    This enchanting Mushroom Spinner Carb Cap combines the charm of a spotted red mushroom handle with the functionality of a spinner-style carb cap, creating a truly mesmerizing dabbing experience. While...

    Quartz Dual Spinner Carb Cap


    The Quartz Dual Spinner Carb Cap features dual spiral holes, it creates a vortex inside your quartz banger, keeping terps spinning for enhanced dabbing pleasure. Experience efficient vaporization as the...

    Pulsar Crushed Opal Dichro Helix Carb Cap


    This Pulsar Crushed Opal Dichro Helix Carb Cap spins airflow to create a vortex inside your banger as you dab. Works great for spinning terp pearls inside the bucket. Made...

    Full Diamond Flat Carb Cap


    This 40mm diameter Full Diamond Flat Carb Cap features a stunning diamond shape that not only looks impressive but also enhances your dabbing experience. Designed with grooved spinner channels, the...

    Yo-yo Carb Cap


    Featuring a signature form by the internationally known glass blower and designer Micah Evans, the GRAV? Yoyo Carb Cap is perfect for pairing with a heady rig or daily driver....

    Spotted Mushroom Carb Cap


    Immerse yourself in a world of flavorful hits and efficient vaporization with this meticulously designed Spotted Mushroom Carb Cap, featuring an enchanting Spotted Mushroom design complete with a stem for...

    Eye Witness Glass Bubble Carb Cap


    Each Eye Witness Glass Bubble Carb Cap is a testament to both style and innovation, boasting a sleek 26mm diameter and a mesmerizing ball (bubble) design that's adorned with an...

    Ball Matrix Carb Cap


    Maximize your concentrate vaporization with our Ball Matrix Carb Caps. These caps offer multi-directional airflow, promoting optimal circulation within the banger for thorough vaporization. Perfect for use with spinning terp...

    30mm Corkscrew Carb Cap


    Our exquisite 30mm Corkscrew Carb Cap, meticulously crafted to enhance your dabbing rituals. Embrace its innovative swirl nipple design of 30mm Corkscrew Carb Cap, ensuring multi-directional airflow for optimal vaporization....

    Bright Unicorn Carb Cap


    Embark on a whimsical dabbing journey with the Bright Unicorn Carb Cap. Crafted from borosilicate glass, this 27mm cap features directional airflow and a charming unicorn design. Available in assorted...

    Thermal Bubble Carb Cap


    Embark on a sensory adventure with our Thermal Bubble Carb Cap. Crafted for 20mm nails, this cap creates a thermal sanctuary, intensifying flavors and potency. Available in a kaleidoscope of...

    Pulsar RöK 25mm Carb Cap


    Upgrade your dabbing setup with the Pulsar RöK 25mm Carb Cap, the essential replacement carb cap designed specifically for the Pulsar RöK.  The 25mm Carb Cap is meticulously engineered to...

    Dichro Bubble Carb Cap


    Made from premium worked boro glass, each Dichro Bubble Carb Cap exudes durability and sophistication. But what truly sets it apart is its captivating bubble design, adorned with mesmerizing dichroic...

    Mushroom Carb Cap


    The Mushroom Carb Cap is a delightful accessory that combines functionality with enchanting design. Picture a vibrant red mushroom, its cap adorned with intricate details and a subtle iridescent sheen...

    Wig Wag Carb Cap Bubble


    This Wig Wag Carb Cap Bubble measures 1.15 x 2 inches with a 28mm diameter, ensuring a snug fit and optimal performance with your favorite dab rig. But what truly...

    Sparkling Ice Cream Carb Cap


    Ice Cream Carb Cap Features: Available in several colors - we will choose a gorgeous one for you! Designed to fit most bangers Why Go for a Boring Carb Cap...

    Dual Spout Spinning Carb Cap


    The Dual Spout Spinning Carb Cap ensures optimal vaporization and flavor measures 32mm in diameter and stands 1.4 inches tall. Crafted from assorted colorful glass, each piece is unique and...

    UFO Banger Carb Cap


    Measuring 1.35 inches, this UFO Banger Carb Cap is designed to fit perfectly over thermal and banger nails, providing optimal airflow control and enhancing the flavor and efficiency of your...

    Snowman Carb Cap Dab


    Celebrate the festive season with our charming Snowman Carb Cap Dab, the perfect addition to your winter-themed dab rig setup. This Christmas-inspired carb cap features a delightful glass snowman complete...

    OPAL ELITE Terp Slurper Set


    This stylish and sophisticated OPAL ELITE Terp Slurper Set is designed to take your setup to the next level, making it a standout addition to any sesh. The set includes...

    Channel Quartz Carb Cap


    The Channel Quartz Carb Cap is Designed for those who demand precision and efficiency, and features an innovative whirlwind disc design that maximizes vaporization and flavor. The dual spinner holes...

