What Are Percolators For Bongs?

Bong Percolators

What Are Percolators?

With the growing popularity of hemp smoking devices, manufacturers are continuously introducing new features and innovations to enhance the smoking experience of smoking lovers. One such innovation that is shaping the smoking experience of connoisseurs and novices alike are percolators.

They are simply an extra water chamber that provides enhanced filtration of smoke. Coming in various sizes and shapes, percolators remove the byproducts of combustion allowing you the cleanest hits.

The percolators ensure the smoke passes through the water two or even three times instead of one to deliver you the smoothest possible hits. If you cough while taking rips, this extra filtration can prove extremely helpful.

Some people wonder what effects extra filtration can leave on the potency and flavour. Few of the smokers may worry that the additional filtration might cause a drop in their hits' potency and flavour. If you are among those, you no need to be worried anymore.

Since potency is not water-soluble, therefore it would not dilute. Only a minimal loss may occur due to the residue left on the dry sides of the percolator. But the enhanced quality that you will experience worth bearing that negligible loss in the potency.

The use of percolators makes the smoke cool down, and you get super smooth draws to enjoy a different experience.

How Do They  Work?

The percolator usually comes in a dome shape, but you may come across designs with different shapes as well. It is an additional water chamber that usually rests in the tube of the bong.

When you draw the smoke from the bong, it passes through the water in the bowl. On its way up to the tube, smoke interacts with the water for the second time in the percolator.

This system cools and filters the smoke more efficiently in two ways. First, it allows smoke to make additional contact with the water that cools it down. Second, a larger surface area of smoke interacts with the water, resulting in further cooling down.

Moreover, the pressure inside the percolator breaks down the bubbles into smaller sizes. That allows your bong to produce a cooler and smoother hit.

The primary purpose of introducing a percolator in a bong is to improve the quality of hits, making it easier to draw in the smoke. People having trouble hitting a bong can try a bong with a percolator and see how it turns out for them. Smoking using a percolator allows you to inhale smoke conveniently and enjoy having a smooth session.

What Are The Benefits? 

The addition of a percolator to a bong makes smoke easier to inhale. Some people believe that percolators can enhance the absorption that creates a more potent experience. But it is not true since percolators make you only as better as a bong can.

As a matter of fact, a slightly more amount of smoke is lost in bongs with percolators than ones without additional filtration. But you do not need to worry since this loss is slight and does not make much difference to your smoking experience.

Benefits of Percolators

Stoners prefer percolator bongs since they offer an unmatched smoking experience. Several factors play a role in making them a sought-after add-on to your bong.

  • Purest Vapors

    Percolator bongs allow you to enjoy the purest vapours. They extract vapours from herb and hold it for a relatively long time. When you inhale a couple of hits, you experience a potent pleasure. Moreover, you can experience the flavour going down from your throat into your lungs.

  • Cooling

    The percolators are designed in a way to offer you a different kind of smoking experience. When you inhale from the smoking outlet, your breath forces the smoke to pass through the water container. This process allows water to absorb heat from the smoke and make it cool down. By the time smoke reaches your system, it becomes very smooth after passing through the percolation chamber.

  • Filtration

    Do you know what best function percolator bongs can perform? They eliminate harmful carcinogens from the smoke and prevent them from reaching out to your body. Your breath forces the smoke to interact with the water in the container. It is here water absorbs the nasty carcinogens from the smoke.

    When smoke reaches your body, it is clean and free of toxins that can damage your health. The ability of percolator bongs to trap harmful compounds makes them appealing for health-conscious smokers.

Types of Percolators 

With the variety of bongs available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the most suitable bong for you. Some people consider price over anything else, while some prefer to go for uniquely designed bongs that can provide enhanced filtration.

Whatever your percolator bongs preferences are, the following lines would help you decide the most appropriate filtration for you.

  • Honeycomb Perc

Honeycomb Percolator

If you are looking for the best smoking experience, the Honeycomb percolator offers the filtration you need. Honeycomb percolator is designed for smokers who want to enjoy the purest vapors.

These bongs come with several holes, making the smoke clean as it travels up through the glass container. The small holes that make this perc look like a honeycomb help the highest diffusion of the smoke. They further divide the smoke as it passes through them.

The round disc with holes can fit perfectly into the tube and give honeycomb percolators exceptional efficiency to provide ample filtration and exceptionally cool hits.


  • Tree Perc 

Tree Percolator

With a classic design, Tree perc looks cool and works efficiently. It made up of multiple rods that join at the top, resembling the branches of a tree. The design of the Tree perc allows the air to travel down the percolator's arms, where it enters the water as bubbles. The arms offer extended diffusion with 2-3 slits in each of them, delivering you a smoother hit.

