Weed grinder is the solitary essential buy in your smoker's device package. Whether you are a fan of bong, glass blunt, water pipe, hand pipe, bubbler, etc., PILOT DIARY's various styles of grinder for weed will always meet your needs.

An herb grinder is the end of the operation of rolling tobacco by hand and can cut buds to the desired uniformity. But will you discover the best weed grinder for you, there is a lot to consider and available directions , here we go!

In this guide, you’ll learn:

Best Weed Grinder in 2021

Best Grinder for Vaping

How to Use a Weed grinder

How to Grind Weed Without Grinder

Type of Herb Grinders

Materials Used in Weed Grinders

Where to Buy a Weed Grinder

Best Weed Grinder in 2021

NO.1 Cartoon Weed Grinder

SpongeBob SquarePants, Super Mario, Rick was already the best selling herb grinder online. These three cartoon images were immediately sought after as soon as they were launched at the end of 2020. Created by PILOTDIAR visual designers, every detail of the cartoon grinder is worthy of scrutiny. The cartoon grinder maintains the advantages of a smooth grinding grinder while ensuring the quality of the product. The easy grinding effect allows you to grind your herbs into a perfect crumb.

Shop 4 Piece Herb Grinder

NO.2 Mini Herb Grinder With Dugout

Mini Herb Grinder With Dugout, which can be taken away at any time, is also a unique and creative project.The durable One Hitter Dugout made of high-quality metal which has a mini grinder is very convenient. The integrated design brings you a new experience. It is only 3.7 inches, when you go out, you don’t need to bring an extra grinder. You can easily put it in your pocket without feeling burdened. If your dear friends or family members are smokers, then one hitter dugout will be a good choice as a gift for them!

Mini Grinder With Dugout

NO.3 Metal Mandala Silver Grinder

For users who just want to grind their weed and fit a low-key personality, the PILOT DIARY is an option worth considering. Its design point is the size of the ergonomic handle. This all-metal grinder has a magnetic top that maximizes spillage reduction, and keeps the flavor unique. The final advantage is that the price is affordable for almost everyone. Such an herb grinder is worth your consideration.

Mandala Silver Grinder

Best Grinder for Vaping

For those who love to use vapor. You will definitely be looking for a perfect match for your device. What gets good vaporization results is to make sure that the grinder used is well ground. It does not need to be too big or bulky. When your vape pen is heated, the degree of crumbliness of the grinder grind is correlated by the heating device.

You need a nice weed grinder, but not a grind to a powder, to make sure that all the heat can affect all the parts. And air can flow through the vaporizer, uniformity, and smoothness is what you are looking for.

These 4 pieces and 3 chambers Grinder is not only designed to grind quick and easy it is also a beautifully designed showpiece. With precise hole placement and a smooth grind process, it minimizes the loss of strains, making your buds more potent and flavorful.

How to Use a Weed Grinder

Grinding your herbs is a fairly simple matter. You can get inspiration by following the steps below.

Step 1 Open the magnetic lid

The first step is to open your magnetic lid, you need to distinguish the head and tail of the grinder. Usually the head is used for grinding and the tail is used to store the ground hay.

Step 2  Load grinder with herbs

Break your beloved flower buds into small pieces by hand, and load them evenly between the gears. Fill it up, then the effect of the grinder will be more full. Attach the magnetic cover tightly to avoid leakage. Take care to protect your hands to avoid scratches by sharp gears.

Step 3 Grinding herbs

Rotate your grinder freely left and right, let loose flower buds grind in the grinder. The degree of grinding depends on whether the grinder on your hand still has resistance. When I feel that the resistance becomes smaller, this is the grinding.

Step 4 Store all kinds of  herbs

Generally speaking, a 4-piece grinder can be used as a good place to store herbs. Shake your herb grinder on the table a few times. Let the ground hay layer. The third layer of the chamber is used for vapor collection. The bottom chamber is used to collect chief catch.

How to Grind Weed Without Grinder

When your budget is insufficient or you can't find your grinder, you can use these methods to solve your urgent needs. 

  1. Using a Coin and a Bottle

Place the marijuana in an empty bottle and shake it constantly or hit it inside the bottle. But it takes a certain amount of physical strength to crush the grass.

  1. Use scissors and empty bottles

Put the hemp grass in the empty bottle and cut the hemp grass into pieces with scissors. This will be a way to use as much as you want without any effort.

  1. Use a knife and cutting board

It would be a wise choice to chop up the hemp hay placed on the cutting board.

