Ash Catcher

    Silicone Ash Catcher


    This silicone ash catcher is made of platinum-cured silicone and glass material which is solid, durable and safe to use directly. The transparent glass body allows you to see smoke...

    Drop Down Dry Ash Catcher


    This drop down dry ash catcher is made from borosilicate glass and will help keep your water pipe clean from ash. You can  use it with or without water for good...

    18mm Ash Catcher 45˚ Green


    An ash catcher is an accessory to add to your bong, which helps keep your bong cleaner! This ash catcher is not super heavy so it can be easily supported by your bongs without the worry of...

    18mm 90 Degree Ash Catcher Pink


    Be ready for a bong with this 18mm 90 degrees ash catcher. With this 18mm ash catcher, you'll be able to extra water filtration for ahh-worthy inhales. It also can help you...

    18mm Ash Catcher 45˚ Pink


    Do you opt for an ash catcher on your bong? Choose the right ash catcher that can keep your pipe and percolators clean. It also percolator for extra filtration on top of saving your piece...

    90 Degree Ash Catcher 18mm


    An ash catcher is an accessory to add to your bong which offers extra filtration and keeps percolators and bong clean.Carefully packaged, but due to the glass products, collisions may still occur during...

    Ash Catcher Green Percolator 14mm


    Why do you need an ash catch? An ash catcher is an accessory for your bong, which could keep your bongs clean and catch some ash. No one likes to...

    14mm Ash Catcher 45˚


    This Percolator Ash Catcher is the perfect accessory for your beaker bong or water pipe! If you’re tired of ash and resin ruining your bong, then the percolator ash catcher is a...

    Ash Catcher 90 Degree Pink


    The 90 Degree Ash Catcher is the perfect accessory for straight stem bongs, and the 45-degree ash catcher is better suited to traditional beaker-style bongs. Getting an Ash Catcher is the perfect...

    Ash Catcher 14mm 90 Degree


    If you’ve been searching for a way to upgrade your old bong or water pipe, then the 14mm Ash Catcher 90 Degree is just what you’ve been looking for! Specifications...

    90 Degree 14mm Showerhead Recycler Ash Catcher


    This 90 Degree 14mm Showerhead Recycler Ash Catcher made of high-quality durable glass. It not only catches ash, but it helps keep your water pipe or bong clean so that...

    Double Filter Ash Catcher 14mm 45 Degree


    This Double Filter Ash Catcher 14mm 45 Degree is the best ash catcher for your bongs! It has Double Honeycomb Disc Percs structure which does not only keep your bongs...

    What is an Ash Catcher?

    Bongs are made out of glass so that they can cool and filter out smoke before you inhale it. Bongs are used for products such as tobacco and cannabis. If you are a smoker, chances are you have realized how dirty are your pieces after consecutively using them. To add to that, your bong might develop a foul smell. The percolators might clog if your bong is dirty.

    No doubt cleaning your bong helps a lot. However, an ash catcher makes work easier.

    What Is an Ash Catcher

    An ash catcher is a movable attachment that aids in keeping the debris and ash from going into your pipe. Ash catchers can be purchased online or at a local smoke shop. They are available in different sizes and styles, and they look like miniature water pipes.

    Different ash catchers are designed using different types of percolators that help diffuse and purify the smoke and inhibit the necessity of cleaning your bong daily.

    What Does an Ash Catcher Do?

    1. Keep the Bong Clean

    Once you are done with your smoking session, you can easily remove and wipe the ash catcher, easy to maintain and clean.

    Attaching your ash catcher to the water pipe will ensure that cleaning your bong now and then will not be necessary as you would if you didn't have it. Less cleaning time, but even more smoking time.

    As a smoker, getting an ash catcher may not be necessary if you have a small bong. However, if your bong is huge with several percolators, you might need to get one or more ash catchers.

    2. Attaches to The Bong

    The same way bong bowls are removed and placed, and ash catchers can be attached to the bong. If you have an ash catcher, place your water bowl inside rather than placing it in the water pipe.

    The ash catcher will trap the ash while you smoke, which would have passed to the water pipe's main chamber. You have to be careful not to add a lot of water inside the ash catcher because the water pipe will be filled with dirty water. To avoid dirty water, get a K-clip to secure the ash catcher with the water pipe.

    3. It Eliminates the Possibility of Heat Damage

    An advantage of having the ash catcher to the bong is that there will be no increased temperature from the torch that will go near the bong. True, it is rare for the bong's joint to be damaged by heat but, having an ash catcher will eliminate the likelihood.

    How to Use an Ash Catcher?

    An ash catcher consists of two joints. A female one and a male one. Each size of the joint is about 14mm to 18mm. For the male joint, you can set it at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees. These options will ensure that you get what will help you.

    If your bowl is pointing in a different direction from you, you will need to contemplate a 45 degrees joint on the ash catcher to enable the bowl to stay in the same position as you roast it and light it.

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