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Pineapple Carb Cap with Terp Pearl - pilotdiary

Pineapple Terp Pearls with Spinning Carb Cap

Enter the sunny world of dabbing perfection with our Pineapple Terp Pearls paired with a mesmerizing Spinning Carb Cap. Crafted to mimic the vivacious hues of a ripe pineapple, this...
Donut Spinner Carb Cap - PILOTDIARY

Donut Spinner Carb Cap

The Donut Spinner Carb Cap – the ultimate accessory for your dabbing setup. Elevate your experience with its unique design featuring a delightful donut with sprinkles motif. Crafted with precision,...
Hootie's Forest Carb Cap Spinner - PILOTDIARY

Hootie's Forest Carb Cap Spinner

The Beehive Spinner Carb Cap is meticulously designed for dabbing enthusiasts who demand the best. Featuring a 32mm diameter, this carb cap is tailored to fit a variety of dab...
Beehive Spinner Carb Cap - PILOTDIARY

Beehive Spinner Carb Cap

Take your dabbing experience to the next level with our Beehive Spinner Carb Cap! Engineered for excellence and designed for maximum performance, this carb cap features a 30mm diameter, ensuring...
Avocadope Vortex Carb Cap - PILOTDIARY

Avocadope Vortex Carb Cap

Featuring a unique vortex spinner style, our Avocadope Vortex Carb Cap ensures efficient vaporization by facilitating multi-directional airflow, allowing you to enjoy smoother and more flavorful hits. The ripe avocado...
Mushroom Carb Cap Dab - PILOTDIARY

Mushroom Carb Cap Dab

Unlock a new level of dabbing perfection with our Mushroom Carb Cap Dab. Featuring a 32mm diameter and a charming red spotted mushroom design, this carb cap adds flair to...