Monster Skull Water Bong


    The adorable 'Sabertooth Monster' Mini Bong! Don't worry; it's way more functional than Justin Long in 'Tusk.' Standing at just five inches tall, this little monster packs a punch for...

    Empire Glassworks Recycler Dab Rigs 8.5''


    Experience the epitome of craftsmanship and innovation with our Empire Glassworks Recycler Dab Rigs 8.5''. Indulge in the artistry of authentic Empire Glassworks as you embark on a journey of...

    MJ Arsenal Claude Mini Recycler Dab Rig 5.5"

    $69.90 – $92.99

    Elevate your dabbing sessions with the MJ Arsenal Claude Mini Dab Rig 5.5", a stunning tribute to the renowned Merlin Dab Rig. This masterpiece of design takes water direction and...

    Bent Neck 15'' Glass Perc Bong


    If you like the glass bong which would generate a massive amount of bubbles, then you shouldn't miss this Bent Neck 15'' Glass Perc Bong out! This 15'' tall bent...

    Krave Glass Round Bottom Bongs


    The Krave Glass Round Bottom Bongs boasts a sturdy round flat base that provides exceptional stability. Say goodbye to wobbly bongs and hello to worry-free smoking sessions! As you ascend,...

    Krave Nebula Freezable E-Rig


    The Krave Nebula Freezable E-Rig is revolutionizing the smoking experience with its removable, freezable glass attachment. Glycerin-filled and double-walled, this unique design keeps your rips icy cool for longer, delivering...

    Pulsar Glow in the Dark Mushroom Bong


    Discover a new level of visual enchantment with our Glow in the Dark Mushroom Bong. Crafted with precision, this beaker style bong features a mesmerizing design of ladybugs and mushrooms,...

    Portable Toppuff Water Bottle Pipe Kit


    This Portable Toppuff Water Bottle Pipe Kit is a true game-changer. Leave behind the hassle of bulky and fragile glass water pipes. Our lightweight and durable construction make this portable...

    6'' HEMPER-Popcorn Bong with perc


    6" Popcorn Bong by HEMPER is perfect for enjoying your favorite herb and snack combo while immersing yourself in your favorite movie.With a height of 6" and a diameter of...

    MJ Arsenal Mini Jig Mini Rig Dab 5.5"

    $89.99 – $110.00

    Elevate your dabbing experience with the MJ Arsenal Mini Jig Mini Rig Dab 5.5", a compact marvel designed to deliver unparalleled flavor and convenience. This feature-packed mini rig is a...

    MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig For Dabs 5.25"

    $59.90 – $74.20

    Discover the pinnacle of dabbing innovation with the Ursa Mini Rig for Dabs by MJ Arsenal. This remarkable palm-sized rig effortlessly marries timeless design with cutting-edge features. Hand-crafted from premium...

    Water Pipe Maria Rings


    Height: 6 inches 14mm Female Joint Maria Rings Sidecar Neck Inline Perc High Quality Borosilicate Glass Works Well For Both Herbs and Concentrates Glass Bong Bowl Included

    Heady Glass Wolf Bong


    Embrace the wild side with our Heady Glass Wolf Bong, a truly remarkable piece of functional art that is sure to impress both avid collectors and casual enthusiasts alike. Measuring...

    Silicone and Glass Horn Bong


    Crafted to perfection, this unique bong ensemble is a true symphony of creativity. The horn-shaped glass body dances harmoniously with a captivating red, yellow, and green silicone sleeve, adorned with...

    Mini Horn Glow In The Dark


    This glow in the dark mini horn bong is one of the best silicone bong setups that you can get. It is perfect for around the campfires! Specifications Height: 5.7 Inches Joint...

    Silicone Beaker Bong


    Made of Platinum Cured Silicone material Size: 6.4" Height; 14mm bowl Definitely unbreakable, durable and safe to use directly. Silicone material rather than glass saves your time and energy to clean...

    Collapsible Silicone Bong


    The Collapsible Silicone Bong - the ultimate travel-friendly companion for your smoking adventures! Crafted with innovation in mind, this bong boasts a unique spring-shaped design, adorned with a cool and...

    Pulsar Hourglass Chugger Glass Dab Rig 7.5''


    Embrace the moment with the elegant Glass Dab Rig - the Pulsar Hourglass Chugger. Stability is guaranteed by its wide base, allowing worry-free use. Available in bold blends, featuring a...

