Herb Grinder

    Morty Herb Grinder

    $16.99 – $275.00

    This Rick And Morty Grinder is made of 100% aluminum alloy material. Classic and clear cartoon patterns and indestructible quality is worth collecting. 2 inches size. This grinder is perfect...

    SpongeBob Grinder

    $16.99 – $275.00

    Carry confidence everywhere you grind with the classic and clear cartoon patterns grinder by PILOT DIARY. This beautiful grinder designed by our professional visual designer, every detail is carefully designed....

    2 Inches Mario Herb Grinder

    $18.99 – $275.00

    If you are looking for a grinder that looks good, functions impressively, and will never break - you should not miss this one! This Mario herb grinder is different from...

    Rick Herb Grinder

    $16.99 – $275.00

    This weed grinder was appealing to you if you like rick and morty! Designed by our professional visual designer which is very cute and vibrant. 2 inhces size. All grinder...

    Scary Terry Metal Herb Grinder

    $16.99 – $275.00

    This excellent scary terry metal herb grinder has 4 pieces, made of high-quality zinc alloc. The 2 inch designed for portable and suitable to on the go. PRODUCT FEATURES: Easy...

    Mandala Herb Grinder

    $16.99 – $270.00

    This herb grinder made with premium aluminum alloy designed with 4 pcs and 3 chambers, Long life span & lightweight & scratch resistant compare with the traditional zinc alloy grinder....

    Grinder Titanium Blue

    $16.98 – $270.00

    Crafted with heavy duty zinc alloy designed with 4 pieces and 3 chambers. This Grinder is not only designed to grind quick and easy it is also a beautifully designed...

    Mandala Grinder Silver

    $15.98 – $275.00

    PREMIUM MATERIAL - Made with premium zinc alloy designed with 4 pcs and 3 chambers, Long life span & light weight & scratch resistant NON-STICK NYLON O-RING - Smooth, effortless,...

    One Hitter Dugout With Grinder

    $23.89 – $460.00

    If you're looking for the best dugout one hitter on the market, this metal one hitter dugout would be a good choice!  They are great for easy portable all in...

    One Hitter Dugout With Mini Grinder Lid

    $23.99 – $450.00

    The "One Hitter Dugout With Mini Grinder Lid" is made of high-quality materials and has a sleek black design that's durable and functional. The fine thread anti-skid design ensures a...

    Gold Grinder 4pcs


    This herb grinder is one of the best herb grinders designed with 4 pcs and 3 chambers. Long life span & lightweight & scratch resistant compare with the traditional zinc...

    Pink Grinder 4 Pcs

    $18.98 – $23.98

    This 4 Pieces Pink Grinder is stronger and durable. It is made for precision grinding! The grinding teeth are diamond-cut aluminum for efficient and extremely effective herb grinding. Smooth, effortless, and...

    Girly Weed Grinder Glitter


    The grinder is made of premium Aluminum is designed to be scratch-resistant and non-stick to keep the grinder running smoothly and stop the build-up of residue. Comes with its own...

    4 Piece Grinder with Pollen Catcher

    $18.98 – $19.98

    The black herb grinder with pollen catcher allows you to keep each piece of your leave thoroughly ground and adequate. The size is small enough for your pocket or bag,...

    PILOTDIARY One Hitter Dugout With Mini Grinder Drop Shipping


    If you're looking for the best dugout one hitter on the market, this metal one hitter dugout would be a good choice!  They are great for easy portable all in...

    Grinding for weed before steaming them is an essential step in the intake procedure. A grinder, in this case, avails consistent heat when you are steaming. It enhances efficiency, allowing you to get the best from your herb.

    Why Use a Grinder

      Enhances Efficiency

      Grinding your content prior to vaping makes it efficient to use. Also, it makes it portable and more convenient to use. Grounded hemp usually is not tough as it has consistency. Therefore the smoke produced is not turbulent, unlike when compared to whole herbs.

      Further grinding helps in minimizing hand contacts, thereby abating damage on trichomes. Also, the cannabinoids they carry along remain intact.

        Accentuates Flavor

        Vaping ground hemp exposes all the flavors from the terpene constitute. Even on opening the central chamber, you can sense the natural odor. The flavors are all about bettering your experience.

        Good Portability

        Moving around with the hemp in a grinder can be quick. Most of them have magnets in their make, ensuring your herb is safely kept—further, the grinder helps control odor that may be troublesome.

        Types of Grinders

        Electric Weed Grinder

          Electric weed grinders are said to be convenient in a way that they do all the drudgery for you. They are ideal if you are grinding a bulk of herbs. The drawback of electric grinders is that they are designed to function under an electric power supply. If not, you have to move with a battery around.

            The two-piece single compartmentalized grinder

            This is a primary grinder comprising two parts that embrace each other when grinding your herb in a single compartment. Each of the insides of the two components is fitted with sharp teeth. Due to their simplicity, these grinders come at lower prices. The materials in their make vary from wood to plastic and metal.

            The four-piece Metal Grinder

            These metal grinders are prevalent amongst regular vapers. In as much as they are pricy, their work is worth the cost. It comprises three compartments: grinding the herb, the other for the herb to be ground, and the last catch trichomes. It’s usually made of metal and thus more durable.

            Card Grinders

            These grinders are budget-friendly and effective despite being rare to find. Their make is coherent with food graters. Card grinders have one perforated piece of metal ideally designed for grinding.

            How To Clean a Grinder

            Imperatively, cleaning your grinder ensures its full functionality as purported—resins build-up, causing blockages thence malfunctioning. There are multiple methods you can employ. At first, you can use a toothbrush to remove dirt from unreachable spots. Should it fail to work, you will have to soak your grind, preferably in hot water, saltwater, or the chemical isopropyl, for 15 minutes.

            Further, rubbing dirt spots with a piece of cloth soaked in saltwater and isopropyl alcohol can do the magic. If the resins are hard to be eliminated, freezing, the grinder can work.

            If you don't know how to choose the right weed grinder, the blog has details about how to pick the best grinder.

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