Dab Containers

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Silicone Dab Container 10ml - PILOT DIARY

Silicone Dab Containers 10ml

The Silicone Dab Containers come in a mesmerizing combination of Black and Blue, adding a touch of mystique to your dabbing sessions. But what sets these containers apart is their...
Silicone Octopus Container 10ML - PILOT DIARY

Silicone Octopus Container 10ml

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant hues with our Silicone Octopus Container in a captivating fusion of blue, green, and white. This extraordinary color combination resembles the swirling depths...
10ml Octopus Dab Silicone Container - PILOT DIARY

Octopus Silicone Dab Container 10ml

Searching for a truly unique and captivating way to store your prized concentrates? Prepare to be mesmerized by our Octopus Silicone Dab Container! This extraordinary storage solution combines whimsical octopus...
Octopus Silicone Container 10ml - PILOT DIARY

Octopus Dab Silicone Container

The Octopus Dab Silicone Container is the ultimate accessory for all your dabbing needs. With dimensions of 2.4" x 2" and a 10ml capacity, this container provides ample space for...
Silicone Container - PILOT DIARY

Silicone Containers

Our Silicone Containers are the ultimate solution for storing your extracts. Available in Black/Blue, these containers are made from non-stick silicone, ensuring your concentrates are easily accessible whenever you need...

Choosing the Right Dab Container

Dab container features:

  • Different sizes
  • Different colors
  • Affordable

Choosing a suitable dabbing container is essential because these containers play a significant role in preserving the flavor and freshness of your concentrates. You have to make sure you have picked the correct container with a non-stick lining because wax sticks on everything.

If you want to lengthen the freshness of your concentrates, you will need to go all the way with your money by ensuring you have the proper storage containers. Below are a few tips and the appropriate containers that you need to store your concentrates and ensure they keep fresh for a long time.

If you dab a lot, it would be best if you had a good container to help with an odor that might lead to wasted concentrate.

How Long Can Concentrates Be Stored?

In the past, you could have your concentrates and put them in a paper and store them. However, this method had a disadvantage. Air, water, and different environmental factors can lower the freshness and the goodness of your concentrate.

For this reason, people were forced to use up their concentrates within a few days when they are still fresh. Using a container, though, will make your concentrate last longer in the cool dab rig.

When choosing a dabbing container, consider the quality of the material used and what suits your preference so that you are comfortable when carrying it around. Dab containers vary in shape, colors, and size.

Silicone Dab Container

The silicone containers are the most common because they are affordable and have a non-stick lining making them great. Most of them are opaque, which means light cannot pass through them, which will help maintain the freshness of your concentrate. Silicone dab containers are not as airtight as other containers, so they are suitable for short-time storage.

Glass Dab Containers

Compared to silicone, glass is more durable. However, it is also delicate. If you are traveling, it can easily break if you drop it. Glass dab containers are great because they do not interfere with the flavor of your concentrate. Please place it in a dark area to maintain freshness.

MultiSlot Containers

If you are someone who likes to dab, then the multi-slot containers are best for you. These containers have different slots in one. For example, some have five slots while others have two slots. It all depends on what you need.


You can store your concentrate in so many ways. The best way to ensure that your concentrates remain fresh is by storing them in a container. A tight and sealed container will make sure your concentrates stay for a long time. There are various containers to choose from: either glass, silicone, or multi-slot.

The cheapest container is the silicone one. Silicone containers are perfect if you want something for short-term use, that is if you're going to store your concentrates for about one week. If you want a container for long-term use, ensure the material is durable. No matter what you pick, ensure that containers will serve the proper purpose in preserving your concentrates.