6 Best Girly Bongs and Accessories in 2021

What is trending in the year 2021 in the industry with some feminine features on it? Here, Inhalco presents the 8 best girly bongs and some girly accessories for you to have a perfect ending of 2021. What could be the words related to girly? Pretty, classic, elegant, stunning, artistic, powerful, or bossy. Women deserve the best word existing in the dictionary and they also deserve the best-looking bong in the industry. 

She-stoners do not have the same type of styles. Being unusual and unpredictable is how they address our attitudes. Women could be fierce and fearless, and women could be quiet but determined; the variety and diversity among them are what makes them all so attractive as a community. The greatest thing that happened in the recent decade is that we don't define women anymore. Together we unlearn every rule and untie every chain that shackles women with social ethics. Diminishing the negativeness in the word toward women will be our life-long mission. Being girly does not equal being hysteric, a coward, a brainless mind, or a sissy. A person enjoying the color pink & purple or black&white does not change their personalities or make them not 'man' or 'feminine' enough. 

You could find savage girly and cute girly among them; this is dedicated to all types of attitudes and various personalities. Whether you're a girl shopping for your own, or you'd like something for your best friend, these could never go wrong. There will be one of them that suits you, including girly bongs and other girly smoking accessories such as bowl, butane torch, grinder or carb cap, and banger. Let's embrace the pink & purple girly stuff with our confidence! We could explore the power of the color pink and purple together in these bongs. 

1. HEMPER Pink Beaker Bong

HEMPER Pink Beaker Bong

The first girly bong we recommend will always be the classic one. The most classic of all, the Pink Beaker Bong from Hemper. With the sturdy base of the beaker that increases the reliability of the bong, it avoids the possibility of you accidentally dropping it on the floor, but also provides you with a larger base to draw smoke! The pinkish purple states most of the girls' names on it. Without being bored by the plain and clear glass, this color accentuates the bong.

2. Pink Moon Bong

Crescent Moon Bong

I suppose everyone would see this well-made Pink Moon Bong and say 'aww' from the bottom of their hearts. The moon bong is probably the prettiest bong I have ever seen. There is nothing much left for me to say by looking at it! If you like small bongs, then this should be your top choice! You might not visit the Moon, but this small bong could take you there. Tiny but mighty! 

3. Purple Color Zong Bong

Purple Color Zong Bong

Who would not be in love with this piece! The Zong Bong always comes in different colors and sizes, but this tiny purple one will be my favorite! Let's see how this purple represents the imperturbable and calm our women have. Having a small bong like this Purple Zong Bong that has only 10 inches looks cute and functions like any other bong that rips. This one does the job indeed. Having a little curve on the tube makes the bong look more special than the regular straight tube; moreover, it works as a percolator that could increase the time of the smoke traveling and result in a cooler vapor. 

4. Octopus Handmade Bong

Octopus Handmade Bong

Who says that a girl could not enjoy some wicked things. Being weird is not genuinely a bad thing for gen Z girls. So why not let yourself out there and go wild for one time. Being weird is just a side-effect of being awesome! Get this Octopus Handmade Bong and embrace your girly weirdness! Having this bong included in one of your bongs collections will definitely give people a peek of your inside wildness and the other side that people usually don't know. Plus, the thick and sturdy glass makes it one of the top-quality glass bong in the industry! 

5. The MirrorI Ball Bong

This whole set of the Mirror Ball Bong is a purple dream come true! With the head and toe echoing each other and the purple mirror ball perc inside, it finished the purple theme of the bong. This pretty purple bong brings your vapor through the encased purple disco ball and comes out to the matrix perc at the bottom; the texture of the purple disco ball further eases the smoke and eventually enters your body smoother than ever. You see, being pretty and being badass can co-exist, just like how we women exist in this world. We all have a battle of our own, and we fight it like warriors. 

AK47 Silicone Bong

AK47 Silicone Bong

When I first saw this bong, I was like, Dammann, many girls like are dying to have one of this. What would be more powerful than an AK47 Bong that is unbreakable due to its silicone cover, just like the girls where they could rise from the fire! The shape of it represents a powerful image, and the bong chamber could provide a larger space for the smoke to cool down. 

Girly Accessories

Enough with the bongs, let's have a look at some necessary accessories that have all women's preferences. The accessories are needed to complete the whole set of the girly bong theme. 

Some people think that the function of the accessory is just being needed to get the job done; I'll say the addition also helps build characteristics. Some innovative designs help you grind the weed, light it up and contain your products, and complete the theme of your whole setting. 

Bong Stem And Bowl For Aurora

Bong Stem And Bowl For Aurora

I believe this bong stem bowl would fit every bong I've mentioned above. Interchangeable with the banger to transfer your piece into dab rig or bong. Get this to complete your purple collection, or it could be the highlight of your regular bong! 

Adjustable Butane Pen Torch

Butane Pen Torch

No matters what theme your bong collection has, there will be one adjustable butane pen torch that could fit into your theme. There are four colors available, and each one has a flexible 30 degrees angle which prevents you from burning yourself. 

Glitter Grinder 4 Piece

Glitter Grinder

Sometimes in our life, we all need little glitter to make ourselves feel prettier and better. Here it comes! This Glitter Grinder does not cover it all with glitters which avoid the chances of being called 'too much', but also states a girly side of you in the front. 

Puff Puff Pass It UV Moodmat

Puff Puff Pass It UV Moodmat

Love the design of this Puff Puff Pass it Moodmat! It states the cannabis between women when we share and pass out ONE blunt with each other! Girls help girls, and girls help each other light up the blunt or bong, helping each other get through stress and anxiety and making each other stronger! That's the spirit that we all should have, and that is the spirit this mood mat is stating!

UFO Directional Carb Cap

UFO Directional Carb Cap

Bong, banger, and carb cap, if these three things echo each other, will be impressive. Here comes the purple UFO Carb Cap! Who says that girly could not relate to the UFO and the sci-fi things! We all have our curiosity over the UFO spaceship. With this carb cap to efficiently consume your dab, you will be in space within no time!


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