Nectar Collectors

    Glass Nectar Collector Kit


    These glass nectar collector full kit is very convenient, you just simply heat the tip, dip and sip! This glass nectar collector offers ease of use and control for you. They’re in the same price...

    Glass Nectar Collector For Dab


    This handblown glass dab straw features beautiful colors and come with a titanium tips. Different with silicone nectar collector, the flavor is unaffected and be more smooth when you dab...

    Honeycomb Honey Straw Kit


    This silicone nectar collector kit is a portable dab rig used for dabbing, it comes with a silicone dab mat and a titanium tip. If you are a beginning for...

    Glass Nectar Collector


    This colorful glass nectar collector made from borosilicate glass body and a titanium nail, which is notable for durability. Smoother, tastier and bigger dabs have never been easier.  Category: Nectar Collectors, Glass...

    Handblown Glass Dab Straw


    Don't like ordinary glass nectar collectors? Then you should not miss this glass donut dab straw! It features a donut chamber so that allows the smoke to travel in several...

    Glass Dab Straw With Titanium Tip


    This beautiful glass dab straw has a donut chamber that splits and cools the smoke before you inhale so you create a cooler, smoother hit. The beautiful design makes this...

    Silicone Honey Straw With Travel Case


    This silicone honey straw come with a travel case. This pair greatly meets your storage needs. You don't need to worry about these dab tools messy scattered on the desktop,...

    STINGER Electric Nectar Collector Set


    This STINGER Electric Nectar Collector Set design acts just like a rig, with stinger technology in a discreet pocket size. The easy-to-use design is also very friendly to beginners. Just...

    HUMAN SUCKS Stinger Electric Nectar Collector


    This stinger electric nectar collector can bring you an awesome plant dabbing flavor experience. Four temperatures are available, everyone can find the temperature that suits them. 5 seconds to heating,...

    Glass Dab Straw Kit Bulbous Mouthpiece


    This awesome Glass Dab Straw looks fantastic and is the ideal tool for safely enjoying your favorite waxy concentrates and essential oils. This nectar collector has a bulbous mouthpiece and...

    Ripple Glass Nectar Straw


    Complete with a removable tip and a keck clip, the Ripple Glass Nectar Straw has everything you need to start dabbing. This concentrate pipe is made entirely out of premium...

    Glass Horn Dab Straw Kit


    Dab like a pro with this exquisitely-made Glass Horn Dab Straw Kit. This nectar collector is crafted from good-quality borosilicate glass, with colored accents on beads and horns protruding from...

    Recycler Nectar Collector Titanium Tip


    Pamper yourself with the ultimate fusion of style and functionality. The Recycler Nectar Collector features a multi-chambered design that cools down smoke and offers amazing filtration with every hit. The...

    What is a nectar collector or dab straw?

    A nectar collector is a recent tool that is used for dabbing. They are tubular, embracing the same functionality as drinking straws how the designated field of nectar collectors is different since it’s specially designed for vaporizing wax and oils. Their make is usually silicone, glass, quartz, or titanium, and they consist of a mouthpiece, straw-body, and a tip.

    The mouth tip is removable hence convenient for cleaning. At the straw body center, a percolator is situated for cooling and conditioning the vapor.

    How does the nectar collector work?

    Every part of the nectar body works in unison to achieve the final result. Working starts from the titanium tip to the center body and the mouthpiece. Concisely the titanium or quartz tip absorbs heat, normally 400 °F. The tip, once heated, is dipped into the concentrates, thereby vaporizing them.

    The vaporized contents are directed into the recycling compartment in the straw body from the titanium tip. The case is filled with water, which filters the vapor and cools it as well. The chamber works like a dab rig, but it requires water to filter and cool the vaporized substance. This compartment also works as a handle.

    Right on top of the recycling compartment is where the removable mouthpiece is placed. It's usually long designed to avoid proximity with the red-hot titanium. It's the place intended for vapor suction.

    Lastly, for a fully functional nectar collector, a glass or silicone dish is a must. This is the surface where the concentrates are placed and vaporized by the tip.

    How to use a nectar collector?

    To use a nectar collector, place the concentrates on the glass dish. Use the butane torch to heat them to 400 °F or till it turns red hot. Place the tip on the dish and leave it to cool for a minute.

    After the tip has cooled, place your mouth on the mouthpiece. Proceed by sucking or inhaling. From here, all you got to do is inhale and exhale. But remember, the longer your mouth stays in the nectar's mouthpiece, the more vapor you get.

    How to clean a nectar collector?

    Effective cleaning of the nectar depends on whether you have the right equipment. Sufficed to say, a cleaning agent with a concentration of 85% alcohol should be in order. It would be best to have hot water, a cup, and a plastic zip bag. And for rinsing purposes, you must harmonize all the necessary equipment along with clean hot water.

    Disengage the mouth from the body and soak it in a cup with the cleaning agent for an hour. Again, disengage the tip and soak it in the plastic bag containing the cleaning agent for an hour. You have to blow through it and push out water with the body, making room for the cleaning agent. The process on the main tube should be done repeatedly. At last, you have to rinse all the parts in hot water.

    In retrospect, there are varieties of tools for vaporizing concentrate. However, they are not safe, and some might destroy the flavor. Some of them lack filters, and they can end up damaging your throat or lungs. In this case, a nectar collector lets you dab without the dab rig, and the flavor remains intact.

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