8 Best Nectar Collectors for Dab

What Is A Nectar Collector?

The nectar collector is a modern-day tool kit for dab-lovers. It is made with an excellent inventive design for dabbing. Just like the dab rig, it provides dabbers with water-filtration but now in a spill-proof design.

It solves all the problems that come with dab accessories. The nectar collector offers one solution. You can take a hit just like a dab rig, simplicity, and portability—an excellent alternative for enthusiasts who love to keep things simple.

It is self-contained, thus making the dabbing experience outstanding. When you bust it out to people who have not had an opportunity to dab with it before, the nectar collector will leave them with some degree of wonder and awe.

Why Choose Nectar Collectors For Dab
  • Unique

The nectar collector has a novel design that crutches the attention of many people. It is an excellent selection during parties, road trips, and everyday use.

  • Design

The water filtration that is in a spill-proof design will make it great for use while traveling. More so, it is detachable thus easy and straightforward to clean. Besides, the nectar collector design is made in a way that helps to reduce any concentrated waste. It controls the amount you vaporize.

  • Portable

This is a handheld tool kit for dab lovers. The nectar collectors are smaller than dab rigs, thus fitting in the pocket, making it the best choice while moving like long trips. Also, it provides a mess-free experience to dabbers.

  • Self-contained

As we mentioned earlier, a nectar collector offers an overall solution. No other tools are needed to help in dabbing. You are required to heat it, dab, and enjoy the session. Everything that you may need is attached to it. It would be best if you had your concentrate and a flame to have a great hit.

  • Convenience

This is the chief reason you should have a nectar collector. It saves time for dab lovers since no loose parts are needed to set it up.

  • Affordability

A simple nectar collector is easily accessible to casual dabbers and concentrates lovers.

  • Easy To Use

As described earlier, the nectar collectors are very easy and straightforward to use. They are an excellent alternative to various dab kits.

The 8 Best nectar collectors for dab in 2021
Silicone Dab Straw Kit 6.5"
nectar collector 6.5"

The best thing about dab kits is that they are changing daily. Some of these tools will allow you to customize your dabbing experience to suit your needs. There are a variety of nails, such as ceramic, quartz, and titanium. However, most dab lovers advise using titanium nails while dabbing with Silicone Dab Straw Kit 6.5".

This type of nectar collector tool is easy to use and super-duper compact. More so, it's an affordable dab kit that is great for the on-the-go and durable and long-lasting. It is one of the best nectar collectors for dab in 2021. An outstanding and excellent solution for dabbing that is easy to clean and use.

This portable type of nectar collector has a block of premium platinum cured silicone. The nectar collector is sealed using the light UV and has a high resistance temperature (482F).

Glass Nectar Collector Kit | 10mm
Glass Nectar Collector Kit 10mm

This glass nectar collector is made from clear glass. Its design is imperative when dabbing your preferred wax or essential oils. It has a 10mm ground joint, a detachable glass straw, a glass nectar collector that contains a built-in bubbler chamber, a glass dish, an interchangeable glass tip, and a titanium tip.

Like other different types of best nectar collectors, it has an option of swapping between the interchangeable glass tip and titanium tip. Glass Nectar Collector Kit | 10mm has been constructed with a convenient length and lightweight design that makes it easy to use for long and comfortable to hold while dabbing.

In addition to that, this glass nectar is detachable. It makes the cleaning process and maintenance simple and easy. If well maintained, it could last for long.

Nectar Collector v4.0 Kit
Nectar Collector v4.0 Kit


This is a dab kit that is in the fourth generation nectar collector device that features Infinity Tech. Nectar Collector v4.0 Kit is a full-size nectar collector that holds enough water for filtration and cooling and rip, sip or dip that dab lovers take. It also has a detachable six-hole Vortex Venturi Diffuser. V4.0's kit design has excellent functionality. It provides a perfect breeze, keeps it clean, and ensures that you inhale the best flavors during dabbing.

Nectar Collector Honeybird Kit
G9 Electric Nectar Collector Kit

It is a water coolant vertical vaporizer that is small in size. It offers full-size hits to enthusiasts. This Honeybird Kit is the next generation of nectar collectors with a vertical vaporizer that provides unparalleled portability and simplicity to use. It has a 2.5" borosilicate glass with a spill-proof bubbler with a threaded collar to fit in any tip or accessory. It is always ready for hits whenever or wherever you head to.

