Anime Bongs

    12 Inches Anime Bongs


    Embark on an animated adventure with our 12 Inches Anime Bongs - a fusion of style and smooth toking!Crafted from sturdy borosilicate glass, these bongs boast exquisite colored graphics, bringing...

    HEMPER SpongeBob Jellyfish Jar Bong 7"


    Introducing the HEMPER SpongeBob Jellyfish Jar Bong 7"! Experience the perfect harmony of style, functionality, and convenience with this remarkable glass bong. Designed with a jellyfish-style tree percolator, this bong...

    Dankzilla XL Bong with Dome Percolator


    Equipped with a large bottom mounted Dome percolator, the Dankzilla XL Bong ensures optimal smoke filtration for smooth and flavorful hits. Experience the extraordinary "Brain-storm" effect inside the cooling chamber,...

    9 inch Tricerapots Bong


    This delightful 9 inch Tricerapots Bong features a lovable animated triceratops design that is sure to capture the hearts of both dinosaur enthusiasts and smoking connoisseurs alike. With its cute...

    Waterwheel Witch Bong


    This bewitching Waterwheel Witch Bong casts a spell with its vintage allure and contemporary flair. Picture yourself in a dimly lit room, surrounded by mystical artifacts, as you indulge in...

    13.5" Cartoon Glass Water Beaker Bong


    Step into the enchanting world of animation with our 13.5" Cartoon Glass Water Beaker Bong. This whimsical piece is a canvas of childhood memories, adorned with vibrant stickers featuring iconic...

    HEMPER Space Monster Perc Bong 7''


    With its impeccable design and remarkable features, this HEMPER Space Monster Perc Bong takes your smoking experience to interstellar heights.Prepare to be mesmerized by the percolation power of the Space...

    No-Face Bong


    No-Face Bong is not just your ordinary smoking accessory; it's a portable powerhouse, ready to accompany you on all your wild adventures. Crafted with the whimsical charm of the enigmatic...

    Silicone Dragon Bong


    Inspired by the cartoon from the beloved animated film series, this bong features a cute dragon design complete with wings and large, expressive eyes that seem to gaze into your...

    Under The Sea 3D Painted Beaker Water Pipe


    10 inches tall Beaker style pipe body 3 pinch ice catcher 3D painted Under The Sea design UV reactive Includes downstem diffuser & 14mm male herb slide w/ handle

    Witch Way 3D Painted Beaker Bong with Mushroom


    At a towering 14 inches tall, this Witch Way 3D Painted Beaker Bong with Mushroom isn't just a smoking accessory – it's a portal to a realm of enchantment.First, let's...

    9” Baseball Guy Bong


    Step up to the plate and join the game with our 9” Baseball Guy Bong, a home run in both design and functionality. Picture a classic cylindrical base adorned with...

    Mario Silicone Water Bong


    Unleash your inner gamer with the Mario Silicone Water Bong! This cute and captivating bong will take you on an herb-filled journey in the world of Mario. Crafted from premium...

    Round Cartoon Characters Silicone Ashtray 3PCS


    Looking for a fun and unique way to add some personality to your smoking experience? Look no further than the Round Cartoon Characters Silicone Ashtray 3PCS!Featuring three popular cartoon characters...

    Nicky Davis Ghost Gang Straight Tube Water Pipe


    15.75 inches tall Straight tube water pipe 3 pinch ice catcher Ghost Gang by Nicky Davis Includes matching 19mm downstem diffuser w/ 14mm joint & matching 14mm male herb slide...

    10'' Detachable Silicone Graffiti Rig


    Elevate your outdoor adventures with our 10-inch Detachable Silicone Graffiti Rig. Whether you're traveling, camping, or enjoying festivals, this portable and lightweight water pipe is your ideal companion.Concerned about safety?...

    Mushroom Family Glass Bong


    The Mushroom Family Glass Bong features a unique mushroom family design, where the neck and mouthpiece form a charming mushroom shape. The mouthpiece is a red spotted mushroom cap, while...

    Monsters and Shrooms Glow-in-the-Dark Beaker Bong


    Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Monsters And Shrooms Glow Glass Beaker Water Pipe. Standing at 10 inches tall, this beaker style water pipe is designed...

    7" Colored Octopus Dab Rig


    Colored Glass Octopus Dab Rig with a 14mm joint. Unique angle works for both 90 degree and 45 degree bangers. Comes with Banger

    Silicone Bubbler Robot


    Looking for an unbreakable and unique bubbler? This cool robot design silicone bubbler can meet all your needs. It includes both the characteristics of bongs and pipes. You can use...

    Monster Skull Water Bong


    The adorable 'Sabertooth Monster' Mini Bong! Don't worry; it's way more functional than Justin Long in 'Tusk.' Standing at just five inches tall, this little monster packs a punch for...

    Heady Glass Wolf Bong


    Embrace the wild side with our Heady Glass Wolf Bong, a truly remarkable piece of functional art that is sure to impress both avid collectors and casual enthusiasts alike. Measuring...

    10" Mushroom Shaped Rig with Diffuser


    Elevate your smoking experience with our "10" Mushroom Rig with Diffuser, a delightful fusion of quality craftsmanship and whimsical design. Crafted from premium glass, this rig stands tall at 10...

    12.5" Resin 3D Artwork Glass Beaker Bong


    Prepare to be mesmerized by the enchanting 12.5" Resin 3D Artwork 7mm Glass Beaker Bong, a true work of art that combines creativity and functionality. Standing at a height of...

    13.5" Classic Rasta Man Bong


    Elevate your smoking experience with the 13.5" Classic Rasta Man Beaker Glass Bong. Stand out from the crowd with its striking Rasta Man graphic, available in three unique styles. At...