    UFO Directional Carb Cap


    This UFO directional carb cap is one of our favotites carb cap. Many people like it because it feature with great directional airflow which directs the air into everywhere in...

    Quartz Channel Cap 40mm


    The Quartz Channel Cap 40mm features a spiraling channel design that allows for maximum control of airflow and an optimal spinning effect for your terp pearls and concentrates.Crafted from high-quality...

    Yellow Duck Carb Cap


    This cute yellow duck carb cap is made of quality colored Boro Glass which is very beautiful. If you boring with simple carb cap and want a compelling carb cap,...

    Clear Glass Vortex Carb Cap


    Our Vortex Carb Cap is designed to fit almost all 25mm and 30mm flat-top quartz nails.Its special design spins the airflow inside the bucket, which helps to maximize dabbing efficiency....

    If you're delving into the world of dabbing, you've likely heard the buzz about Carb Caps. But what exactly are they, and why are they becoming an essential tool for every dab rig enthusiast? Let's dive in!

    What Is a Carb Cap?

    A Carb Cap is a simple yet ingenious accessory to enhance your dabbing sessions. It's typically a cover placed over the nail or banger of your dab rig. This nifty device works by trapping heat and vapor inside the nail, allowing for more efficient vaporization of your concentrates.

    Advantages of Carb Caps

    Now, you might wonder, "Why bother with a Carb Cap?" Well, friend, let me enlighten you. Carb Caps serve multiple purposes, all geared towards maximizing the flavor and efficiency of your dabs.

    • Enhanced Flavor: By covering the nail or banger, a Carb Cap helps retain heat, allowing your concentrates to vaporize at lower temperatures. This preserves the delicate flavors and aromas that might otherwise get lost in the heat.
    • Improved Vaporization: With a Carb Cap, you can lower the temperature of your nail or banger, allowing for more controlled vaporization of concentrates.
    • Increased Efficiency: Have you ever had a dab that seemed to disappear into thin air? With a Carb Cap, you can say goodbye to wasted concentrates. The cap creates a chamber around the nail, ensuring that every last bit of vapor is captured and inhaled.
    • Customized Experience: With a wide array of materials and designs, Carb Caps lets you tailor your dabbing setup to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer the sleekness of quartz or the durability of titanium, there's a cap out there with your name on it.

    How to use a dab rig with a carb cap?

    Using a Carb Cap is simple, yet it can make a difference in your dabbing experience. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a dab rig with a Carb Cap:

    • Heat Your Nail/Banger: Use a torch to heat your nail or banger until it reaches the desired temperature.
    • Apply Your Concentrate: Place a small amount of concentrate onto the heated surface of the nail or banger.
    • Cover with Carb Cap: Once your concentrate is in place, place the Carb Cap over the nail or banger to trap heat and vapor.
    • Inhale Slowly: As you inhale, watch as the Carb Cap works its magic, ensuring optimal vaporization and flavor.
    • Enjoy: Sit back, relax, and savor the smooth, flavorful vapor produced by your perfectly executed dab.

    Types of Carb Caps

    Carb Caps come in various materials and designs to suit every preference and style. Here are some popular types available in the market:

    • Glass Carb Cap
    • Silicone Carb Cap
    • Quartz Carb Cap
    • Ceramic Carb Cap
    • Titanium Carb Cap

    And within these materials, you'll find a plethora of designs, including:

    • Spinner Carb Cap: Spin your way to flavor town with this dynamic cap that enhances airflow and vaporization.
    • Bubble Carb Cap: Watch bubbles form as you cap your dab, creating a mini whirlpool of vapor for maximum potency.
    • Directional Carb Cap: Take control of your dabbing experience by directing airflow precisely where you want it.
    • Vortex Carb Cap: Get lost in a whirlwind of flavor with this cap, creating a vortex effect for enhanced vaporization.
    • Marble Carb Cap: Add a touch of elegance to your dabbing setup with a marble-adorned cap that's as stylish as it is functional.
    • UFO Carb Cap: Blast into outer space with this UFO-inspired cap that ensures out-of-this-world dabbing experiences.
    • Heady Carb Cap: Elevate your dab game with a heady cap featuring intricate designs and vibrant colors.

    Whether you're searching for a specific type of carb cap or simply exploring your options, there's no shortage of choices to suit every preference and budget.

    In conclusion, Carb Caps are a game-changer for dab rig enthusiasts, offering enhanced flavor, efficiency, and versatility. With various types to choose from and easy-to-use features, incorporating a carb cap into your dabbing routine is a surefire way to elevate your experience. So why wait? Enhance your dabbing sessions today with a quality carb cap!

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