Recycler Nectar Collector By Bougie
Recycler Nectar Collector By Bougie


This Nectar Collector is an outstanding device that anyone would want to own. It has a 10 inch of glass that gives it a comfortable grip as water recycles through it with ease. It's time to channel that inner hummingbird to get ready for perfect dabs from your select extracts.

Dab lovers that use both recycler and honey straws enjoy an excellent dabbing experience. You will find bubbles popping close to the mouthpiece that offers a flavorful and clean tasting hit.

Eyce Collector
Eyce Collector

Eyce is the ultimate device for connoisseurs. The Eyce fans had waited for the release of this nectar collector. Now that it is finally here, the design of these nectar collectors is ideal with unmatched functionality. For instance, it has unique features, a heat shield, and a built-in storage container that are excellent and one of a kind.

Waxmaid Daimon 2-IN-1 Pipe & Nectar Collector Kit
Waxmaid Daimon 2-IN-1 Pipe & Nectar Collector Kit

This tool kit comes with a quartz nail, titanium nail, and a concentrate glass bowl. It is a durable nectar collector for dab lovers used as a hand pipe during dabbing. Its surface has a diamond texture that is aesthetically-pleasing and adds an excellent design taste to the nectar collector kit.

The titanium nail has a thoughtful and exquisite filter screen that prevents any accidental wax inhalation. The glass bowl in Daimon's head has nine tiny dense holes designed to offer substantial clean clouds through optimal concentrate burning. More so, the massive head of the Waxmaid Daimon 2-IN-1 hand pipe & nectar collector kit designed to protect your fingers during dabbing from burning.

The Waxmaid Daimon 2-IN-1 hand pipe & nectar collector device has a platinum-cured silicone material that makes it a certified device for culinary applications. Therefore, it follows the safety measures that go above and beyond the FDA approval standards. It is a hybrid piece that is versatile, durable, and safe to use directly.

G9 Electric Nectar Collector Kit
G9 Electric Nectar Collector Kit

This is a nectar collector kit that uses electricity. To use it, you should ensure you have fully charged the nectar collector device before starting to operate it.

You can now fill the glass with water to a quarter level through the opening of the G9 Electric Nectar Collector Kit mouthpiece and attach a ceramic tip to its GDip body.

After which, you attach that glass bubbler to the other end. At this moment, you are supposed to hastily press its power button five times to begin the system, and you will witness the LED lights flash five times.

This is whereby you hold the button as you wait for seconds for your system to preheat. Simultaneously, touch your vapor tip gently to your favorable concentrates or essential oils.

You can now enjoy the G9 experience via the glass bubbler mouthpiece. Note that the LED lights will show either green or red color depending on the battery levels. The green light will indicate if the battery level is more than 50%, while red shows when the battery is below 50%.

How to choose the best nectar collectors for dab?

There are various aspects or factors to put in mind when choosing a nectar collector for generous dabs. However, a dab lover has preferences, which is a pivotal determinant to getting the right choice.

  • Durability.

You should ensure to own a durable nectar collector. For instance, silicone honey straws are long-lasting and durable. It doesn't have fragile parts prone to breakages. Therefore, a drop or two will not lead to any damages. They are potent and shock-absorbers.

  • Portability

You should ensure to get a fantastic piece that is easy to use on the go. It should either fit in a purse, pocket, or bag. A glass nectar collector will be the best choice in case you are frequently on the move.

  • Convenience

Regardless of the price, an electric dab straw with an attached water filter is convenient for a dab lover. It offers a smooth hit that is unimaginable.

  • Affordability

Ultimately, if you are on a tight budget, a silicone nectar collector is an ideal device for you. It is simple and easy to use.

Final Thoughts On Nectar Collectors

In conclusion, a nectar collector is a one-stop-shop. It helps solve all the problems that come with dab accessories. You don't have to add more attachments like a dab rig to enjoy your hit, and a nectar collector is self-contained. You can take a hit just like a dab rig, simplicity, and portability—an excellent alternative for enthusiasts who love to keep things simple.