  1. Grind by hand

This is when you can't find any way to use it outdoors. Break the marijuana into small pieces by hand, and then break the small pieces into small pieces.

Type of Herb Grinders

3-Piece Herb Grinders

A 3-piece herb grinder has an added chamber to accumulate perfectly-sized shreds of natural herb. These grinders have actually the leading (with teeth), a facility chamber (additionally with teeth) that has exact size openings in its flooring, and a base that gathers the ground product when shredded.

A 3-piece weed grinder produces a much more consistent dimension shred of weed compared to a 2 item. It is the specific dimension openings on the facility chamber that make this take place. When the natural issue was ground little sufficient, it fails to the collection chamber.

While accurate work is fantastic, there is still a great deal more to weed that's going astray with a 3-piece natural herb grinder.

4-Piece Herb Grinders

When you include a 4th chamber to a weed grinder, it is made use of to accumulate the effective knife that has type bud. This valued powder, when the gooey trichomes on the living cannabis grow, will certainly quickly go astray like dirt in the wind without this extra chamber.

With a 4-piece natural herb grinder, there is a leading and facility area, both with teeth, and openings in the chamber flooring. Those openings enable perfectly-sized items of weed to autumn with when ground down by the teeth. The grinding procedure loosens up the kief, which additionally drops to the collection


Additionally in the collection chamber is a display that enables the kief powder to autumn with the kief chamber, however nothing else is a natural issue. So, it is pure terpenes- the right stuff hash is constructed from.

5-Piece Herb Grinders

The 5-piece natural herb grinder resembles the 4-piece because it created the kief collection. The distinction in between both is an additional display, also better compared to the initially, to divide that terpene-rich dirt into 2 degrees of kief, tidy and unclean.

It is the 2nd chamber, at the most affordable degree, that has the greatest display, permitting just pure terpenes for tidy kief. Over that, in the initially kief chamber, there is a larger display that enables larger items of ‘dirty kief,' or terpenes bonus to a great degree of natural issue.

The remainder of the 5-piece natural herb grinder coincides as normal grinders- leading and grinding chambers with teeth, and openings which enable evenly ground weed to autumn with.

Materials Used in Weed Grinders

The large variety of designs in weed grinder make discovering the ideal version more complicated. Basically, the designs of weed grinders can be steamed to a couple of certain kinds.

There are portable grinders along with hand grinders in 2 or more items. There are great combination grinders/containers for all-in-one activity, as well as expensive power grinders with electrical inspiration. They all work weed, however there are distinctions past that base line.

Wood Herb Grinders

Wood herb grinders are more like a companion with texture. Especially when wood texture craftsmanship and metal are combined in the grinder. Most wood herb grinders are made of bamboo, wood as the housing and steel as the gear. Such grinders will be more unique and appeal to those who seek to combine with nature in mind. When wanting to keep vaping for less, the affordable wood grinder can definitely work.

Electrical Herb Grinders

If you want to free up your hands, it's time to try an electric grinder that plugs into the power of an electric motor and a DC-designed battery. If you still like to grind your herbs on the go, you can check out the all-around best herb grinder here

The biggest advantage of the electric electric nectar collector is its portability, and the grinding process is as simple as turning on the power. As well as one more advantage of handling throughput up to the herb, the electric herb grinder can keep clear of over-grinding in addition. It also comes in handy for large quantities of natural herbs that work frequently.

If you don't need one of those fussy electric products, read on for our other types of weed grinders.

Metal Weed Grinder

Metal herb grinders are one of the most popular products among customers. For example, the metal teeth of the stainless steel herb grinder work well to create finely ground cannabis chips.

Where to Buy a Weed Grinder

There are a lot of designs of weed grinders that can fulfill various requirements that produce a notified selection that takes a best-of assist. There are various products to think about, dimensions, brand names, designs as well as added attributes as well.

In the past leaping into what makes the greatest weed grinder, you need to think about on your own initially. Are you a constant herb smoker that grinds a great deal of natural herbs? Where will certainly you do your grinding, in your home or out as well as concerning? What is your spending plan? How solid are your wants?

While everything boils down to individual choice, there is no feeling acquiring more grinder compared to what you require. There are likewise great deals of excellent needs to have actually greater than one alternative. If grinding is too much of a hussle, CBD edibles could be an option.

Therefore, insist on spending the least amount of money with the most affordable products, PILOT DIARY goes to discover to become the biggest collector of weed grinders for unveiling your smoke alarms.