Dab Rig 12 Inches


    This dab rig at 12”, feature with a thick, wide base. It is a full-sized piece with advanced percolation. The piece is perfect for beginners, solid and easy to control...

    Gemini Silicone Bubbler


    This Gemini-shaped silicone bubbler is perfect for herbs and concentrates. It makes your daily time so much fun. The bubbler made with thick quartz and silicone protection cover and all...

    Gemini Dual-use Silicone Bubbler


    Dual Use: 2-in-1 usage of herbs and concentrates makes your daily time so much fun. Premium Material: Exclusive silicone protection and thick quartz, no worry for quality. Cute and Unique Design:...

    Silicone Bubbler Robot


    Looking for an unbreakable and unique bubbler? This cool robot design silicone bubbler can meet all your needs. It includes both the characteristics of bongs and pipes. You can use...

    Silicone Seahorse Bubbler


    This silicone seahorse bubbler is cute and could deliver smooth to your favorite dry herbs. The indestructible silicone material is perfect for on the go. You don’t have to worry...

    Silicone Bubbler Mario 11″


    This Mario Water Bong on an interesting adventure in the world of herbs! It is so cute. It is made of premium food-grade platinum cured silicone with light UV sealed.  • Single Chamber, Fixed Stem...

    Swiss Fab Egg Dab Rig With Bowl


    This glass dab rig has a Swiss Fab Egg design that will make more bubbles. The heavy glass and heavy base will add more durability. For people who don’t like...

    Fab Egg Dab Rig with 14mm Bowl


    This Fab Egg Dab Rig with 14mm Bowl stands at 6.5 inches with a 3 inches base all body made from high-quality borosilicate glass. This classic dab rig style is...

    Glass Tronado Recycler Water Pipe


    This Glass Tronado Recycler Water Pipe made of high-quality borosilicate glass which has awesome heat resistance. And it design with a small cone-shaped chamber, when you inhale, through the transparent...

    Green Zong Bong 16"


    Zong bong is a water pipe with a zig-zag shaped neck. This unique zong bong is perfect for anyone! Unique triple kinked or hooked zong makes a Z patterned shaped....

    Zong Water Bong Black


    Specifications Made of high quality materials Stands 16" inches tall Joint Size: 18mm Female Includes: 18mm To 14mm Downstems & 14mm Glass Bowl

    Propeller Perc Mini Beaker Water Pipe


    This Propeller Perc Mini Beaker Water Pipe stands 5 inches tall, is very suitable use for taking a trip, it won't take up too much of your place. The fumed...

    Juice Box Bubbler Bong


    This Juice Box Bubbler is a new shaped bubbler, very different than most because of its design. This silicone bubbler pipe like a juice box! It's made from durable borosilicate...

    Straight Fab Torus Pink Glass Bong


    If you like pink and want an awesome bong then this pink glass bong is perfect for you! It has a pink flared mouthpiece, pink base, and a pink chamber...

    Water Bottle Bong Adapter


    Accessory for POTO Water Bottle Bong. It fits all Water Bottles with 2.5 inches Cap Diameter. Turn your own water bottle into a bong.

    What is a bong?

    The word bong is of Thai origin, meaning a wooden cylinder fixed with water pipes for smoking. However, there have been advancements, and now you can find glass bongs or silicone bongs.

    Anatomically they have a joint, a stem, and a bowl. The joints point down, and it's angular placed to embrace the water in the stem. The bong bowls are placed on their sides so that smoke originating from the bowel enters the down. It then gets to the water first before getting to the mouthpiece.

    A smoke chamber is fitted at the top of the water stem, where smoke accumulates before inhalation. Carbs, on the other hand, are elevated on the water to avoid spillages. They are generally small holes on which, upon closing, generate much pressure to of concentrated smoke. Others can be fitted with ash absorbers or even percolators.

    Tips for choosing the right bong

    Consider Durability

      Durability is always a thing to consider when purchasing any product, and it's no less for bongs. There are varieties of materials used for making bongs, and hence durability varies. If not too careful, you can land a fragile one. Should you need a bong to last, consider going for a silicone bong. Or if not, you have to purchase something with a larger and sturdier base.

      Look for the Appropriate Bong Size

        On size, you have to know what kind of bong you need. For starters, you have to know that tall bongs deliver unbearable temperatures and intense smoke. When contemplating the size, you have to consider portability. Larger bongs are hard to move around with, while smaller ones of 9-12 inches are ideal.

        Nonetheless, if you have experience with larger bongs, you know that they deliver cool and filtered vapor. Also, the flavor remains intact when using them.

        Percolation and Filters

          The quality of smoke depends on the percolation features of your bong. When it comes to choosing the right one, go for something with multiple that makes the smoke frostier and pure. There are varieties of filters, the most prominent ones being the Swiss and honeycomb. Each of them functions differently. However, percolators can aggravate drag, consequently causing forceful inhalation. For this reason, if you have weak lungs, opt for a bong with one filter.

          Consider its Upkeep

            Tar accumulates in the bong chambers over time. Maintaining your bong can be the hardest thing, especially when you are time-bound. In this case, consider a bong that is small-sized that you can easily clean. Also, it would help if you considered a bong with ash absorbers as they save maintenance time.

            Types of bongs

            The Straight Tube Bong

              These are bongs that have a progressive size right from the filtering compartment to the mouth. Once lit, a direct vapor comes instantly up top, giving you the best experience. Their joints are usually 900, thereby giving the user a vision of the banger nail and the contents on the glass dish. Some of them may feature ash absorbers and other accessories. 

              Percolator Bong

                These are bongs that contain percolators inside their body tubes. The perc is typically a minute glass contraption that allows the passage of water to create filtration. These perc contraptions are capable of promoting the flavor and quality of the vapor. Further, they come in varieties starting from the tree honeycomb to diffused -downstream.

                The Silicone Bong

                  These bongs are no much different from straight tube bongs. The only distinction is their silicone make. Silicone is durable and ideal for travelers since they are not susceptible to breakages. Further, the bongs can stand a temperature of 600oF WITHOUT melting or emitting toxic fumes.

                  Beaker Bongs

                    Beaker bongs are standard have standard water pipes with large bases offering stability. They are usually made out of glass. The only distinctive feature from other bongs is their make, which makes them sturdier and durable. 

                    Bong Sizes and Joints

                      Bongs usually have three dissimilar sizes. They start from 10mm to 14 and 18 mm. the most common ones are the 10mm, and it's rare to find 14mm bong joints. The 18 mm, on the other hand, are used on large size bongs.

                      Bong Vs Dab Rig

                      Glass bong is the most traditional essential smoking tool. Pretty much water pipe this cooler device work for dry flowers. But the glass dab rig has been the ultimate in use in recent years. We have mentioned their differences and similarities in our blog: Bongs Vs Dab Rigs: The Ultimate Guide (FAQ,Question)

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