How to Use a One Hitter?

Are you a stealth smoker? After the 2020 phase that caught us pants down, we all want to be on a budget. There is very little to waste. The year hasn't been up to our expectations due to the pandemic. But that should not fret you. We are all on a budget. The smoking industry understands you; they got you covered with a one hitter.

Going to 2021, every pot lover wants to smoke herb on a budget, and save some dollars for other needs. Therefore, you are in the right place since one-hitter is the way to go.

However, if you are new to smoking, you might have heard about it. It is one of the best accessories that you wouldn't want to miss in your smoking accessories. They are versatile, clean, and love keeping things on the low. But then, what more do you need to know besides its portability and convenience?

The above pros have made it a staple to smokers. One could either purchase according to the types of material used and smoke on a budget. For instance, they include glass, wood, dugout, etc. You don't need the traditional smoking devices anymore; these modern one-hitters are the best choice. They come in various sizes and shapes; therefore, it's time to step away from the old and usher in the new.

What Is A One Hitter?

what is a one hitter

You might have come across the traditional one that resembles a cigarette at first glance. It's the famous image that pops up in everyone's mind when you think of it. Though, there are other various kinds.

However, let's not go deep into the old one-hitter for the sake of simplicity. The modern one-hitter smoking accessory is a small and narrow smoking device designed for just one hit of herb.

Other popular names for it are; taste bat, taster, one hitter bat, or chillum pipe. Note that the old one hitter pipe holds around 25 milligrams of concentrate per one hit.

When it comes to smoking devices, there is nothing like standard experience. There are various materials, capabilities, and sizes of one-hitter to select from. They are readily available in various designs, for instance, high-quality wood, captivating acrylics, and discreet cigarettes.

Also, if interested, they can customize them according to your preference. For this, there are options like spring, twist, or glass tip designed one-hitter.

The one hitter known as dugout pipe is ideal as a traveling companion. With the one hitter dugout, you are always ready to puff. It is portable, compact, and discreet. The design gives you an experience that is on another level. It provides a relaxing feeling.

Benefits of A One-hitter

  • Better Airflow

The traditional one-hitter's is a significant drawback of poor airflow experience after packing the flower chamber. This happens since most one-hitters are not compatible with their dugouts or canisters.

When the device is packed with nugs tightly, it locks the airflow; thus, it clogs, and resin builds up. The modern one-hitter has a sharp beveled edge that allows a smoker to dig via the flower quickly.

  • Discretion

The one-hitter pipe has numerous advantages. Its compact size offers a discreet way to smoke and can easily and quickly be kept out of sight. If you are a low-key session smoker, you'll never go wrong with the one-hitter. Unlike a cigarette, the one-hitter will not continue burning with an infinite stream of smoke scent.

  • Portable

It is easy to use while you are on the move. They come in small sizes that are easy to carry around, with long or shop trips. It doesn't matter where your destination is. You either carry it in your purse or tuck it in your pockets. You can pull it out and take a puff anytime you feel like smoking.

  • Long-lasting Device

Generally, traditional one-hitter's are made cheaply. The modern one uses anodized aircraft aluminum. This has higher impact resistance and is anti-corrosive. As compared to the old one, which gets too hot to touch at times, the modern one-hitter is highly resistant to heat.

  • Easy to Clean

Have you ever had a sneak-peak of the inside of your traditional one-hitter? Of course not. This is so since it's hard to detach it. You can now imagine the festering amount of bacteria built up due to the tar and resin that can be hazardous to your lungs.

The modern-day Dart has features of a self-ashing system and a great design that helps you disassemble its part when you are about to clean it. When clicking your device to ash, here is a bonus tip for maintaining your one-hitter to allow the smoking tool's cleaning process to be much more minor.

  • Conservation

People who have less tolerance to smoke are the best fit for the one-hitter. It is known to conserve the stash. It makes every hit a mind-blowing one, so you don’t have to over-smoke or overpack.

How to Use A One-hitter?

how to use a one hitter

Here are a few steps on how you can use your one-hitter:

Grind to Collect Your Goodies

The first step you take is to pick up your chamber grinder or grinder card and place it on an open container. Then, please take a good amount of herb and grind it gently on the surface of your card. The ground herb will fall via the holes in the grinder into the open container for accessible collection.

If there are any leftover pieces, use your finger to push them. However, you will find some smokers moving the goodies as a whole as they are, right inside their one-hitter pipe. It is recommendable to pass it through a grinder to ensure your herb burns evenly to receive more mileage from the herb. For this, the chances of clogging your tool are minimal.

Twist to Load your One-Hitter

Pack your grounded herb into the end of the one-hitter. It would be best to put it reasonably tight to ensure your herb is in place when you hold it horizontally. Remember to grind the flower to ensure it's the right amount.