Stoners who want to enjoy an extra smooth draw can go for the double and triple tree perc bongs that make the hit as smoother as possible.

  • Inline Perc

Inline Percolator

Inline perc consists of a horizontal tube with several slits in them. The inline perc chamber with a 6 arm tree percolator delivers a perfectly cooled and diffused smoke. It comes with a splash guard that prevents water from going into your mouth.

As the smoke travels along the inline tube, it passes through the diffusion slits, each responsible for generating diffusion bubbles. You can combine Inline perc with other filtration perc to ensure getting the cleanest and purest hits from your bong.


  •  Turbine Perc


Turbine perc comes in an aesthetically appealing design with great functionality. Instead of sending smoke to the water, the Turbine perc forms a whirl by sending water up the pipe. Without creating any bubbles, it cools down the smoke in the chamber.

The unique functionality of Turbine perc ensures you get splatter-free smoke with no traces of water in it.


  • Showerhead Perc

Showerhead Percolator

If you are looking for a combination of efficiency and durability, the Showerhead perc is your go-to bong. It consists of a solid tube running from the top to the bottom, where it ends in a shower-like structure. This percolator creates massive bubbles that provide maximum diffusion.

The extra cool and smoother hit reaches your mouth to give you the highest level of smoking. The showerhead percolator lasts longer, thanks to its sturdy design. This efficient percolator gives you optimum filtration without sending any water in the mouthpiece.

It means you can best enjoy your extracts using the percolation power of showerhead perc.


  • Matrix Perc

Matrix Percolator

Are you looking for a blend of aesthetic beauty and efficiency? Then no bong can better meet your requirements than matrix percolators. Featuring a cylindrical shape, the Matrix percolator locates in the center of a bong’s base. Coming in both horizontal and vertical slits, it produces a super high volume of diffusion by allowing smoke to separate in all possible directions.

With an ability to create massive diffusion, matrix perc creates an unforgettable smoking experience allowing you to enjoy the cleanest and purest draws of your stuff.


  • Spiral Perc

Spiral Percolator

With a coiled tube in the center and a hole at the end, the Spiral percolator offers more functionality than simple downstream percolators. The length of the spiral tube is the main difference that provides an extra cooling effect.

By forcing the smoke to travel a longer path, the design of Spiral perc increases the cooling power of the percolator. That is why these percolators are better at the cooling of a hit than most of their competitors can do. Along with impressive visuals, this percolator also offers greater functionality.

  • Faberge Egg Perc

Faberge Egg Pewrcolator

Faberge Egg percolators function better when they are combined with other percolators. They result in the highest level of diffusion and filtration. As a result, you experience an unmatched quality vapour travelling from your mouth down to your lungs.

Whether you are a health-conscious stoner or love superb quality draws, Faberge Egg percolators can make your ultimate choice. They work in tandem with other filtration devices such as honeycomb percolators to produce the quality you would love to enjoy again and again.

The bubbles rising out of the honeycomb when pass through the Faberge Egg perc, collide with glass indentations and split up, thereby increasing their surface area and filtration of smoke. The Faberge Egg perc makes a real choice for those who place value on the quality of hits they get.

  • Crystal Ball Perc

Crystal Ball Percolator

Crystal Ball percolators provide an exceptional diffusion by increasing the surface area of the smoke. They offer precision and smooth delivery. Either you can use them alone or combine them with other percolators to meet an extended level of filtration, giving you a unique smoking experience.

Its ball shape allows smoke to disperse in all possible directions it can go, resulting in a perfect diffusion.


  • Seed Of Life Perc

Seed Of Life Percolator

For the stoners, who are looking for a different kind of pull and flavour, the Seed of life perc is the ultimate choice. Its design allows it to deliver the best possible function. You would love the potency and smoothness of your draws. Its eye-catching glasswork and coloured accents give this super-efficient piece a stylish flair.

  • Flower Of Life Perc

Flower Of Life Percolator

Flower of life perc is a simple, beautiful mouthpiece with an ice notch. The appealing hand-engraved graphics, as well as its functionality, can make you love smoking with this percolator. Built from thick glass, this percolator offers you real value for your money.

If you are looking for a combination of price and functionality, hardly any other percolator can come close to the Flower of life perc.


Percolators offer you a smooth and convenient smoking experience. They come in different shapes and sizes, and each of them delivers a varying level of diffusion and filtration. You can choose the best percolator for you depending upon the price, durability, aesthetics, and functionality they offer.

You can use the above information to choose the best percolator to enjoy your required smoking experience.


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