Bongs Vs Dab Rigs : The Ultimate Guide

Even though the bong vs dab rig topic was talked about on Reddit 1 or even 4 years ago, it is still a topic worth talking about for many interested in starting stoners. With that being said someone wants to know what are the pros and cons, is the high the same, is there any waste for either of these options? Here we go.


There is no doubt about it: Bong came before the dab rig, and bong is the most traditional essential smoking tool. Pretty much water pipe this cooler device work for dry flowers. Of course, this needs to be coupled with the right accessories such as a bong bowl to get the most out of it. From then on, you are immersed in the world of herbs and you will get quite a lot of satisfaction. Many people's experience with flower has come to the point of how to handle my equipment to avoid waste. The pipe is the basic way to use it. You work with dry herbs, loaded bong bowls, as well as torches basically.

How Does a Dab Rig Work?

Usually the dab rigs you see are  smaller and have a cooler shape. Other than that you can get inspired?

From the beginning, when you turn up with a dabbing. After all, it may seem like a complicated process for you. Turn on the torch lighter that passes the heat and watch the banger device turn more redder as it heats up. Then let it rest and cool to the right temperature. At the right time, use your nails to apply the wax to the quartz banger sand pot. Allow the residual heat to evaporate the wax to get the proper flavor.

Difference Between Normal Bong And Dab Rig?

Glass bong and dab rig are used to consume content. When you smoke from a bong, the smoke builds up evenly like smoke from a flower, or in the case of smaller dab rigs, too. To be honest, after smoking for a while, the real difference is in the taste and smoothness. 

Flower or Wax?

There is still a fundamental difference between glass water pipes and dab rig. From the above description, it is also preliminary that bong is used to burn your licorice, and Dab & Oil Rigs are used for legal concentrates such as wax, oil or honey. And they will use different accessories let popular way to get lifted.

At the time, they were set up in different directions. The glass bongs are set up to consume the flower, light the dry herb on the bong device. Using the Oil rigs to consume their concentrate or wax. So there is a difference between the two, which makes us want to make sure you are using the right smoking device.

Bong Bowl And Dab Nail

Nail for Rig VS Bowl for Bong

Bong Bowl

The designer of the Bong Bowl is trying to install dry herb. All the bowls have small curves inside so that they can hold the right amount of hay. But the bowl must be open. This is so that the hay can flow with gas when it is lit. The hay needs to burn continuously to produce flavor, so the bowls must also withstand high temperatures. Such a bowl is usually made of glass. This is why the bong bowl is also called a glass bowl.

Dab Nail

As mentioned earlier, the dab rig is designed to evaporate wax through high residual heat. Therefore, rig needs an attachment that can withstand the high temperatures required to evaporate the concentrate to take on the task. Quartz nail is one of the most heat resistant accessories. nail is usually made of quartz, ceramic or titanium nails. Traditionally, quartz is the most preferred. The nail is used in the same way, by heating the bottom of the nail with a high-temperature lance, then placing the concentrate, closing the lid and sucking the steam from the side of the mouth.

Percolation: Bong Or Dab Rig

We all know that cannabis bongs can benefit from a lot of percolation From the diffused lower stem to the triple honeycomb percolator, multiple layers of purification all result in a cooler smoke of natural herbs and a smoother effect brought to the lungs. Despite the many percolators that seem to be designed into a pipe, the smoke from the burning of the hay does not lose its proper strength.

Percolation works by making the flavor cleaner. However, the dab rig doesn't need more percolators. Too much percolation will instead reduce the strength of your rig. If the oil vapor is exposed to too much mist, it may reduce your striking efficiency.

Honeycomb Percs Glass Bong


In the filter above has also been talked about. When it is a small piece used for vaping. dab rig's compactness is more appropriate, the size greatly affects the vaping and it loses effectiveness when it reaches your lungs.

When you choose a pipe, the bigger the better.Most people have a large bong which cools your dab nicely and filters through the water as the smoke rises and burns fully. The longer and larger bong is able to purify the noxious fumes in between, putting the cooled is directly on the nail to the lungs, the taste is better I have found, or the only downside is that it fits travel and takes up enough space.

So let's summarize the differences between glass bong and dab rig

#1. Flower for bong, wax for rig;
#2. Bowl for bong, nail for rig;
#3. Bong need more percolation, rig just one;
#4. Bong size more bigger, rig size smaller.

Brief Solution: FAQ

Q #1: Bong or Oil rigs. What do I want?
The fact that dabs take more breath in a dab rig. If you have a big pipe it will be fine, but you will work harder to clear that delicious dab. I suggest getting both and see what you like best. Stop by the PILOT DIARY vape store here and tell them you want something herbal or waxy and we can point you in the right direction.
 Q #2: Can I smoke both hay and concentrate with one kit?
The answer is: Definitely Yes. If you want to have a common effect on your work. Just go ahead and try it, otherwise you will get different effects. But after all the recommendation contains the simplest equipment, a filter, plus dab nail and banger . The same lighted smoke, based on their functionality, to maximize the effect. Come to PILOT DIARY to pick your lover.


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