8.6″ Horn Glow In The Dark


    Want a glass water bong but worry about broken? This silicone protective cover with beautiful colors to solve this problem for you. Use this silicone glass water bong, you don’t have...

    8″ Mini Beaker Fixed Downstem


    The Glass Mini Beaker Bong is easy and simple to use. No complicated fittings or parts to worry about with this compact bong. Start off by filling the bong with...

    9" Mushroom Bong


    It's hard to add bold themes to bongs while maintaining functional design and construction quality, but this Mushroom Perc Bong stands at 9" does both. The mushroom at the center...

    90 Degree 14mm Showerhead Recycler Ash Catcher


    This 90 Degree 14mm Showerhead Recycler Ash Catcher made of high-quality durable glass. It not only catches ash, but it helps keep your water pipe or bong clean so that...

    90 Degree Ash Catcher 18mm


    An ash catcher is an accessory to add to your bong which offers extra filtration and keeps percolators and bong clean.Carefully packaged, but due to the glass products, collisions may still occur during...

    90 Degree Oil Reclaimer


    Just get a nicely made reclaim catcher. The hole where the reclaim catcher drips is a big reason it makes it much better to draw. Its portability works great for...

    Ace Herb Vaporizer


    This Ace Herb Vaporizer is outstanding for its unique design of sliding buttons on the side. You can push out the herbs after burning which is great for your to...

    Adjustable Silicone Water Pipe


    If you’re tired of the same old style and design bongs, then the Adjustable Silicone Bong could be just the bong that you have been looking for! Specifications High Quality...

    Airis 8 Dab Pen

    $29.99 – $600.00

    The Airis 8 Dab Pen is a small and compact electronic nectar collector and dab pen that’s the perfect size for anyone searching for a discreet electric nectar collector. You’ll be...

    Airis Dabble Connect


    Airis Dabble Connect is a Bong Compatible Wax Vaporizer. You can use the Dabble as your portable vaporizer. Fits perfectly in your pocket or palm, but despite its small size, it is...

    Airis Headbanger Dual-use Nectar Collector


    Made from high-quality materials, the Airis Headbanger is definitely a dual-use wax vaporizer that’s worth the investment. If you love dabbing and vaping wax, then this is one vape that you...

    Airis Quaser Wax Pen


    The Airis Quaser Wax Vape Pen comes pre-set with factory temperature settings so that you’ll spend less time worrying about temperatures and more time enjoying your favorite waxes. The 510...

    Ash Catcher 14mm 90 Degree


    If you’ve been searching for a way to upgrade your old bong or water pipe, then the 14mm Ash Catcher 90 Degree is just what you’ve been looking for! Specifications...

    Ash Catcher 90 Degree Pink


    The 90 Degree Ash Catcher is the perfect accessory for straight stem bongs, and the 45-degree ash catcher is better suited to traditional beaker-style bongs. Getting an Ash Catcher is the perfect...

    Ash Catcher Green Percolator 14mm


    Why do you need an ash catch? An ash catcher is an accessory for your bong, which could keep your bongs clean and catch some ash. No one likes to...

    Astronaut Honey Straw

    $18.98 – $400.00

    This astronaut honey straw is made of premium food-grade platinum cured silicone with light UV sealed, and it has the characteristics of non-sticky hands and high-temperature resistance. If you are...

    Astronaut Nectar Straw


    Looking for a unique way to smoke your wax or oil? Our super 2 in 1 nectar collector is one versatile piece of a tool that’s a must-have. It is also...

    Astronaut Silicone Honey Straw

    $18.98 – $400.00

    This Astronaut Silicone Pipe can be used as a hand pipe. It also can be used as a nectar collector with a titanium tip. If you have any glass bong...

    Atomizer Coils for Headbanger 5pcs


    Atomizer Coils for Airis Headbanger. Also compatible with other 510 threaded Concentrate Vaporizers.  5 pcs per pack. 510 thread Category: Tip; Accessories

    Baby Yoda Portable Silicone Hand Pipe


    This Baby Yoda Portable Silicone Hand Pipe is made of high-temperature food-grade silicone which is very unbreakable. The disassembled design is easy to clean. You can easy to carry it everywhere....

    Bend Neck Swiss FOL Perc Glass Mini Water Pipe


    This Bend Neck Swiss FOL Perc Glass Mini Water Pipe standing at just 6.5”, you can easily use it on your hands or legs. The thick and strong base increases...

    Bent Neck 15'' Glass Perc Bong


    If you like the glass bong which would generate a massive amount of bubbles, then you shouldn't miss this Bent Neck 15'' Glass Perc Bong out! This 15'' tall bent...

