One Hitters

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11 products

Why You Should Get a One Hitter 

One hitter features:

  • Less odorous
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to use  

A one-hitter is a small pipe with a thin bowl that is used for one hit or inhalation. A one-hitter can hold up to 25 milligrams of cannabis. This pipe resembles the old-fashioned styles of the one-hitter pipes. 

Some smokers entirely smoke one-hitter because they are valuable and straightforward, just using the weed grinder to grind, making it perfect for the busy stoner on the go.

They're Unnoticeable

Because of their slim design, one-hitters are great for a discreet toke. One standard profile of the one-hitter is that its shape and design resemble the appearance of a cigarette. 

You can be walking home, taking a walk in the forest, or in the smoking zone in a park and pull out your one-hitter, and no one will even notice. You will look like someone holding a cigarette. This is one of the most significant benefits of one-hitter.  

Less Odorous

Compared to other methods of smoking, one-hitters don’t have such a strong smell. The reason being, the smoke goes straight to the lungs and not in the air or near those around you. You become discreet with the one-hitter, and you won’t draw attention because of the smoke. 

However, you should note that one-hitters do have a smell as well. There will still be a smell after you have exhaled the smoke. If you are worried about the odor, you can use a sploof.  A sploof acts as a muffler for your herb. Once you have exhaled the smoke from the one-hitter into the sploof, the stuff inside purifies the stinky aroma. A sploof is affordable, and you can also improvise one yourself using the toilet paper tube.  

Conserves Your Supply

A one-hitter is designed for a single pull, which is why it uses very little herb. The smaller bowl will ensure that you conserve the quantity of marijuana you are about to consume. 

One hitters play a significant role in helping you avoid wasting herb every time you are smoking a blunt or joints. There is no chance of burning up marijuana that you are not hitting. If you have a fixed budget and want to get a supply that will last for long, consider getting a one-hitter pipe the next time you think of smoking. 

Easy to Use on the Go

One hitter pipes are tiny, making them easy to carry with you wherever you are going. You don’t have to worry about packing. Just throw it in your pocket or inside your bag and pull it out whenever you feel like it. It is effortless and easy. 

You have to load a one-hitter every time. You could also try investing in a vape pen that doesn’t require loading now and then. It is easy to use and convenient because you can take a hit and come back after some time and pick up where you left.


Before purchasing a one-hitter, do your research well because there are varieties of one-hitters, and you need to get the right one or something that is convenient for you. Go through PILOT DIARY® every option and pick the best. If you don't know how to choose the right weed grinder, the blog has details:How To Pick A Heed Grinder.