You can now pick your Dart and p that chamber side into your herb canister. Finally, use that beveled edge in that chamber and twist the taste herb end until you have your herb into your chamber.

Smoke Your One-Hitter

The next step you would want to take is to place your mouthpiece or inhalation end of the one-hitter against the lips. Please pick up the lighter and ignite your herb smoothly, but keep the flame away from the herb, don't light it up directly.

After lighting, move the chamber end to dip it into the flame back and forth for a nice and even burn and then inhale. However, it would be best to inhale slowly and steadily to have the most brutal hit and avoid pulling in some ash.

Ash Your One Hitter

As we mentioned earlier, the one-hitter is for quick and fast smokers who only smoke very little. It is you inhale, hold it, release, and voila! Now that you are done smoking, it's time to press the button on the end where you inhaled to remove the ash. It's a great way to avoid resin build-ups and make the cleaning process short.

It makes your accessory easy to use. Also, a gentle tap of the one-hitter against a hard surface or your palm should expel the ash to prepare it for the next smoking session. Alternatively, after the whole flower is smoked, you can blow the ash off through the mouthpiece to clear its pipe.

According to our experience, these methods are preferable to ensure a preliminary clear; however, they do not entirely rid the air-pathway of the stubborn, sticky build-ups.

For this reason, it is advisable to carry a particular type of poker. It can be a paperclip, dabber, toothpick, or a poker tool. It is a vital piece in your herb arsenal.

How to Clean A One Hitter?

Lastly, ensure that you clean up the one-hitter after every session. It offers a smoother and a hard hit every time after cleaning and also prevents ash build-ups. After toking, tap out that ash by using poker to c; ear any resin build-ups. If the poker gives you a rough time trying to clean, a pipe cleaner will leave it squeaky clean.

Every week, give the one-hitter a nook-and-cranny cleaning to avoid resin that leaves your smoking device tasting and smelling bad. This is how to do it sparkling clean:

Cleaning your traditional on- hitter is a little messy. But the more you take longer to clean it, the more resin build-ups in your device. The bacteria will start building up if the tar and resin are not removed. No one wants to inhale those harmful toxins via their mouths to the lungs.

To be safe and proactive, you should ensure tapping out the ash and removing the debris out of the taster bat after every session to avoid massive resin build-ups. If possible, detach the taster bat to ensure you do a thorough clean-up to the entire one-hitter.

If your accessory hasn't had a great cleansing for a week or two, note that it is at a time whereby it requires deep cleaning. We have numerous ways to clean your one-hitter pipe.

A very famous method is the use of a sealable bag. Place your one-hitter inside the bag and add one or two tablespoons of coarse salt and some isopropyl alcohol.

The cleaning process is similar to that of cleaning bong bowl and glass bong, we can refer to the following video for cleaning one hitter.

The rougher your salt is, the better for cleaning. The alcohol should be good enough to ensure the one-hitter is submerged in the solution. For better results, it would be great to add some hot water to loosen up the resin.

Seal your bag and start shaking hard to ensure that all the ingredients inside are thoroughly and perfectly mixed for a magical result. You don't have to keep shaking, but you can do it when you feel the need. Also, you can leave it for 2 hours in the solution.

You can't disassemble the traditional one-hitters; therefore, you will not have to restore it to its initial pristine-self. It's sufficient to ensure most of the resin build-ups are out.

Another cleaning alternative is to use your much newer, improved, and modernized one-hitter, the Dart. The Dart also accumulates resin just like any other pipe. However, with a dart, you can dismantle it very easily and quickly and clean it thoroughly.

You can now discard the solution and rinse the one-hitter with some hot water. Please leave it to air dry. If you need it immediately for use, a hairdryer will remove any excess water.

As you can see, this is a straightforward process that will not take up all your time. Trust us; you'll be pretty happy with the results—time to hit that smooth hit from a freshly cleaned one-hitter. Enjoy!

Take Away

The one-hitter pipes have so many die-hard fans. It's the discreet, low-key, money-saving, and low herb commitment accessory that shines. Over the years, the smoking industry has advanced with many innovations coming in, from traditional tools that use flames to electronic smoke devices.

All in the making, the herb lovers enjoy their sessions on hard hits. Just like an upgraded bong, we now have a modern one-hitter as well.

The Dart is the most popular and loved modern one-hitter that has solved all the olden days' initial flaws one-hitter. The new, improved device designs that include a self-ashing model have placed it in the highly honored smoking tools league.

The best element about the Dart is that it is durable and super affordable compared to the traditional one-hitter. So, if you are shopping for an ultimate one-hitter, look for it. It is hands down and offers the best timely hits.

The one-hitter pipe makes smoking herb easy wherever you are with more discreet methods than other smoking methods. Perfect for inconspicuous smokers.

However, you should not just stick to the one-hitter for a puff. Several options would quench your thirst too. Therefore, begin using a one-hitter now.


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