How to Use and Reclaim A Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors revolutionized the way we take dabs, providing us with a more seamless, accessible way to enjoy our concentrates. However, as it is with all new innovative products on the market, there can sometimes be a bit of a learning curve for new users who are just getting a nectar collector for their concentrate needs.

Have you just purchased your first nectar collector? To make sure that you are getting the most out of its use, use the comprehensive guide below to learn how it operates and how you can get started using your new dab straw!

How Does a Nectar Collector Work?

nectar collector functions very similarly to a dab rig, with the exception that it is built to make it easier to use. Rather than heating up a nail, a nectar collector is a long, thin device that features a special tip that is heated up.

Once that tip is heated, you simply put it into direct contact with your wax concentrates, which begins to heat them up and vaporize them. These vapors are then pulled through your dab straw, filtered through the percolator, and then enter the mouthpiece and are inhaled. Because of their small builds and ease-of-use, nectar collectors are the perfect products for dab enthusiasts who have always wanted to take dabs wherever they have found themselves. 

How to Use a Nectar Collector

At first glance, using a nectar collector seems relatively straightforward. However, there are many considerations you need to make and tips that you need to know in order to use your device properly. Let’s dive into how you can begin using your nectar collector. 

1. Preparation 

As it is with most vape devices, you will need to prepare your nectar collector for use, but what does preparation look like? 

Attach Kit Together

Most nectar collectors come in two pieces: the tip and the body. All you have to do to prepare your dab straw for use is to connect these two pieces! If you purchase an electronic dab straw, you may need to connect the tip to the battery/body, which will be a similar process and should not be too difficult (especially if you follow the instructions that come with your device). 

Fill it up with water

The reason why dab rigs are so popular is because of their complex filtration systems that help to cool down the vapors and make them more smooth and flavorful before they reach your lungs. While nectar collectors are much more compact than their large counterparts, they still feature small percolators that serve the same function. Once your dab straw has been assembled, fill up the percolator with water and make sure that it is sealed tight. Many nectar collectors come with leak-proof bodies so that once your percolator is filled, you don’t have to worry about any issues once you start taking dabs. 

Prepare Wax On Dab Tray

Because you are using a nectar collector instead of a dab rig, there is no need to place the dab concentrates onto any part of the nectar collector itself. Instead, you will want to make sure that you place your wax concentrates on a heat-resistant surface that will allow your dab tip to come into contact with your wax without causing any damage or making it so that you inhale potentially dangerous byproducts. A great surface is often a thick glass dab tray or other specially-designed dab trays made specifically for this purpose. 

2. Heat Up Your Tip 

So, you’ve got everything laid out and you’re ready to get started dabbing. What is the next step? 

Using A Torch Or E-nail 

The next step will depend upon the type of product that you’re using. If you’re using a glass or silicone nectar collector, you will have a titanium, glass, quartz, or ceramic tip that will need to be heated manually. Take your dab torch, turn it on, and apply heat to the very tip of the tip in a brushing motion. Once you have done this for a couple of seconds, find the area of the flame where the blue meets the orange and place this section against the edge of the tip, twirling it around as you go. You’ll know when your tip is ready to be dipped as it will start taking an orange glow. Once it has this nice orange glow, wait a couple of seconds, then begin the dabbing process. 

As a side note, it is important that you are really careful with how you heat your nectar collector tip. If you have a titanium tip, you generally have more protection, but your tip can still become overheated and potentially burn your concentrates once you start dipping. If you have any other type of tip, accidentally overheating it can cause it to break, which will quickly ruin your dab session and cause you to have to wait until you can get a new tip for your device. Be careful when heating as this is crucial to keeping your nectar collector tip safe. 

Have an electronic nectar collector? The good news is that you don’t have to directly heat your product. Instead, turn it on and let your device do it for you. If your device comes with variable voltage options or precision temperature control, you can generally cycle through these heat settings on your device using the buttons until you find the right temperature for your wax concentrates. 

3. Dip

Once everything is heated up and ready to go, it is time to dip it into your wax and dab!

Make Sure It's On A Solid Surface 

When you’re finally ready to take a dab, make sure that your wax concentrates are on a level surface. Why? Doing this will make sure that your nectar collector tip can make direct contact with your concentrates so that they are fully vaporized (and so that you don’t have to move your nectar collector around in an attempt to get all of the concentrates). 