    Bent Neck Inline Perc To Tree Perc Water Pipe


    This Bent Neck Inline Perc To Tree Perc Water Pipe stands 13 inches tall, from smooth inline perc to multi-armed tree perc in two different chambers, thereby generating more bubbles...

    Bent Neck Mini Glass Bong


    These bent neck mini glass bongs stands at 5.5" tall and features 90 degree14mm joint. The perfect piece for any occasion!Features Color: Black/ Aqua/ Blue/ Milk Blue Material: Clear Transparent...

    Black Bum Bag Fanny Pack


    PILOT DIARY Black Bum Bag Fanny Pack is crafted from Waterproof nylon material and polyester lining. The fanny pack comes with three main pockets, the outer two-layer pockets choose smooth quality...

    Black Double Jet Torch Lighter


    COLOR: Sliver/Black | Double Jet TorchSTRONG FLAME: Two burners and super powerful flameHIGH QUALITY: High quality sturdy metal bodyEASY TO CARRY: Very ultra-portable and easy to carry out around for...

    Black Triple Jet Dab Torch


    PILOTDIARY triple jet dab torch is made of high-quality anti-leakage zinc alloy material which has much more firepower. It's is not only used to light candle holders but also used for occasions...

    Blender Quartz Banger 14mm Male


    This Blender Quartz Banger features eight spiraling air channels which could blend the terps pearls right into the center of the dish. Specs: Top Diameter: 20mm Bottom Diameter: 38mm 14mm...

    Blender Terp Slurper Quartz Banger


    Features: High-Quality Quartz Beveled Edge Design 14mm Male Joint 90 Degree Angled Joint Blender Style Dish Design Category: Quartz Banger, Terp Slurper

    Bong Bowl Silicone Double Bowl


    If you think the single head bong bowl is too common, then why not try this double head bong bowl? This silicone double bowl allows you to pack twice as...

    Bong Bowl Silicone Triplets


    Triplets head design14mm/18mm MaleSize: 2 inchesMaterial: Platinum cured silicone and glass bowl

    Borotech Glass Hand Pipe


    This borotech glass hand pipe is made of high quality boro glass, it's an eye-catching glass piece. This sophisticated handicrafts glass pipe measures 3.94-inches long which is very suitable for...

    Bowl Pieces For Bong 14mm


    This beautiful bong bowl is a is an essential part of every bong or water pipe. Made of affordable glass. 14mm male joint size is suitable for most your bongs.The...

    Bubble Carb Cap Multi-Color Spiral


    This 25mm bubble carb cap is perfect to your favorite quartz banger. The smooth and perfectly-sized handle makes rotating the cap to manipulate airflow super easy. Using directional airflow, you'll...

    Bubble Carb Cap Pulsar RoK UV Red Swirl


    This bubble-style carb cap made with borosilicate glass and 25mm at the widest point feature a red swirl pattern. The carb cap uses directional air flow to facilitate in vaporizing...

    Butane Torch


    This Butane Torch made of premium aluminum and ABS, plastic to ensure the long-lasting service of this handheld culinary torch, it is also lightweight to carry around for outdoor parties...

    Butane Torch For Dabs


    This butane torch is made with durable aluminum alloy for long-lasting use. You can easy to press the ignite button to open the flame. The butane torch is designed with...

    Carb Cap Flat Top


    This Carb Cap Flat Top used for dabbing!  It's a design that works well with bangers, and it is very small and very suitable for carrying around.Features:Pyrex GlassFits All Standard...

    Ceramic Heating Rod - Titan eStraw


    Ceramic Heating Rod for electric titanium nectar collector. It is only for eStraw TITAN.

    Christmas Dab Mat


    This Christmas Dab Mat made of 100% silicone, healthy, and environmentally friendly, with no smell. Non-skid, waterproof, heat-resistant, durable, and stable, not easy to deform or tear up. It's can...

    Cleaning Brush Tool for Spices Herb Grinders


    Use this Cleaning Brush Tool is very suitable to extend the lifetime of your herb grinder, the brush can remove the remaining pollen from the grinder and the scrapers can easily...

    Clear Terp Pearls 10Pcs


    Terp pearls are little banger beads that spin around inside a banger. As we all know that quartz bangers cool down soon when you stop the heat. Terp pearls will...

    Concentrate Taster Pipes


    If you want to take your dabs on the go, this concentrate taster will be your good choice! It's very discreet and small so that you can easily put it...

    Crystal Pipe


    This 4.5'' Crystal Shaped Hand Pipe is a charming piece, it features an elegant and delicate crystal shape design, it is made of borosilicate glass, each hand pipe is composed...

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