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11 products

The Best Torch Lighter for Dabbing

Torch Lighter Features

  • Adjustable temperature¬†
  • Rapid-fire igniter button
  • Affordable¬†

Do you probably think why you can't use a lighter to heat your nail? However, a lighter is not that enjoyable, it is not as satisfying as using a torch lighter, and it is less effective. The temperature of your nail needs to heat to over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. With that, using a lighter will not get you to that while you are dabbing or if you need to dab. 

Using a torch will allow you to attain the anticipated temperature with so much ease. A torch lighter will enable you to be more exact with the heating process. The final result is a safe, enjoyable, and relaxed experience. 

A torch lighter will help you regulate the nail temperature, and when you can do this, there are lower chances of wasting your concentrates. You can also get an e-nail that provides a pre-set temperature. A torch lighter gets a lot out of your concentrate. It is important to note that different dabs have different heating temperatures. 

Safety Features 

Dabbing is a method of using marijuana, and there are risks involved when using a torch lighter because most of them contain butane. You can lessen the chances of accidents by confirming that the plug and nozzle fit securely to avoid gas leakage. 

There are new types of dab torches that have automatic lock features. Nevertheless, narrow-based lights can be knocked over and may cause a fire. It is essential to purge your torch before you dab. A new torch could have oxygen. When using the torch for the first time, do not fill up the chamber. If you do not purge it, it can cause a fire.  

Gas Type

Dabbing torches use butane or propane. A butane torch lighter is the best option because it doesn't interfere with the taste of the marijuana or its aroma. Torches that use propane are most likely to burn too hot, making them a dangerous option. If you are using propane, titanium dioxide is released when the nail burns. Too much inhaling will irritate your nose and throat when you are dabbing at high temperatures. 

The advantages of using a torch lighter 

  • Torch lighters are powerful. They heat your concentrate at the required temperatures.¬†
  • Easy to adjust the flame. The torch lighter has a flame regulator that helps you adjust the flame's size that you desire. The regulator is so easy to use; just rotate it using your hand, or you could use a professional screwdriver.
  • Sleek design - Most torch lighters are designed to monitor fuel usage easily and whether you need to refuel. Lighters don't come filled with butane due to safety reasons and mailing rules.¬†
  • Warranty - Torch lighters have warranties where there are return policies. You are allowed to return the product if it is faulty over a certain period.¬†
  • Multi-purpose - Some torch lighters are multi-purpose. Not only are they used for dabbing, but you can also use them for occasions like camping, birthdays, or hiking activities.