4. Dab It  

When you have everything in position and your tip is hot enough, dip it in and inhale. The vapor will be drawn through the tip, through the percolator, and into your lungs. Just remember that you will have to remove the tip once you feel like you’ve got the right amount of concentrate vapors headed through your device. If you have an electronic device, you may have to hold onto a button when inhaling so that your vapors can pass through the device. 

Using Electric Nectar Collector 

As we’ve stated above, the electric nectar collector is more of an automatic experience, offering you greater convenience than other nectar collectors. Here is what the process of using an electronic nectar collector looks like. 

Prepare Your Wax

As you would with a normal nectar collector, place your wax concentrates on a heat-resistant, flat surface so that they are ready to be vaporized when your device is primed and ready to dab. 

Turn Your Dab Pen On

Once everything is situated, turn your vape on and let it heat up to the desired temperature. If your device has multiple temperatures to choose from, select one that is the best fit for the concentrates that you are vaping and wait until it is ready to dab. 

Dip And Dab

Once the tip is properly heated, dip and dab! As was stated above, some devices may let you take inhales and the concentrates will automatically be drawn in but others may require you to hold onto the power button in order to take a hit of your wax. 


Using a new device can spur some important questions that you will need to know the answer to as you use your new nectar collector. Some of the most frequently asked questions that you may be asking and need a response for include: 

How Do I Know When the Tip Has Cooled Down? 

This is an excellent question that many may be asking themselves when they are ready to take their first dab. The first thing to know is that, if your tip is red hot or still glowing, it is going to be way too hot for your concentrates and may do damage to the concentrates, the surface they are laid out on, or even the tip itself if it is made out of a product like quartz, glass, or ceramic. The best way to make sure that your tip is cooled down enough is to wait anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds. This will be enough time to allow it to cool, although you will find your ideal temperature through practice and experience. 

How Do I Know How Much Wax to Load? 

Another excellent question is in regards to how much wax you should be placing on the surface and then dabbing your nectar collector into. Much like the above, this is going to be very experimental for users as the amount of concentrates you want to inhale will be dependent upon what you are used to and what type of experience you are looking for. That said, it is important to know that nectar collectors are very efficient devices, meaning that you are going to need less wax than you would think you would. The best way to approach this is to load small amounts of the substance, vaporize them, and see how you feel to get a feel for how much you want at a time. In regards to dabs, it is better to start small than to start too big and end up taking more than you can handle. 

High Temp vs Low Temp

Many dab enthusiasts know what they’re looking for in a dab. However, for those who are just getting into dabbing and plan on using a nectar collector as their first dab tool, they may have many questions regarding what temperature to dab at and how the level of heat that is applied impacts their experience as a whole. The good news is that there are plenty of recommendations regarding what heat to dab at based on what you are looking for when you take a dab. 

High-Temperature Dabs

Looking to take high-temperature dabs? High-temperature dabs are generally considered to be excellent for those who want to make sure that all of the substances within their concentrates are properly heated so that they feel all of the effects as soon as possible. However, hotter dabs can come with their downsides. One potential issue is that your concentrates begin to burn and harmful chemicals are released once you cross a certain threshold. Additionally, you run the risk of potentially causing damage to the tip of your nectar collector, to the concentrates themselves, or to the surface they are on. 

Low-Temperature Dabs

Low-temperature dabs, on the other hand, are said to be great for those who want a flavorful experience as these low temps don’t burn up the terpenes found within the wax. Although lower temps may not provide a good feeling, they do protect you from the harmful effects of hot dabs and can often extend the amount of time. 

Put simply, the type of dab you are looking for will determine the heat level. Keep these things in mind when you begin dabbing with your nectar collector!

How to Reclaim?

Much like your glass pieces collect resin when you smoke, dabbing leaves a substance known as reclaim. Reclaim is basically condensed dab material that, yes, you can vape again. That said, collecting this substance can be quite difficult, and many of the dangerous chemicals that are released during high-temp vaping sessions may be contained within these dabs. If you plan on collecting and vaping reclaim, make sure to do your research so that you are practicing this common practice safely. 

Nectar collectors are great, but it is important that you know how to use them properly in order to avoid doing damage to your surroundings or to the device itself. If you have recently purchased a nectar collector, use the guide above to learn more about these products, how they work, and how you can begin using yours!