    Squadafum Stickers Ice Bong


    The Squadafum Stickers Ice Bon is the latest marvel in the Glass Bong Squadafum lineup. Constructed with the utmost precision from premium borosilicate glass, this bong stands as a testament...



    Quality Borosilicate Glass Height : 13.5" Glow in the dark 7 mm thickness tube Tube : 2" / Base : 5.5" Ice Catcher Thick bowl for 14 mm female Joint...

    Cowboys Glass Beaker Bong


    High Times x Pulsar Beaker Water Pipe - Cowboys / 10.5" / 14mm F Say howdy to this perfect combination of form and function. The High Times x Pulsar Beaker...

    HEMPER - Cactus Jack Bong XL


    The HEMPER Cactus Bong XL is not your ordinary smoking accessory; it's a piece of functional art that adds a unique touch to your collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to...

    14" Green Frog Beaker Water Bong


    Quality Borosilicate Glass Height : 14" Thickness : 7 mm Glass Tube Diameter : 2" Design : Green Frog Thick bowl for 14mm female joint 3 Pinched ice catcher Tree-arm percolator...

    6.5" Squid Rig


    Dive into a world of underwater enchantment with our 6.5" Squid Rig, where artistry meets functionality in a mesmerizing display of aquatic charm. Picture a waisted base adorned with the...

    13.5" Pokemon Bong


    Embark on a journey to the Johto region without leaving your couch! The 13.5" Pokémon Bong is the perfect companion for trainers seeking the ultimate relaxation after a day of...

    Hemper Gary the Snail Bong 6''


    The Hemper Gary the Snail Bong 6'' - a delightful glass masterpiece inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants' lovable companion, Gary the Snail. The Snail Bong is designed to capture your imagination...

    Pokemon Cubone Glass Bong


    Embark on epic journeys with our Pokemon Cubone Glass Bong - a whimsical 8.6" companion for all your adventures. Whether you're conquering festivals or camping under the stars, this portable...

    Trippy Shroom Bong 6" Inline Perc


    Introducing the mesmerizing "Trippy Shroom Bong 6" Inline Perc" from Hemper, a true delight for both the eyes and the senses. Standing at a height of 6" and with a...

    Hemper Mushroom Water Pipe


    Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment with the Hemper Mushroom Water Pipe. Adorned with a speckled red mushroom cap and a light blue handle, this pipe boasts an iridescent...

    Waterwheel Clown Bong


    Indulge in the macabre allure of the Waterwheel Clown Bong, a chilling masterpiece that will send shivers down your spine. Standing tall at 6 inches, this water pipe boasts a...

    9.5" Trippy Mushroom XL Bong


    Step into a world of wonder with our 9.5" Trippy Mushroom Bong. Designed to captivate both the eye and the senses, this bong features a mesmerizing iridescent finish that shimmers...

    6.5" Kaonashi Water Bong


    The 6.5" Kaonashi Water Bong is our latest innovation. Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, this water bong stands at a height of 6.5", making it compact and portable...

    Are you ready to infuse your smoking sessions with a dose of anime-inspired magic? Welcome to the enchanting world of Anime Bongs – where creativity meets functionality and fandom reigns supreme!

    What is an Anime Bong?

    Picture this: your favorite anime characters, immortalized in the form of sleek, stylish, and utterly captivating bongs. Anime bongs take the iconic elements of beloved cartoons and transform them into smoking accessories that are both eye-catching and practical. From intricate designs to vibrant colors, these bongs are a celebration of artistry and fandom rolled into one.

    Why Anime Bongs are So Popular

    The allure of anime bongs lies in their ability to merge two worlds seamlessly – the world of smoking and the world of animation. Whether you're a die-hard anime fan or simply appreciate the aesthetic appeal of these iconic cartoons, there's something undeniably captivating about toking from a bong adorned with your favorite characters.

    But it's not just about looks – anime bongs also offer a superior smoking experience. Crafted with precision and care, these bongs are designed to deliver smooth, flavorful hits that will leave you coming back for more.

    Types of Anime Bongs

    Just like the vast array of anime genres out there, anime bongs come in a variety of styles to suit every taste and preference. From minimalist designs featuring subtle nods to your favorite shows, to bold and colorful bongs that make a statement, there's something for everyone in our collection.

    • Character Bongs: Pay homage to your beloved anime characters with bongs featuring intricately detailed designs that capture the essence of each character.
    • Themed Bongs: Whether you're a fan of mecha anime, magical girl series, or shonen classics, there's a themed bong waiting to elevate your smoking experience.
    • Limited Edition Bongs: Get your hands on exclusive bongs inspired by cult-favorite anime series, each one a collector's item in its own right.

    Some of Our Most Popular Anime Bongs

    Curious about what sets our collection apart? Here's a sneak peek at some of our best-selling anime bongs:

    1. 13.5" Cartoon Glass Water Beaker Bong: Decorated with stickers of Dragon Ball, the Sailor Moon squad, Pokémon, Spider-Man, and other cartoon classics character stickers, this bong is a must-have for any anime aficionado.
    2. 10" Rick and Morty Bong: Dive into the interdimensional adventures of Rick and Morty with this eye-catching bong that promises to deliver an out-of-this-world experience.
    3. SpongeBob Jellyfish Jar Bong 7": Inspired by the whimsical world of SpongeBob SquarePants, this bong is perfect for fans who want a touch of under-the-sea magic in their sessions.
    4. Dankzilla XL Bong With Dome Percolator: Embrace the monstrous design of Dankzilla with this XL bong featuring a dome percolator, perfect for those who dare to unleash the beast in their smoking sessions.

    Ready to take your smoking experience to new heights? Explore our Anime Bongs collection and add a touch of cartoon charm to your next session!

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