    Empire Mushroom Rig


    Dive into a realm of wonder with the Empire Mushroom Rig. This extraordinary recycling-style water pipe isn't just a rig – it's an artful masterpiece. Adorned with exquisite mushroom figurines,...

    Skull & Bones 3D Painting Beaker Bongs


    Crafted in a classic beaker style, this Skull & Bones 3D Painting Beaker Bongs not only delivers a smooth hit but also stands out with its unique 3D painted skull...

    Skull Mini Glass Bong


    Welcome to the Skull Mini Glass Bong, where compact size meets big personality. Standing at 5.75 inches tall, this mini water pipe packs a punch. But what truly sets it...

    Sugar Skull Straight Tube Bong


    Step into a world of artistic functionality with our Sugar Skull Beaker Water Bong, a fusion of form and function that promises a unique smoking experience. Standing at 9.75 inches...

    Sugar Skull Beaker Glass Water Bong


    Step into a world of artistic functionality with our Sugar Skull Beaker Water Bong, a fusion of form and function that promises a unique smoking experience. Standing at 9.75 inches...

    HEMPER - Cactus Jack Bong XL


    The HEMPER Cactus Bong XL is not your ordinary smoking accessory; it's a piece of functional art that adds a unique touch to your collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to...

    Hemper Spotted Egg Bong with Mushroom Perc


    Crafted in the shape of a charming spotted egg, this Hemper Spotted Egg Bong exudes playful sophistication. Its surface is adorned with assorted color decals, reminiscent of the spots adorning...

    Hemper Tornado Perc Bong - 6"


    Experience the awe-inspiring power and innovation of the Hemper Tornado Perc Bong - 6". This remarkable HEMPER bong is designed to deliver an unparalleled smoking experience with its mesmerizing spinning...

    Hemper Pina Colada Perc Bong - 6''


    The Hemper Pina Colada Perc Bong - 6" with its meticulously crafted details and realistic garnishes, this hand-blown glass water pipe is a true work of art. One of the...

    HEMPER Space Monster Perc Bong 7''


    With its impeccable design and remarkable features, this HEMPER Space Monster Perc Bong takes your smoking experience to interstellar heights.Prepare to be mesmerized by the percolation power of the Space...

    Nicky Davis Ghost Gang Straight Tube Water Pipe


    15.75 inches tall Straight tube water pipe 3 pinch ice catcher Ghost Gang by Nicky Davis Includes matching 19mm downstem diffuser w/ 14mm joint & matching 14mm male herb slide...

    Ghostly Glow Beaker Water Pipe


    10 inches tall Beaker style pipe body 3 pinch ice catcher Glow in the dark ghost pattern design Includes downstem diffuser & 14mm male herb slide w/ handle Multiple color...

    Natty Clear Glass Bong Pillar Perc


    The Natty Clear Glass Bong is a high-quality smoking device perfect for cannabis enthusiasts. This bong is made of clear borosilicate glass. The clear glass design allows you to observe the flow...

    Dino Fab Egg Dab Rig


    Experience the wonder of prehistoric smoke sessions with the Dino Dab Rig. This unique, 8-inch tall masterpiece is the perfect fusion of art and function, bringing you an unparalleled smoking...

    Yoshi Egg Glass Bubbler with Frosted Finish


    The Yoshi Egg Glass Bubbler with Frosted Finish is a compact and stylish smoking accessory. It is small enough to be portable, with a height of 3 inches and a...

    7" HEMPER - Pina Colada XL Perc Bong


    7" HEMPER - Pina Colada XL Perc Bong, the ultimate fusion of style, functionality, and tropical vibes. With its eye-catching coconut body and striped glass straw mouthpiece, this bong is...

    HEMPER Pink Beaker Bong


    Introducing the HEMPER Pink Beaker Bong, a classic and stylish addition to your smoking collection. The classic pink beaker style of this bong exudes elegance and sophistication. Its sleek and...

    Krave Glass Freezable Bong


    The Krave Glass Freezable Bong stands tall at 11 inches, featuring a sleek straight tube design for optimal airflow. What sets our Freezable Bong apart is its Removable Freezable Coil...

    Krave Glycerin Freeze Beaker Bong


    Meticulously designed by Krave Glass, this Krave Glycerin Freeze Beaker Bong boasts a classic beaker base, offering stability and durability for every session. But what truly sets it apart is...

