Terp Slurper

5 products

5 products

Why Should You Get a Terp Slurper?

  • Polished joint 
  • Branded glass
  • Four air slits for optimal airflow.
  • Wide dish design

Like the old-fashioned bucket, the terp slurper quartz banger has an extra tube leading to the open tray. The small openings at the bottom of the tube allow the flow of air constantly so that the consumer inhales, generating a vacuum that continuously percolates the shatter or the resin. Using a cup, the percolation retains the air moving over the heated exterior, inhibiting burning the product and permitting additional time for a user to inhale the vapor. 

The steps toward making a terp slurper include torching the bucket as well as the bottom dish. This process should take between 30 and 40 seconds. You will need to let it cool before you can get dabbing. The size of the dab will determine whether you can put it at the dish in the bottom.

At this point, you will allow it to move up while you draw some air through the rig. Note that with a relatively big slab, one can drop it before the cap to prevent overflowing to the dish at the bottom. Toro created the terp slurper to enable anyone to enjoy bigger dabs. 

One may also drop a big slab through the dish and follow it up by capping it. Be careful to check it dropping on the walls. It will also slurp up the dish from the lower levels. Such a design makes it possible to have an enormous surface area to enable the wax to drip low.

Its air slits are perfect for every dab to smoke it up immediately, with oil dripping down through the spout. An interesting fact is that it prevents burning by creating an airflow through the slits at the bottom, where the dish improves the dab flavor.

Allows for Thorough Usage of the Product 

The terp slurper banger allows for thorough usage of the product even when you are using massive doses. Also, by stopping burning, the airflow created by the slits at the bottom of the dish improves the general flavor of the dab. 

Easy Maintenance 

The terp slurper is so easy to maintain and clean. Use alcohol to clean it after every use. Do not use oil in the glowing red bucket as it might create toxic fumes or burn your product fast and end up with a ruined banger. Order yours today!

Cleaning the terp slurper involves many steps, but one is advised against applying concentrate on the red bucket as it could interfere with the banger by burning it. Buying a terp slurper is the same as getting a new set of the bucket as well as a banger. Maintaining a banger involves cleaning it with alcohol at the end of each use.

Less Wasted Oil

Regardless of your dab size, the Terp slurper ensures that there is less wasted oil. All the ultimate guide on pick the terp slurper quartz banger. As the concentration drips onto the dish, precision cuts at the bottom allow air in, creating a vacuum to push the dabs back into the central area. The airflow helps percolate the shatter, resin, and wax.