    Krave Glass Glycerin Bong 7"


    Embark on an extraordinary smoking journey with the Krave Glass Glycerin Bong 7". This sleek masterpiece boasts a unique bent neck design, offering a comfortable and smooth smoking experience. Standing...

    13 Inhces Genie Electroplated Glass Beaker Bong

    $79.99 – $129.99

    Experience the enchantment of our 13 Inches Genie Electroplated Glass Beaker Bong, a true marvel of design and craftsmanship. This stunning piece showcases various iridescent schemes, each more captivating than...

    MJ Arsenal Gemini Mini Dab Rig 6.5"

    $92.99 – $115.00

    The MJ Arsenal Gemini Mini Dab Rig 6.5" is a stunning fusion of space-age inspiration and cutting-edge design, paying homage to NASA's groundbreaking space program that brought humanity to the...

    What is a Bong?

    A bong is a filtration device, primarily used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances. It functions by filtering and cooling the smoke through water, making it smoother and less harsh on the lungs. Bongs have been used for centuries across various cultures, and their popularity has continued to grow in recent times due to their efficiency and enjoyable smoking experience.

    How to Use a Bong?

    Using a bong may seem intimidating at first, but fear not! Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Fill the base with water: Add enough water to submerge the downstem by about 1-2 inches. This will ensure optimal filtration and cooling.
    2. Pack the bowl: Grind your chosen herb and pack the bowl loosely. Don't overpack, as this can restrict airflow.
    3. Light up: Hold the bong by the base, put your mouth over the mouthpiece, and create an airtight seal. Light the herb with a lighter or hemp wick while simultaneously inhaling through the mouthpiece.
    4. Clear the chamber: Once you have inhaled the desired amount of smoke, lift the bowl or slide to release the remaining smoke and clear the chamber.

    And that's it! Enjoy your smoking experience.

    How to Clean a Bong?

    Regular cleaning of your bong is crucial for maintaining optimal flavor and hygiene. Here are some essential steps for cleaning your bong:

    1. Disassemble: Remove the bowl and downstem from the bong.
    2. Rinse: Rinse each piece with warm water to remove any loose debris.
    3. Soak: Fill a plastic bag or container with a cleaning solution (isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt work well). Submerge the bowl, downstem, and bong in the solution and let it soak for at least 30 minutes.
    4. Shake: Seal the bag or container and shake it to help dislodge any stubborn buildup.
    5. Scrub: Use a pipe cleaner or brush to scrub any remaining residue.
    6. Rinse and dry: Rinse each piece thoroughly with warm water, and let them dry before reassembling your bong.

    Types of Bongs

    There are several different types of bongs available on the market, catering to various preferences and budgets. Some popular types include:

    • Straight Tube: A simple, straight tube design with a removable downstem and bowl.
    • Beaker: Featuring a wider base for added stability, these bongs often have more water capacity for better filtration.
    • Percolator: Equipped with an additional filtration chamber, percolator bongs provide a smoother and cooler smoking experience.
    • Recycler: These bongs have multiple chambers that recycle the water and smoke, leading to increased filtration and an even smoother hit.
    • Gravity: Gravity bongs use the force of gravity to draw the smoke into the chamber, providing a powerful and concentrated hit.

    Silicone vs Glass Bong

    When it comes to bongs, the two most common materials used are silicone and glass. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages:

    Silicone Bongs:

    • Pros:
      • Durable and nearly unbreakable
      • Lightweight and portable
      • Easy to clean (dishwasher-safe)
      • Often more affordable than glass bongs
    • Cons:
      • May retain odors over time
      • Less customizable compared to glass bongs
      • Aesthetically less appealing than glass

    Glass Bongs:

    • Pros:
      • Provide a cleaner and purer flavor
      • Aesthetically appealing with a wide variety of designs and colors
      • Customizable with various attachments and accessories
      • Can be made with intricate percolators and filtration systems
    • Cons:
      • Fragile and prone to breaking
      • Can be expensive, especially for high-quality glass
      • Heavier and less portable than silicone bongs
      • Requires more careful cleaning to avoid breakage

    Ultimately, the choice between a silicone or glass bong comes down to personal preference, budget, and lifestyle considerations. Both materials have their merits, and experimenting with each can help you determine which type of bong best suits your needs.

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